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  1. i got 1 for our 4366 from a truck wreaking yard ( it has several different back adjustments ) for about 300.00 dollars and got a little air pump from harbor freight best thing ever
  2. i hope the tractor wins and KILLS THAT DUMB SON OF A complain
  3. he is a dam jerk , no excuse for what he does
  4. try a local glass shop for the glass and seal, i broke the glass out of my cat trackhoe just to glass shop and they cut a new one
  5. if you have no practical use for it except to show off, why spend time and money changing tires, and with duals you can still move the machine somewhere to repair, or just nurse the flat with air everyday to get you by.
  6. you do realize 400 gallons is 3200 pounds of water alone plus 500 pounds of frame and pump, why would you want 400 gallons with a hand nozzle and short boom
  7. it is set up for ag farming in eastern oregon/ washinton , the blade is after market bolt on made near salem oregon
  8. why not just feather the end with a grinder and be like new
  9. bitty could you post a picture of the name plate and model # on the quick hitch. that ol girl has alot of promise
  10. there is 1 on ebay new in box for 145.00 Canadian
  11. it will turn some with the motor off , it will turn very little with motor running but will turn back to the stop when you let go.. what does it do when you engage the lever with the motor running
  12. dont throw rocks at me,, over the years some old truck drivers said they would put 5 gallons of gas in their tanks then fill with diesel and would not have problems with gelling
  13. i help a friend replace the short drive line and couplers in his 7140 behind the clutch because the splines were wore real bad and making noise
  14. that what we need for green power just put a generator on it , if you want all of your electric stuff peddle and charge it, solve our out shape problems to
  15. they need to put Dimond tread tires on it , around here they they stick to the hills better
  16. new wheels are cheaper and safer , or go the wrecking yard route , you will probably end up going this route in the end if you live to tell the story
  17. if you are so concerned , find another 1 and you will have a whole set of spare parts.... the only part i would be concerned with would be the drop box , like said above the rear-ends are 966 or 1066 and there are a lot of them around , and the motor and trans are in a lot of trucks
  18. there is a shortage and prices are stupid high, look on craigslist and face book market place and get an idea what they are bringing in your area
  19. what are your big plans, working it or make it pretty and show it i think they are 1466 rear ends, ( common parts ) . the only odd part is the drop box. truck motor & transmission ( common )
  20. you have an air lock, on the multicontrol valve on the left side there should be a small tee with a line and a cap on it [ rear side of valve ] take the cap off and crank it over , you may have to start it and let it run for a minute , be ready to shut it off because oil will come squirting out when the air is out
  21. i had a Lincoln 14 v [ i think ] i loved it, after 5 years the battery died and a new battery was $$$ and i have 1/2 of the dewalt tools so i bought the 20 v dewalt and i like it, i put 1 of the lock-n-lube ends on it
  22. are you planting much with the planter, a friend of mines pump went out on his clclo 800 so he plumed to run off of the tractor hydraulics , he is only planting about 50 acres
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