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    IH tractors and anything Cub Cadet. I've been collecting cubs since 2010 and as of today kept 15 along with numerous attachments.
    Whitetail hunting and conservation.

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  1. TD6 Dozer/Loader

    "Big Iron" Chris, Just catching up on your TD project. Good amount of works been done. I think your uncle's laughing, wondering what the heck is he doing... Take care of that back old boy, you need it...
  2. TD6 Dozer/Loader

    Well Master Chris, glad I checked in on the TD6 project. Haven't been through the whole thread yet, but I'll get on it. I like what you're doing, fixing what needs it, and preserving parts and pieces with paint as you remove them. Lot heavier pieces than what we're used to with the old Cub Cadets. Old man like you needs that young man (grandson) for "support". Keep at it buddy, cause knowing you as I do, it'll be covered in 2150 red sooner or later. Keep up the good fight...
  3. Look what followed me home

    Congrats on the 56 Wheat. Don't see them in these parts of the country...
  4. TD6 Dozer/Loader

    Hey Chris, found you and the dozer... Yeah you weren't kidding while you were describing the task ahead of you. But like most of your projects, you'll get it in good working condition sooner or later. Sorry, don't have any advice for you about dozers, but from what I've read through, looks like you have a well balanced group here to help you get through this project.