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  1. It’s a new to us baler and I’ve never had a monitor before, the harness for the monitor had a plug on it for the back of the tractor. It does have 3 wires to it but no power to them with just the key on.
  2. Trying to hook up a jd 566 round baler to my 1086 and I don’t have any power to my plug on the back of my tractor. I’ve never needed it before this so I’ve never even looked at it. Hoping someone can point me in the right direction
  3. Yea not many of these big tractors around here and they seem to lean in more then the rest of our tractors dick.
  4. Ok thanks guys saved me several 100s of dollars... no I'll just blow it on something else now
  5. I've seen some(not in person) that looked like they set up straight, it wears the outside of the tire a lot faster then the inside.
  6. The front tires on my 1086 are leaning in at the bottom, both sides are doing it. I rebuilt the front end few years ago except for the spindles and wheel bearings they were good at the time. Would bad spindle cause the tires to do this.
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