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    Old farm & construction equipment: T340 Utility,TD9B, Cat D-2 5U, Cat D-4 7U w/winch & 8'blade, Cat D-4 7U w/winch 10' blade, 990 David Brown, 2-9N fords, 54NAA ford W/Sherman hoe, Lincoln SA 200-F162 Pipeliner welder

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  1. I'm in Ohio, looking for a source that re upholsters heavy equipment seats. verse buying new , if they can be found . Any help would be appreciated. I need seat done on a TD 14 A, TD 9, 2 IH 500 loaders & some JD's. Thank you for your help.
  2. where is it located ? ow much do you want for it ?
  3. I spoke with General Gear today RE: clutch parts for my T 340 crawler/loader, they said that parts were hard to come by, best way was to have clutch plates resurfaced, but to be sure and get the correct thickness. does any one know what the specification's on these are ? Any info would be a great help. Thank you.
  4. I am the new owner of these two Drott loaders, both have steering clutch problems, any idea as to best source for parts ? some other issues to be dealt with later, any advise as to best way to go about the repair/ replacement of clutch problems?
  5. I just became the proud owner of a IH T340 DrottĀ  loader and a IH 500 E DorttĀ  loader, both have steering problems. Any ideas as to parts sources and best way to do the repair work? Any info would be of help

  6. Dan: I may be interested in the sprocket "CUPS", I'm talking to a guy that has a 150 loader with bad sprockets & chains. e-mail me @ lralston45@yahoo.com Thank you also do you have a source for chains ??
  7. I'm looking at a IH 500 E loader. that has a suck clutch. how big of a project will it be to free it or replace it? Also the cost to replace it (parts cost). Also how much does a 500 E weigh?? owner says everything is good except the clutch, what is this unit worth?? He's asking $5000.00 OBO? thank you for any info.
  8. do you still have the engine? I might be interested in it if it's complete, broken crank and all. if so let me know what you want for it. thanks
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