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  1. It looks really nice. I use to have a 670 diesel. I really like that tractor to run. I would of liked my tractor more if it had a 5.9 in it.
  2. I like what you have done. It looks nice and clean and a good idea. What would be really nice is for one of those Asian fellers to build ccw gear reduction starter that could turn the engine 100 more rpm with less amps but that's just what I say. Tom
  3. Yeah, I'm sure it'll be loud. I'm going to nickname it the Little Beast. The turbo is just a TO4. Right now I'm working on the injection pump. I'm trying to figure out what I need to do to put a variable speed governor. MercCruiser used the 7.3 as a marine motor and it uses a variable speed governor, but I'm having a hard time locating a core pump. DB2831 5090 J is the pump number I think I need. If there is anyone on here that is familiar with it, please chime in. Thanks. -Tom
  4. I made a little progress. I thought I'd post some pictures.
  5. I got started on my 666 repower. I found an engine donor to mock things up with. I have the engine plate built. I'm working on redoing the flywheel. I have to work on front motor mounts, exhaust plumbing, fan hub, air cleaner mounts. I have intentions of fitting everything under the hood and having the exhaust come out of the original hole. I haven't decided on what rear tires to put on. I have 18.4s, 20.8s, and 23.1-34s. But the pressed tin wheels are looking easier. The 23.1-34s have riveted on lugs. I'd have to build an adapter for them.
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