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    1086 rear wheel bolts

    I'm surprised they weren't Cadmium plated like the West Pullman made originals were. There's a new tin-zinc plating that isn't quite as durable but lots easier on the environment. The clear zinc dichromate plating is a fairly shiny plating, almost like chrome, not a matte finish like the old cad plating.

    What Kept you red

    Grandpa upgraded from horses to an F-20 that the local IH dealer carried the loan on. Dad started farming buying equipment from the same dealer. Dad wavered a couple times buying a couple green tractors, but as He told me one afternoon, I try to keep on of the @%#&$ things around to remind me to never buy another one. I don't farm, use the two letter series tractors as over-size garden tractors. And they are red because I'm such a stubborn SOB, They start reliably, get the work done reliably, and don't need repairs, just occasional oil changes and greasing.

    Mmmm, Mmmm, Good

    Company I used to work for made almost all their production equipment 20 years ago. Don't know if they even make ice cream equipment anymore. Made 6 machines for Ben & Jerry's too. Made lots and lots of machines for Good Humor, Deans, etc. Biggest competitor was a company in Germany, Hoyer.


    I checked Navistar's International truck website and the LoneStar is still available. I wonder how many they sell a year? I didn't care that much for them at first but they have grown on me. The paint colors makes a huge difference, that dark red and silver/gray looks great! All the chrome and polished metal really helps.

    Row cultivating

    BOOG -Wasn't there a granular Amiben too? Dad hired local fertilizer co to broadcast spray the last 2 years, used a Big A. Not sure what Dad had them spray. But it worked pretty good, we had really clean beans. BTO I worked for used Amiben with not so good results. Not sure what they sprayed on corn ground, Treflan maybe? Couple 50 gallon saddle tanks on the Super H would have been a load for the old girl! The old ( 1952 vintage) #490 Deere planter had two pair of Gandy boxes on it, but only remember Dad ever filling only one of each pair, Front box with insecticide for rootworms ahead of press wheel. Rear box he never used banded granular over the row.

    IH 435/445 Balers

    It's not a pleasant job, but official bale checker/twine tier person who sits on the twine box eating dust and chaff on bad knotter days gets you up to about 99+% good tied bales. When I loaded racks I always checked all the knots on the bales in the chute even on NH balers Now if the girl driving the tractor on the baler was in a bikini we'd probably miss a couple bales every load with an IH baler.

    1586 rear axle planetary

    I think in this case the maintenance guy just didn't know he was grabbing $22 o-rings. My Buddy knew it wasn't the 2-3 cent o-ring like the 3/8" x 1/16" used in the hyd. system, he knew we had usage issues every single month. I'd talked to him about it several times. If our wives weren't such good friends and coworkers I know he wouldn't have told me. Had the same situation about 10 years later. We had a soldered chiller assembly, had a solid wound coil of 3/4" copper tubing and a 1/4", or 5/16", or 3/8" refridgerant tube soldered in the "V" between the bigger tube. We knew the solder weighed so much per foot, thought we knew how many feet per assembly. Had the solder usage down to .001 Ounce per assembly. Every month about early to mid 3rd week run out of solder, beg, borrow, joke with, threaten and get more solder. This went on for close to a year, I figured it was just the way things were, but my Boss, Bless Her heart, was after charging customers for the actual amount of solder we used. Engineering was pushing back on signing the scrap ticket for half a months solder every month, so She made them measure the solder correctly. When my Boss's Boss saw the results on the first part He insisted all the other parts be corrected NOW! When we showed using 8 ounces the real number was about 14 ounces. When we showed 18 ounces we used about 32. And when we changed the system it calculated exactly the day I would run out. We had calculated the weight down to .001 ounce, but actually missed the actual amount by just under 1/2 the total amount. We took precision to a Stupid level, and missed the accuracy by about 55-60%. I chuckled when I saw only Full whole ounce weights were put into the computer system, no more 3 decimal places!

    1086 A/C Problems

    If your install or "Crimp On" new 1/4" female connectors, pull off the insulating sleeve, throw it far far away, open up the sleeve for the wire a bit, insert twisted wire, crimp either with a good crimping tool or a 5 inch pair of Vice Grips works O-K too, make sure you slide a piece of heat shrink tubing on wire before crimping on spade terminal. Solder the wire connection with flux and solder, I use 1 or 2% silver solder, stronger and usually melts at lower temp. Slide heat shrink tube over solder joint and shrink it. I've never had a connection like that fail.

    1586 rear axle planetary

    JIM - Along with tires, wheels, rims, batteries, some stampings, I also ordered all the o-rings for Farmall. There were some I used between 3000 to 4000 per DAY, but those BIG o-rings in the 1586, one on each side, 2 per tractor, 11 1586's built per day, 22 total times 5 days per week, 110 total times 4 weeks per month, so 440-450 per month, and like clockwork about late 2nd week early 3rd week I'd have a Fed X priority One next day delivery of another 200-250 coming in. Good friend of mine was the supervisor of the stock chasers, guys who ordered parts to the assembly lines from the warehouse. Wasn't until a couple years After Farmall closed that he could tell me what was going on. Maintanence guy gathering trash went over to the box of those o-rings, grabbed 12-18 every night, then went around to the 55 gallon drums used as trash bins, the plastic liners held on with those $22 o-rings, My cost in 1981, the o-ring snapped into the trash bag, zip tie close the bag, new trash bag put in barrel, another $22 o-ring stretched over the drum. My buddy watched this one night, was scared to tell me, because HECK yes I would put a stop to it, save the company $250 a day! Heck, I could have given the guy inner tubes pinched at assembly to cut into strips, I'd have even cut them.

    Bought me a Hybred car, what do ya think?

    My little Volvo has a type of traction control like that, if frt wheel spins it lightly applies that frt brake, still spins it decreases the throttle to the point it almost dies. Fortunately they put an over-ride switch on the console so I can get some wheel speed on snow & ice.

    Anyone know IH and Perkins history?

    Your engine is most correctly known as a "Perk-a-Pillar" since Cat bought Perkins in 1998 for $1.325 Billion. with a B. I bought a new CAT forklift about 1988 for the company I worked for, 5000-5500# capacity, had a little 4 cylinder Renault engine in it, kinda gutless, but it had a torque converter drive fwd & rev, where the other older CAT fork lifts had hydro-static drive, you could floor the gas and ease into something and put full HP into the job. I seem to remember something bigger behind Cat using Renault engines, they would not have been my first choice.

    IH 435/445 Balers

    I always only ever recommended a New Holland baler. Anyone know who's baler Deere copied?

    Farmall M Seat Pan

    Not sure how long IH used the original seat you had with the bump in the front, on the 1939 model M's and H's. I'd try mounting your new seat with only the 2 bolts. If that doesn't work use a 3/8 inch plate drilled to match the 4 bolts on your seat with two holes drilled to match your seat base. Those old seats were not comfortable at all. I did that with a 1/4 inch plate to mount a Tombstone seat onto my batterybox seat base on my Super H. Been on there 13 years like that. Think there's seven bolts in the seat, four in the seat base.

    Just bought this old girl and looking for info

    Mr. Goodwrench, head of the repair shop for the company I drove for was the first to tell me that. His prior job was Service Shop Manager for Riverside IH truck dealer in Davenport, Iowa. He sure would have known!

    MTO, Dont do this by accident.

    Yeah, maybe. But my truck was built in Warren, Michigan, by a UAW workforce making a livable wage with decent benefits. Mother Fiat is spending BILLIONS of Dollars bringing new work to the plant, the 2500 & 3500 series trucks being built in Satillio, Mexico until 2020 then move to a new part of the plant in Warren bringing many more jobs to the plant. New model Jeeps will be built there by then too. More workers needed Here! Not in China where GM spent all that bailout money Obama gave them. Guess maybe Mexico should have paid for the wall afterall. Last GM car I bought started falling apart on the test drive almost 20 years ago. Car depreciated so much I would have been better off renting the thing from Avis! I really like my new Ram. Getting about 16 mpg on local stop & go short trip driving. Not bad for a 400 hp HEMI. Turned over 900 miles yesterday, about 6 months after I took delivery. I had WAY over 9000 miles on my F-250 when it was 6 months old, more like 12,000 miles. Far as cost per mile, that 22 yr old Ford was WAY cheaper to run than any other similar sized vehicle, averaged over 20 mpg one summer, over 3 months and 10,000 miles. Son doesn't drive it every day, but this winter it will be his daily driver. His goal is to keep it on the road to 400,000 miles, which will probably take 22 more years! Anyhow, I don't see any problems with what FCA is doing. No problem where the decisions are made, and no problem with the decisions at all!