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  1. I have a 1961 T5 that I am trying to get going again. It was my Dad's crawler. He worked as a mechanic at an IH dealer for over 20 years and was a collector of anything IH. He passed away 2 years ago and I'm starting work on the crawler. He loaned the crawler to a neighbor and it came back broken, mostly drive parts. It has been apart, with tracks off, in his barn for over 10 years. I've been calling around various places without much luck so far. Thanks Edit: Saw the pinned post, trying some of those listed also
  2. gwarfle

    Air Force tractor - looking for info

    The cab is heated (if heater works) and there is a jump seat in the back. I suppose there would be a driver and then a younger person to get in and out all day!
  3. gwarfle

    Air Force tractor - looking for info

    Well, we had to move this out of the barn it was stored in recently. Went in prepared for the worst and got off easy! Sanded the points, put gas in temporary side tank, hooked up a battery and it started up! Drove it out of the barn and onto a trailer (a problem because the tires are out really wide). Runs great, easy to drive with a pedal for forward and one for reverse, pretty cool.
  4. gwarfle

    Air Force tractor - looking for info

    Do you know where it came from? Assuming ours is from Michigan, we had several large Air Force bases here in the 70's. Selfridge, Kincheloe, Wurtsmith, Battle Creek....
  5. gwarfle

    Air Force tractor - looking for info

    Thanks all for the replies. Good idea on looking for Air Force manuals! The Army had manuals for everything, starting with the -10 Operators manual and going up to for increasing levels of maintenance.
  6. gwarfle

    Air Force tractor - looking for info

    Yes, it is a hydro. My brother said it was hard to move without starting it. I believe it's gas, honestly didn't look too close at it. (It's in someone else's barn, we have to figure out what to do with it) Edit: My Dad has a small gas tank mounted to the side to try to get it running. Assuming the gas/fuel tank is full of rust, etc.
  7. gwarfle

    Air Force tractor - looking for info

    Here is the data plate....
  8. Looking for info about this tractor. My Dad recently passed, he was an IH mechanic back in the day. He has owned this tractor for 12-15 years and was working on it this summer. Internet searches have turned up a few hits, but not a lot! Plate in the cab shows that it was owned by the Air Force and is and International Harvester 2400B, which as far as we can figure out is a 574 with mods. It obviously was originally yellow and the gray overcoat is not wearing well. Any information would be appreciated.