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  1. I graduated with Mary Asplund, the oldest of John's 2 girls. Not sure of the younger one's name. She was several years younger than us. John always impressed me. It wasn't very often he needed to look in his parts book. Sometimes he didn't even need to look on the shelf, just reach in the shelf and grab the right part. No computer, no microfisch. My Cousin, who you might know, bought John's parts books at the auction, just to get John's notes off in the margins of the pages with alternate parts that would work.
  2. You came to the right place, if it's still around somebody here probably knows where it is. By 1975 Empire was the IH dealer for northern Henry County. Prophetstown still had an IH dealer I think. I was originally from Geneseo. I preferred dealing with Gib Pritchard Implement up town. Their parts guy, John Asplund, had a daughter in most of my classes at school. Pritchard closed in '69 I guess. Dad's favorite dealer, Bob Rischel Implement in Cambridge closed in '69 also. I forget what year Empire closed. Wife, son, and I in Geneseo for family holiday get together, I drive into their lot just to snoop, bet it was less than a minute later a car pulls up behind me, turns his lights on, walks up to my pickup, asks what I'm doing, then no so nicely suggested I leave. I had Wisconsin plates on my truck. Guess he didn't like cheese. Dad bought a Super M-TA about 1960 from West Bay Implement in Galesburg. Traded it in spring of '65 at West Bay for a 450 gas and a truck load of Fast Hitch implements. A 4F-43 4-14 fully mounted plow, a #25 Fast Hitch bush hog or chopper. I put a few hours on the SM-TA, and a boat load on the 450. Would like to have an M-TA someday. I have no serial number on either tractor. But I have the '51 M Dad bought new at Rischels, and he traded a '39 H for a '54 Super H there May 8th of '68 that I still have. Good luck on your search!
  3. Our '15 Edge, well, actually, the second one, has been great. 80,000 miles, maybe a few thousand more. Wife and I take it back to the dealer every 2-3 months, 5000 miles, for an oil change, tire rotation, brake wear check, they've put two cabin air filters in, and they complain about the lug nuts every time. When they replace them free of charge I'll let them replace them. This Edge has the 2.0L 4 cyl EcoBoost. Gets 23-24 mpg. Our first one had the 3.5L naturally aspirated V-6, gutless unless you floored it and watched the tach swing to 6000. Put 15,000 miles on it before Ford bought it back because of a water leak in driver's side front firewall between engine and driver's floor area. Every little rain shower resulted in a half in deep water level inside car. Three trips back to dealer couldn't repair it so Ford bought it back. The all wheel drive is totally invisible, she used to be scared to death of snowy roads, now a few inches of snow doesn't phase her. I'm trying to convince her we need a new 2021 Bronco when they come out this coming fall.
  4. As my SON scolded me one day when he was about 11-12 yrs old, "Your not supposed to DRIVE through the hardware store..." I'd just found two nails or screws in one tire and another nail in a second tire. They were slow leaks, tires were really worn, bought 4 new tires. CHRIS - I've found it's handy having two loader tractors. Like when I was removing fluid from my one loader tractor, the one tire was valve stem level full, 450-500# of fluid, the loader on the M was the only way to get the tire & rim in the truck. Even a skid-steer would work. Not sure how we farmed with only one loader.
  5. From the research I did before buying my RAM 1500 two years ago, (2018) the 8-speed automatic is made by ZF. They make auto trans for most of the city busses made, and Cars like BMW, Mercedes. I haven't put many miles on my pickup but I think it shifts up thru the gears fine for an automatic. It's the first auto equipped vehicle I've EVER bought for my use. I'd like to hook up a trailer and load something heavy up and see how a 400 hp Hemi compares to a 215 hp diesel in my old F250 towing. The torque rating of the 7.3 PSD and the 5.7L Hemi are both 420 #/ft. I wouldn't expect gas mpg to be very good but I expect performance of the Hemi to be startlingly good.
  6. Does your 786 have what they called a "Non-ROPS" platform? Has the same fenders as a cab tractor, but on the front of the platform on each side has a tube raising up from the outside corner then bending toward the hood of the tractor. Nothing extends above the tops of the fenders. Well, maybe the backrest on the black vinyl seat. They made cab completing kits for the ROPS minus the windows. Kit included windows and the red IH vinyl fabric to cover the open spaces on the front lower spaces and a door with window for each side.
  7. I did the same thing about 7-8 years ago. In my case, new Firestone radial rated tubes installed and sand blasted primed and painted the rims. The old tubes that had the fluid were the original Firestone tubes installed at FARMALL. I've got two sets of rear wheel weights. Some day I hope I stumble into another 400-500# of weights of some kind I can hang on the back of that tractor. It's my #1 snow mover and it could use some more weight. In my case, only one rim showed signs of a tube with a little leak. But once both tires & tubes were off, both tubes had leaks and quite a bit of rust where the tube contacted the rim.
  8. I've never heard anyone regret putting in hot water in-floor heat in a shop. Insulating the shop portion is something that will pay you back every day from about Halloween to Easter. Even if the furnace doesn't run. My shop 24x36 stays warm enough to work in lots of times without running the heater. Before I insulated I had to run the heater much more often. Even on hot muggy summer days, keep the shop doors closed and the shop stays cool enough to work in.
  9. Hey! My Tractor Show Buddy had a picture his wife took, He had his Allis-Chalmers D-12 loader tractor, bucket raised ALL the way up, 12 ft aluminum ladder set in the bucket and just about 5 feet from top of the pole, and he was standing on the next to top rung working on the wiring to his house. I've got phone numbers in the phone book to call linemen with bucket trucks to do that stuff! And I can report stuff on-line now too. Some of these "Stunts" really cracked me up. I wish they were videos, some had to leave good bruises!


    I watched all but a couple Indy car races last year. It's good racing. Lot of former Formula 1 drivers in Indy car now.


    There is a "Formula E" racing class running in Europe, I've watched a couple races. Cars look just like F-1 cars, but are battery powered. Races are shorter than the F-1 races, and the electric cars compete in two heat's. No recharging the batteries, they exchange cars between heats. Most of the drivers are the lower ranked drivers from F-1 or F-2 drivers. Would be easy for NASCAR to implement battery powered cars with the heat race system they run now. But it would be fairly boring to watch.
  12. Looks like an identicle twin to the '40 B Dad bought in December '68, except the '40 B had 9-38 Firestone rear tires on pressed steel wheels. It had a little less paint on it than your '39. When I got done going over the sheetmetal with a BIG angle grinder and twisted wire cup brush it actually had a greener color to it than before I started. We already had decals and paint for it, left over from the R in 1964 so I painted it the week before I started college. We paid $90 for it, and that was more than it was worth. Sold for $120 with new paint in December '72. 4-1/2 mph road gear, reverse seemed about 7 mph. Armstrong start got Real old fast when it wouldn't start. No hydraulics, no battery so couldn't run a radio. So mostly it SAT. Dad narrowed it up to about 68-69 inches wide to pull the spreader thru the hog house to clean 2-3 loads of manure a year. It pulled the JD R spreader, 4-1/2 mph not 6-1/2 mph like the Super H. Was funny, Dad would not run it other than those few loads of manure, I tried raking hay one time with it, we never hooked ANYTHING to the PTO. Had no belt driven implements left on the farm, so it sat. I don't really see how Deere ever sold a second tractor to anyone! I kept comparing the '40 B to our '39 H, that had 16 mph road gear, modified 800 psi belly pump, 6 volt tractor radios were plentiful, touch of the starter button and the H jumped to life immediately. We didn't pull the planter with the '39 H, but it probably could have with duals. The 10-38 GY tires on the H were less than 50% tread but had sound casings. So we probably only put 200-220 hours a year on the H. The Super H as IH advertised did everything the H did about 30% faster. And we put 250 hours on it all 4 years we farmed with it. And maybe 10-15 hours total on the B in 4 years. I even used the Super H and a towbar to pull the B the 8 miles to and from town to pressure wash it for paint. Less than a half hour each way with a Farmall, and TWO hours running the 4-speed B, even the 6-speed B's, 50's, 520,530's would have been a 48 minute trip at 10 mph. Yep, Sorry, I've spent enough time on old two cylinders to truly say I do not even want to be around them when they are running. Worst day of my life was rotary hoeing 80 acres of beans with a 6-30 hoe behind a #60 JD. 4th gear, it wouldn't pull 5th. TEN STRAIGHT HOURS listening to that thing hammer and bang.
  13. First several times I ran R-O-M Deere tractors I was not impressed at all, then one day plowing for the BTO with his NFE R-O-M 4020 I had to pull out of the furrow several times to clear a plug of corn stalks, and could not believe how nicely that R-O-M stepped thru the furrow getting back into the land, steering wheel did not move at all. Even with power steering tractors like our SM-TA with Char-Lynn ps and 450 with Behlin ps, the frt wheels jerked around. I always thought an air shock inside the lower pedestal would would have greatly improved the ride on NFE tractors.
  14. Mecum Gone Farming auction is coming up in 6 weeks, 3-25/3-28. Don't find many 806's with less than 3000 hours anymore.
  15. The fact that this term limit is SO totally over-due is the fact so many politicians are millionaires. How on earth do you amass millions with a $174,000 annual salary? I personally think two terms is plenty, one as a senator, one in the house. That's 8 years total, and you could run for President or VP if you want to. If you REALLY want to test your blood pressure medicine, do a search on Pelosi's arrangements for commuting from coast to coast. What makes her think she's so entitled? If Trump REALLY wanted to get even with her he should take her jet away. The abuses of government offices go all the way to the very top and to the very bottom.
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