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  1. I am the new owner of these two Drott loaders, both have steering clutch problems, any idea as to best source for parts ? some other issues to be dealt with later, any advise as to best way to go about the repair/ replacement of clutch problems?
  2. I just became the proud owner of a IH T340 DrottĀ  loader and a IH 500 E DorttĀ  loader, both have steering problems. Any ideas as to parts sources and best way to do the repair work? Any info would be of help

  3. Dan: I may be interested in the sprocket "CUPS", I'm talking to a guy that has a 150 loader with bad sprockets & chains. e-mail me @ lralston45@yahoo.com Thank you also do you have a source for chains ??
  4. I'm looking at a IH 500 E loader. that has a suck clutch. how big of a project will it be to free it or replace it? Also the cost to replace it (parts cost). Also how much does a 500 E weigh?? owner says everything is good except the clutch, what is this unit worth?? He's asking $5000.00 OBO? thank you for any info.
  5. I found a TD 9 for sale on craigslist/zanseville/ohio in the farm section for $1550.00 OBO phone #740-819 -4858. parts machine.
  6. Reserve is $2500, dozer is located in Ohio. Offered by Maxx Iron LLC. 614-681-7040. Bids to open 4/25/18. Looks like it might be a good deal.
  7. Reserve is $2500, dozer is located in Ohio. Offered by Maxx Iron LLC. 614-681-7040. Bids to open 4/25/18. Looks like it might be a good deal.
  8. Thank you for the info. the price sounds a bit to good to be true. Although it's been posted for about 40 days. I'll give him a call.
  9. do you still have the engine? I might be interested in it if it's complete, broken crank and all. if so let me know what you want for it. thanks
  10. Kevin: thank you ever so much for your great info. do you have any idea what the parts and labor cost were to repair the D-166 engine??? I know that was some time ago, but I don't want to get into a money pit!! Thanks again for your help.. Lynn
  11. Tuscarora trader: Thank you, for your help. Where would be a good place to look for d166 engines? Also I'm told that the d166 was the precursor to the d188 motor. Will the d188 fit/work in the td340 dozers??
  12. Thank you both for your reply & info. to MMi, I think the 340 you are referring to is a TD 340 w/a Drott on it, this one has a hole in the block, seems a rod went thru it. I'm looking at another one that has a "bad" knock , owner says. I was just hopping that another engine world work like , a perking's- or continental red seal or something like them that will work. but thanks for your help.
  13. Hi, I'm a "newbie" I have been looking at your post & learning from them for a while. Thank for the good info. I'm looking at a TD340 crawler with a bad motor, What can I expect to get into with this? What is it worth as is they says it's U/C is good not sure about clutches, ect. Will any other motor fit/work in this other than the D-168? if so are they available and at what cost? Thank you for any info.
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