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  1. My dad and grandfather are both retired, Boilermakers and industrial maintenance so they can fix build bout anything. I'm more of the apprentice, trying to learn as much as I can
  2. We have plenty of scrap and the ability to make it so I think I'll go that route
  3. I know I'm going to email them about shipping them. Really dont feel like driving 14 hours. Got on ship $300 from us to ky. Is it worth it?
  4. I'll have to make a quick attach for this one. Itll look a lot different when I get the metal off the bucket that's been scabbed on and ripped. Probably paint it next spring.
  5. It is a 79 model so open center. Gonna stick with rear hookups might try adding joystick later down the road. I think I got a good deal on it, its gonna need new hoses and possibly the tilt cylinders rebuilt the rods are a little pitted from setting and I've got to find or build a front mounting bracket. So did I get hurt at $900?
  6. Yea I'm leaning towards using rear remotes. We've always had joystick controls so just not sure how I'd like it. Itll only be used to load hay and feed hay.
  7. Yes sorry it's going on a 1086. It came with joystick control. Wasnt sure if I could use it or had to use the hookups in the back. I might check on the power beyond but for now just run the hoses around the tractor and hook em up
  8. Finally found a loader going tomorrow to get it. Its 2350 it came with front brackets bit not the back anybody have any pics so I know what to try and make. Also what's the best way to plumb it in. Will I use the hookups on the back of the tractor? And I assume theres a knock out spot in the floorboard for hoses to come thru. Sorry for all the dumb questions. Thanks
  9. I had red hooked to keyed power ie the wiper switch and the yellow to the dome light which would be constant power and couldnt get it to do anything oh and black to ground.
  10. Yea I had 12v to radio
  11. Old radio took a crap so bought a pioneer cd player. Ran my power supply from the windshield wiper switch there was an open terminal on it that was hot. I grounded it to the evaporator where the dome light is grounded. Cannt get the radio to even turn on what am I doing wrong
  12. Kycowboy

    1086 ac

    I could see the clutch spin.
  13. Kycowboy

    1086 ac

    I tried to add a can of freon when this started and it wouldn't take any. I'm figuring the compressor is toast. Now do I go back with york or sanden
  14. Kycowboy

    1086 ac

    Finally got the pto rebuild and put in. So now back to the ac. Theres some noise coming from the compressor/clutch area. Also the clutch is engaging new compressor 2 years ago, it's a york compressor
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