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  1. Took starter to town it was shot. $45 later good as new.
  2. Edit... I'm an idiot I was checking the connection on the alternator not the wires I have power coming in to alt. 12v. But not showing that its charging. Still getting 12v OJ the batteries with it running. This is my 1st time trying to diagnose alt. Trouble if you couldnt tell.
  3. I have no power on either wire coming out of the alternator. Key on or off is it the resistor by the cab solenoid or the alternator
  4. The alternator was smoking the other day. Not for sure why. I've been unhooking batteries when I'm done. Going to pull it off tomorrow and have it gone thru. The battery is less then a week old. Might try hooking the 2 large wires together and see how it goes.
  5. Well it did it again this solenoid lasted 15 mins. Is there something that could be causing this? I know the one from auto parts stores aren't the best but I thought it would last longer than 15 min. Just want to make sure I cover all the bases before dropping $50+ on one. Could the ignition have something to do with it. I say this bc when it was working I turned the key off and cab kept power. I'm pretty sure the alternator is bad batteries wont stay up and are new. But it could be draining bc of ignition. Sorry for the long post TIA
  6. Thanks for the help the new solenoid was bad. Got a new one from autozone yo get me by for a while. I tried putting a pioneer CD player I took out of my truck when it was scrapped couldnt figure out the wiring.old cassette player worked but to many wires coming out of the cd player for me to figure out. I put the old 1 back in for now. Thanks again for the help
  7. I have power on one of the bigger wires and to the smaller wire on the solenoid. But not the other bigger one. I tested with key on and off. Could it be a bad replacement solenoid
  8. The ac blower and radio quit the other day while rolling hay. I've already changed out the cab solenoid and the ac blower switch it had some of the terminals melted from loose connections. Still no luck I've checked the fuses under the steering column and the in line fuse in the roof of the cab It has the old style of gauges not the digital and a few of them aren't working mainly the alternator/charging one, fuel hasn't worked in a few years. Any idea where to go now
  9. Yes engine temp. And the pump is timed correctly now.
  10. It was off 30 degrees somehow. I thoughtf I had it set right still smokes a little been to wet to run it other in the barn. But before fixing the timing it woujld just go in the red and stay there. I'm putting better gushes in for temp already have 1 for oil pressure I don' like the green then red I want to know the actual number. So hopefully this fixes the heat issue the guy working on it said he was pretty sure the white smoke was from to much fuel. But it might clear up after running for a little while. Try it and see I guess.
  11. I did to the best of my ability. But it ended being way off. Still going to Have pump looked at, it seems to be turned up to high. I don' need more power so I'll try to figure out how to turn it down
  12. I'l try this tomorrow if I get off work early enough. But i ts not looking any water that I can tell.
  13. I posted this in the engine forum but thought I'd try my luck here. I put an new/rebuilt injector pump last fall. It started blowing white smoke after that and running hot. Not dangerously hot but warm enough I' not comfortable running any more. I know it sounds like a head gasket but I find it strange that it started when I replaced the pump. Could it be out of time and causing it to show these symptoms. It starts and runs fine. Any help is appreciated.
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