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  1. lintonxy

    Mini Scout build

    That looks awesome! I did quite a bit of model making when i was a kid. Still have a few kits and all the gear lying around. Like with so many others on here, I just don't have the time currently but have that secret urge when i see a post like this one. In reality it will sit there until I retire, then maybe they'll all come out again. Will definitely have to keep an eye out for that Scout kit though. that is cool. You did a top job with it Sledgehammer.
  2. I'm interested in seeing what you come up with. As per most projects, they're never really finished!
  3. lintonxy

    You guys got a Wood burners ❓

    This is an interesting topic. Particularly as I try to work out where all you guys are, how cold it may be and how big a cord of wood is! We run a wood burner as our primary source of heat for our house over winter. We live near Bathurst, which is known for being cold be Australian standards, but is pretty mild compared to where many of you guys are in the North. Decent snow here is a once in a generation thing, though the surrounding area will get a couple of small dumps each year. Compared to the US and Europe, Australian houses are generally poorly insulated. No big deal for most mild winters, but pretty poor come summer time! My house is relatively well designed and insulated. We have a big wood burner located centrally and through winter we pretty much run it day and night. That said, for most of that we have it just ticking over with a couple of logs on the side. The house is roughly 6000sq ft. My shed has no heating, cooling or insulation. It is just a tin box. Unfortunately i don't get to spend enough time in there to justify insulating it at this stage. As for a quantity of wood, Australians have three units of measure: cubic metre; tonnes; ute/trailer load! Obviously the last one is quite subjective. We go through roughly 12m3 of firewood. This equates to 424 cubic foot or roughly 3 cords. The wood we burn is a mix. At my place we have Red Box and Yellow Box (both Eucalypt) which burn really hot and clean but my place is hard to access due to being on the side of a hill. My in-laws farm has heaps of Peppermint and Brown Barrel/Black Butt (more eucalypt), which don't burn quite as hot, but is easier to access....and they have a tractor with front end loader....and a hydraulic lo splitter 😁 As such we make a mix of roughly 1/3 of our wood and 2/3 theirs. As my father in-law gets older I am doing more and more of their wood cutting and splitting. They gave me Stihl MS 391 for my birthday a couple of years ago, knowing full well much of its use would be for them 🤣
  4. lintonxy

    William Simpson "s toys ** Very Old **

    That model display case celebrating 30 years of service with the two appropriately aged tractors and Old Abe in middle is seriously cool! A brilliant physical representation that anyone (not just a farmer or tractor mechanic) can see and grasp the technological design advancement over that period.
  5. lintonxy

    Pic test

    Farmall1066, your pic works just fine. That 14 pic is real niiiiice!
  6. lintonxy

    1974 100 pickup

    I like. I don't think we had these here in Oz. We had Scouts but not these. They are growing on me I've got to say.
  7. lintonxy

    IH Trucks at our local rallies

    I like that C Line. My grandfather had a C1510 in the same colour scheme. Now I have one on my wishlist.
  8. lintonxy

    706 and 756 Retirement

    Yep, nothing practical, just a lap around the paddock. But very rewarding. My kids are now getting what a little taste of what I had as a kid.
  9. lintonxy

    706 and 756 Retirement

    So last weekend, the kids all got their first tractor ride: They were stoked with that and absolutely loved it.
  10. lintonxy

    Lost Thread

    Thanks FarmallFan. Now is that because i wasn't looking hard enough, or were you able to use Moderator Superpowers to bring this back from hibernation/archive/death?
  11. lintonxy

    Lost Thread

    I've just realised that the oldest post i can see in 'see my activity' is from December 2015. I joined in August 2015 when i picked up the 856. Is it possible that the forum only holds info for 3 years, then it disappears? And if so, is this deleted or archived?
  12. lintonxy

    Lost Thread

    I seem to have lost a thread that I started way back when I joined this group. It was back in late 2015, when i first picked up my 856. I can't remember the title of the thread, but it told the story of how I came take possession of my 856 Farmall. Now i can't seem to find it at all. Looking in my profile under 'See my activity' i can find individual posts going all the way back to Aug 2015 (when I first joined), but none of them are to the multipage thread. I've also tried some searches but they are either hitting dead-ends or resulting in errors. Any ideas on how I might be able to track this down?
  13. lintonxy

    IH 1456 S/N 13961

    That's gorgeous!
  14. lintonxy

    new retro combine decals

    I'm also voting for the splash of white to finish her off. Looks great!
  15. lintonxy

    706 and 756 Retirement

    Mark, 'Bore' refers to drilling for water. The drilling is a process called boring, not sure what it may be referred to in the states. Similar to tunnel boring. Anyway, over here we are lucky enough to have decent aquifers underground that are able to supply decent quality water in the way an old well would, but much smaller diameter and much deeper. Our bore is 200mm (8in) diameter and 66mm (200ft) deep. it is lined with a slotted 150mm dia PVC pipe. Into this is typically dropped a submersible electrical pump. We currently run a 'jet pump' which works on venturi action. We pump down water in a 1in line and it has a sharp turn at the base with a venturi tube to feed water from the borehole. It returns via a 1.25in line. It's slow and inefficient but it's what we've got until we save some money for a solar/electric pump setup. 'Water reticulation' simply refers to the circulation system for the water once we get it out of the bore. It's all just going to be poly pipes trenched into the ground. But i also want to place another tank part way up the hill. The bore pump will pump water to the tank and then it will gravity feed back towards the house. The idea is to have plenty of taps so we can water our trees. We've planted 30 so far and it has hardly made an impact! Lots more to plant yet!