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  1. chinese knock off, i know i guy who bought after market oil pump for a n-14 cummins and it was junk out of the box
  2. serial number should be located on the side of the transmission case by your left foot. i have 2 574 diesels and is the serial number location
  3. i would give her a nice shed to retire in
  4. THANKS, that little arm had slid off, put it back and it works great again
  5. tb5288 , thanks i will pull the cover and look
  6. auction sales company https://www.auctionsalesco.com/ has about 6 of them at their sale now
  7. i have a 1566 mid series , im trying to pull a 5 shank v-ripper , i pulled it about 5 years ago with no problem ,, now the 3 point only lowers about 1/4 or 1/3 of the way and that is all , it goes up like it should and goes down like it should until it stops, i have not used the 3 point for about 5 years, just some lite drawbar work each year. i have moved the draft control from heavy to lite and back an forth and moved the 3 point lever up and down and no change. i wondering where to look for a problem. THANKS
  8. sorry to hear this, in my prayers
  9. THIS IS NOT ADVICE TO DO,, a friend of my sisters grand father ( in think ) was in a bad way ( hospital )with the chicom flu and a friend is vet took horse ivermectrin did the weight calculation and secretly gave it to him and was up an out of the hospital in 2 days
  10. it will be clutch hub or counter shaft nut, have 1566 the nut came off and just stopped
  11. 1 ] how much do you use it 2 ] a little is ok 3] you may have to make them
  12. please leave it in its work clothes , restored tractor are ok , but i love them looking like they just came out of the field . all of mine are in the work clothes
  13. sounds like a head gasket
  14. catman13

    Covid Shot

    this is the new normal, we are not going back to the old way again ,,, any body that just runs out and gets the jab is not real bright because there is no answer on the long term effects of it and when the drug companies cant not be held responsible for any side effects why would you get it ... and vaccine pass port is all about control and nothing else
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