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  1. Looking for suggestions on how to reach out to folks who may be interested in a TD-14A I need to sell. I've got it on the local craigslist and FB pages but haven't had much luck. It's a running and driving tractor in good shape except a worn U/C and I have a good U/C and many other parts to go with it. I'm moving from WA to MD and just plain don't have room to haul the old girl, but I desperately want to make sure it goes to someone who will do something useful with it - definitely don't want it to go to scrap but if I drop the price too much more it will be in the range where that's what I'm likely to get for buyers....
  2. So I've got 2 TD-14 carcasses to clean up. What parts are irreplaceable/worth saving or selling? 1st one is mostly complete (no sheet metal/radiator but pretty much everything else) but sat for something like 40 years in the mud and is more or less solid rust. 2nd has the engine in parts, no tracks or one final and is basically the trans casting with parts on it. The rusty one has a decent u/c I was planning to keep for my other good TD-14. Figured keep both engines/parts and the finals since I've heard they are known failure points. What about the trans/bevel gear/housing/etc? Most of this stuff is rusty enough to probably be questionably useful, but I really hate scraping parts that might be useful. On the flip side, I'm moving in a year or so and need to get stuff cleaned up. The pivot shafts also look like they'd be useful for chunks of big round stock but again I hate to start cutting the trans casting up getting them out. Thanks.
  3. It would be helpful to post your location, what prices you're expecting to get, and more pictures of the sprockets and chain links.
  4. Thanks. How much do you want for the PTO? Do you happen to have a 3 point hitch on it as well?
  5. Those are the brakes, the steering clutch brakes I was talking about are inside the transmission/rear axle case. Thanks.
  6. By pivot brakes do you mean the steering 'clutch; brakes are are disc type? If so I may be interested depending on price. ~John
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