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  1. IH 60 stalk chopper value

    Hope this is ok, have a IH 60 stalk in good running shape, wonder what she is worth
  2. 1066 weight?

    K thanks for the help
  3. 1066 weight?

    Yeah we aren't fans of fluid in the tires
  4. 1066 weight?

    Black waxy flat ground, run 20 foot disc, moldboard plow,. Calcium is gone put on some bias 18.4 38
  5. 1066 weight?

    I bought a 1066 cab tractor last year and it had calcium in the tires. Tires were getting bad so before I had them changed out and the calcium left out I weighed her 14,500 pounds. Now with the calcium gone she was 12,500. How much does everyone recommend the old girl to weigh?
  6. What's a farmall 300 worth

    K thanks for the help
  7. What's a farmall 300 worth

    New idea loader looks like trip bucket that has been converted to have tilt
  8. What's a farmall 300 worth

    Looking at a farmall 300 gas narrow front with loader. Supposed to run good, straight metal, t/a is out, no fast hitch, tires weather cracked, not sure what to offer
  9. 1066 won't start

    I have a 1066 that one day won't start, never engages the starter. Batteries are a few months old and fully charged. I've cleaned the cables.With my tester I show I have 12 volts going to the starter solenoid. With the key on, with the clutch pushed in when I push the starter button then my gauges go from working to going off, i then wired the clutch switch wires together and now my gauges stay on when I try to start but still it doesn't try to start, where to go from here? Solenoid?
  10. Farmall H 12 volt conversion

    It sits inside the pulley not flush with the top
  11. 1066 needs more rear weight

    Always go with weights
  12. Farmall H 12 volt conversion

    Got it fixed, I had everything wired right, I thought the belt was tight enough, end up using a pry bar to force the bracket up a tiny bit more and now is working great thanks Charlie
  13. Farmall H 12 volt conversion

    Nice website charlie i used 10 gauge wire and it's a 1 wire delco type alternator
  14. Farmall H 12 volt conversion

    I have three wires hooked up to the ammeter positive side- 1 wire hooked up to the alternator and 1 wire hooked up to the ignition switch negitve side- hooked up to the starter switch
  15. Farmall H 12 volt conversion

    Hoping to get a little help i have a farmall H running on 6 volt system, I just converted it to 12 volt with a kit from all states ag parts, I have everything hooked up and it runs good but I don't show on the ammeter where the alternator is charging, i rev the tractor to full throttle and the belt is tight but with my battery tester that shows how many volts( ground it to the tractor and put hot side on the 1 wire on the alternator I only show 12 volts only thing I have left off is there is one wire that hooked on the ammeter and the other side side of the wire went to a screw on the light switch/ ammeter housing, I didn't know if it needed hooked up or which side of the ammeter it should be on now any help would be great thanks