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  1. lintonxy

    706 and 756 Retirement

    Yep, nothing practical, just a lap around the paddock. But very rewarding. My kids are now getting what a little taste of what I had as a kid.
  2. lintonxy

    706 and 756 Retirement

    So last weekend, the kids all got their first tractor ride: They were stoked with that and absolutely loved it.
  3. lintonxy

    Lost Thread

    Thanks FarmallFan. Now is that because i wasn't looking hard enough, or were you able to use Moderator Superpowers to bring this back from hibernation/archive/death?
  4. lintonxy

    Lost Thread

    I've just realised that the oldest post i can see in 'see my activity' is from December 2015. I joined in August 2015 when i picked up the 856. Is it possible that the forum only holds info for 3 years, then it disappears? And if so, is this deleted or archived?
  5. lintonxy

    Lost Thread

    I seem to have lost a thread that I started way back when I joined this group. It was back in late 2015, when i first picked up my 856. I can't remember the title of the thread, but it told the story of how I came take possession of my 856 Farmall. Now i can't seem to find it at all. Looking in my profile under 'See my activity' i can find individual posts going all the way back to Aug 2015 (when I first joined), but none of them are to the multipage thread. I've also tried some searches but they are either hitting dead-ends or resulting in errors. Any ideas on how I might be able to track this down?
  6. lintonxy

    IH 1456 S/N 13961

    That's gorgeous!
  7. lintonxy

    new retro combine decals

    I'm also voting for the splash of white to finish her off. Looks great!
  8. lintonxy

    706 and 756 Retirement

    Mark, 'Bore' refers to drilling for water. The drilling is a process called boring, not sure what it may be referred to in the states. Similar to tunnel boring. Anyway, over here we are lucky enough to have decent aquifers underground that are able to supply decent quality water in the way an old well would, but much smaller diameter and much deeper. Our bore is 200mm (8in) diameter and 66mm (200ft) deep. it is lined with a slotted 150mm dia PVC pipe. Into this is typically dropped a submersible electrical pump. We currently run a 'jet pump' which works on venturi action. We pump down water in a 1in line and it has a sharp turn at the base with a venturi tube to feed water from the borehole. It returns via a 1.25in line. It's slow and inefficient but it's what we've got until we save some money for a solar/electric pump setup. 'Water reticulation' simply refers to the circulation system for the water once we get it out of the bore. It's all just going to be poly pipes trenched into the ground. But i also want to place another tank part way up the hill. The bore pump will pump water to the tank and then it will gravity feed back towards the house. The idea is to have plenty of taps so we can water our trees. We've planted 30 so far and it has hardly made an impact! Lots more to plant yet!
  9. Brochure states "the finest in tractor enclosures". I get a mental image of a zoo-like enclosure in an urban environment where tractors are free to roam artificial paddocks for the viewing pleasure of city inhabitants.
  10. I guess it's very practical to make your interior colour the same as the dust that inevitably end up in there! 🤣
  11. Anyone got any pics of these various interior options?
  12. lintonxy

    706 and 756 Retirement

    Yes and No Doug. My father in law and the truck driver were able to drive them off the truck during the week last week. I was away with work and didn't get to have a look at them in the skin until the weekend. Neither tractor had its own battery, so I charged the one from my 856 and used that. Both needed a snort of Aerostart (ether), and the 706 apparently required a hotwire across the starter motor. When we tried that on the weekend we got nowhere. I had the red lights on the dash, then when my wife stuck the screwdriver in there I heard a light 'pop' then nothing: no kick; no lights; nothing. I really have very little knowledge of these things but I'd say we shorted something out and have either fried a fuse or the solenoid? Either way, we didn't have much time to play around with it. Will have another go on another weekend. Unfortunately these tractors for me a purely a toy. I love them, but mostly they are pretty much the wrong tool at my place. My place is 44 acres of non-productive rocky hill. What used to be called a hobby farm are now called Lifestyle Blocks over here. I'm cool with that. I work a regular job and our property is a nice place to spend my weekends. We are trying to do some decent improvements: bore; water reticulation; plant lots of trees etc. A pair of 75hp drawbar wheatland tractors are pretty superfluous to my needs....but not so much my wants 🤣 Technically, these two belong to my Dad and as such they will probably just sit here for a very long time. In terms of priority, they sit way down the list after property works and a couple of old cars that have been waiting awhile too. in the meantime I surf around here and try to soak a bit of information. Some of it might stick. As for the front tyres, I am unsure. They were very common when i was a kid. All our tractors on my grandparents' farm had them (in the 80s). I will have a closer look next weekend when i am home next and post an update.
  13. lintonxy

    706 and 756 Retirement

    My father had wanted to attend the clearing sale. He wanted me to come down and take him to the sale. Unfortunately I do not have a great relationship with my father. I love him, but it is a strained relationship at best. He is Bipolar and rather needy. Whilst that is a very long story for another time and place, one of the effects of bipolar disorder is terrible financial control. My father cannot manage money to save his life, literally. His home is owned by a trust established by my grandparents so that he could not borrow against it and lose it he had done twice before. So part of me refusing to take him to the sale was a form of tough love. He would not be going and spending a heap of money on old tractors. Or so i thought. A week after the clearing sale i got a call from Dad: "Have you got some room to store a pair of tractors I bought?" I've got 44 acres of poor land doing nothing productive, but letting my family grow up with space....."What did you buy?" "A US-built 706 and an Australian-built 756, like the one we used to have on the farm" " went to the sale at Moama I take it?" " know those 706s are pretty rare here in Australia? They didn't sell many of them." I'm on speaker phone in the car, with the family on board. My wife is giving me the 'not more old tractors' look......"Yeah......I've got some space.......but it won't be in the shed." I finish the phone call and turn to my wife with a cheeky, 'I'm innocent and you love me' smile. She smiles back, somewhat frustratedly: "Lucky I love you". Did I mention I have an awesome wife?
  14. lintonxy

    706 and 756 Retirement

    So I was keen to get along to check out the the large Inter collection auction at Moama recently: It was 7 hours away from where I live and fell on the last weekend of the school holidays. I'm currently working away from home so my priority was to spend the weekend with the kids. As it was there was 3 events on the weekend, all on the Saturday. This auction was event #4 and fell by the wayside along with #2 and #3. I was disappointed that I was going to miss it. There was an AWD6 and number of 564s and Australian built 756s. It is also within cooee of my where my grandparents farm was that they sold up from in the mid 80s. Could one of those old girls come from my grandparents' farm in Urana, NSW?
  15. So these two turned up at my place yesterday: And have been unloaded for a quiet life of retirement: