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    1586 rear axle planetary

    JIM - Along with tires, wheels, rims, batteries, some stampings, I also ordered all the o-rings for Farmall. There were some I used between 3000 to 4000 per DAY, but those BIG o-rings in the 1586, one on each side, 2 per tractor, 11 1586's built per day, 22 total times 5 days per week, 110 total times 4 weeks per month, so 440-450 per month, and like clockwork about late 2nd week early 3rd week I'd have a Fed X priority One next day delivery of another 200-250 coming in. Good friend of mine was the supervisor of the stock chasers, guys who ordered parts to the assembly lines from the warehouse. Wasn't until a couple years After Farmall closed that he could tell me what was going on. Maintanence guy gathering trash went over to the box of those o-rings, grabbed 12-18 every night, then went around to the 55 gallon drums used as trash bins, the plastic liners held on with those $22 o-rings, My cost in 1981, the o-ring snapped into the trash bag, zip tie close the bag, new trash bag put in barrel, another $22 o-ring stretched over the drum. My buddy watched this one night, was scared to tell me, because HECK yes I would put a stop to it, save the company $250 a day! Heck, I could have given the guy inner tubes pinched at assembly to cut into strips, I'd have even cut them.

    Bought me a Hybred car, what do ya think?

    My little Volvo has a type of traction control like that, if frt wheel spins it lightly applies that frt brake, still spins it decreases the throttle to the point it almost dies. Fortunately they put an over-ride switch on the console so I can get some wheel speed on snow & ice.

    Anyone know IH and Perkins history?

    Your engine is most correctly known as a "Perk-a-Pillar" since Cat bought Perkins in 1998 for $1.325 Billion. with a B. I bought a new CAT forklift about 1988 for the company I worked for, 5000-5500# capacity, had a little 4 cylinder Renault engine in it, kinda gutless, but it had a torque converter drive fwd & rev, where the other older CAT fork lifts had hydro-static drive, you could floor the gas and ease into something and put full HP into the job. I seem to remember something bigger behind Cat using Renault engines, they would not have been my first choice.

    IH 435/445 Balers

    I always only ever recommended a New Holland baler. Anyone know who's baler Deere copied?

    Farmall M Seat Pan

    Not sure how long IH used the original seat you had with the bump in the front, on the 1939 model M's and H's. I'd try mounting your new seat with only the 2 bolts. If that doesn't work use a 3/8 inch plate drilled to match the 4 bolts on your seat with two holes drilled to match your seat base. Those old seats were not comfortable at all. I did that with a 1/4 inch plate to mount a Tombstone seat onto my batterybox seat base on my Super H. Been on there 13 years like that. Think there's seven bolts in the seat, four in the seat base.

    Just bought this old girl and looking for info

    Mr. Goodwrench, head of the repair shop for the company I drove for was the first to tell me that. His prior job was Service Shop Manager for Riverside IH truck dealer in Davenport, Iowa. He sure would have known!

    MTO, Dont do this by accident.

    Yeah, maybe. But my truck was built in Warren, Michigan, by a UAW workforce making a livable wage with decent benefits. Mother Fiat is spending BILLIONS of Dollars bringing new work to the plant, the 2500 & 3500 series trucks being built in Satillio, Mexico until 2020 then move to a new part of the plant in Warren bringing many more jobs to the plant. New model Jeeps will be built there by then too. More workers needed Here! Not in China where GM spent all that bailout money Obama gave them. Guess maybe Mexico should have paid for the wall afterall. Last GM car I bought started falling apart on the test drive almost 20 years ago. Car depreciated so much I would have been better off renting the thing from Avis! I really like my new Ram. Getting about 16 mpg on local stop & go short trip driving. Not bad for a 400 hp HEMI. Turned over 900 miles yesterday, about 6 months after I took delivery. I had WAY over 9000 miles on my F-250 when it was 6 months old, more like 12,000 miles. Far as cost per mile, that 22 yr old Ford was WAY cheaper to run than any other similar sized vehicle, averaged over 20 mpg one summer, over 3 months and 10,000 miles. Son doesn't drive it every day, but this winter it will be his daily driver. His goal is to keep it on the road to 400,000 miles, which will probably take 22 more years! Anyhow, I don't see any problems with what FCA is doing. No problem where the decisions are made, and no problem with the decisions at all!

    Series 88 4wd sitting in the weed patch rottin away

    Machinery Pete just featured that tractor a week ago, serial number 501, $151,000. The original buyer of the tractor when new was from Prophetstown, Illinois, he called the auctioneer, and the auctioneer called him during the selling of that tractor, held his cell phone to the mic while the guy told the early history of the tractor, Auctioneer filled in the gaps and then the seller completed the history. This tractor sold for more than the 7388 & 7788.

    MTO, Dont do this by accident.

    I sure hope my new Ram 1500 lasts 17 years. At the rate I'm running up the miles it will have about 100,000 on it by then.

    MTO, Dont do this by accident.

    Guy on another website I don't go to anymore was bragging about how great it was his Toyota dealer was replacing the frame because of rust on his 9-10 year old Toyota. He couldn't comprehend the fact that My F-250 was about 18 years old and survived 18 Wisconsin winters and had very little rust except on the leaf springs and drive shafts that didn't get the Auto-Armor treatment. But other guys convinced him to do what all hard working American Men would do, Trade his old rusty Toyota in on a brand new Toyota! Two guys, impact tools, an assortment of clips and clamps, and all the old rusty brake lines, emergency brake cables, fuel lines and about 30-32 total hours of labor, 15-16 hrs per guy and he had his new free frame. The were well practiced, lots of experience.

    Using the TA Question

    I'm not sure this accomplishes anything, the over-running clutch, or sprag that keeps the take-up of power or driving force nice and smooth, no break in power. I watched the neighbor shift the Power Director in his D-19 when plowing and he came to a dead stop when going thru neutral. Then hitting low or high was a Real shock to the drivetrain. I pulled the TA on just about every job on headlands, I'd pull the engine down to 1000-1100 rpm on hills and pull the TA, engine rpm would go right to about 1400 on the SM-TA & 450. Then if I was close to top of hill and tach was showing 1450 I shoved the TA ahead. When cultivating first time I was already in 2nd gear most times, plenty slow to turn in high side of 2nd. Laying by in 3rd I'd pull TA on headlands. Dad had the TA go out, sure it was the sprag, on the SM-TA second year he had it, long before I did fieldwork. Mechanic had a long discussion with Dad about the importance of adjusting the clutch & TA "By the Book" Never any more problems with SM-TA or 450 when he got it. Both tractors were 6-7 years old, linkage wear was negligable compared to those tractors today being 61 and 64 yrs old. Taking off for the other farm I'd start out in low 5th, let TA ahead around 800-1000 rpm then wide open. Not hard to run a TA, just try to not cause the over-running clutch or sprag to coast and not lock up. Never ran an IH new enough to have the hyd shifted TA. But I suspect it would have been the same way. Dad was actually looking for a TA delete 706 or 806 with an M&W turbo winter of '68/'69. THAT would have been nice making 5 rounds while the neighbor made 4 rounds with his shiny new 4020.

    What Live Hydraulic Pump is on my H???

    Damn, that's what I get for not checking my books before I post! 19233 last stage 1, 19234 first stage 2. I wonder What model had something changed at 19226 to 19227?

    C-7 cat engine

    SON found a program for his smart phone to diagnose the 7.3L PSD in my old '96 F-250. Ran the contribution test, BUZZ test, injection psi test, over 300,000 miles and it passed with flying colors. The tube that runs from right side exhaust manifold to the sensor by the high pressure oil pump that controls the flapper valve in turbo mount, was COMPLETELY plugged, sensor plugged, new sensor, tube, couple pipe fittings and the flapper works properly now. Something I never read on The DieselStop was the plugged pipe caused the engine to defuel, pulled fuel out, lost hp. Truck went from about 150-160 hp back to 210-215 like when it was new. Should pick up some mpg too. Thing that most impresses SON is the fact there's so many safe guards to keep a HEUI engine from hurting itself. Only problem is injectors are terribly expensive, and a '96 PSD has the smallest injectors, not good for making BIG hp, so both injectors and new turbo impeller needed to make much of an increase in HP.

    Picking corn like in the 40's

    Dad bought a Wood Brothers 1 row pull picker to pick ear corn before he put the 2M-E picker on the M. About twice a week we'd pick a couple rows, half a load, with husks on and stretch how long the ground feed would last. We'd chop the whole stalk off the endrows and feed them to the hogs. I never quite knew why we took both the M and Super H, M on the picker, Super H pulling the wagon till we hooked it to the picker, then used the SH to dump the corn in the hog pasture. The M still had the loader on it, the only remotes used for the loader. The SH could have done it all. The picker was just a snapper, no husking bed. I never picked more than a few ears of corn by hand. Dad got a new picking "Hook" just before he went in the Army, when he got out everybody had a picker, think I have it with some of his stuff.

    What Live Hydraulic Pump is on my H???

    Stage 1 serial # 19226 and under, Stage 2 19227 and above.