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  1. The NP-435 in my '87 F-150 I ordered out new started out just ticking a couple gear teeth in 3rd & 4th, driving up our long curving drive at work I'd downshift into 3rd and stay in 3rd till I parked, Company mandated 10 mph speed limit, and I'd back off as I crossed the sidewalks where everybody walked across the drive into the building. Around 100,000 miles on the truck it would shift into nuetral every day as soon as I backed off the gas. I actually looked at trading for a Dodge 1500 4wd, nice little truck on my dealer's lot, 318 & NV3500 5-spd and part-time 4wd. Then I found ou
  2. The school district I went to from 1st grade to Senior in HS used a '50's to early '60's yellow 140 to mow ALL the school district property all summer every summer. A person would drastically underestimate the acreage the school district owned. Thing had a 5-6 ft wide mower, probably a Woods. The old guy started every morning about same time school started and went from one school or football practice field to the next. Like an over-grown Cub Cadet. When he got them all mowed he started over again. I think I'd try to steer SIS towards a 140. Newer is always better. Maybe something
  3. OR as J.D.HUMM called them, the DISCOMFORT KING. I narrowly missed having to spend lots and lots of hours on a 930, but the following Saturday ran the Money Pit 4010 home. I remember it was a L-O-N-G ways to the ground sitting on that 930.
  4. Unless you got a real good project you need it for I think thats WAY too much money.
  5. Ah, the memories of DAD tying the gear shift into 5th gear in the CO-190's he used to drive with 5+2's. The guy had a GMC tiltcab with a 5+2 that was a "Working 4th & 5th" He'd go from hi 4th into lo 5th and tie it into 5th and shifted between lo & hi axle. Those big V-6's pulled much better than the RD-450 Binders. New Process made a 5-speed, think it was NP-542 that was similar to the 435. I had two F-150's with NP-435's, if Ford hadn't switched transmissions to ANYTHING other than New Process I'd have bought a different brand of pickup in '96. Even GM switched to ZF.
  6. The front wheels looked really good till I looked at the rear wheels..... I wish FORD hadn't clear-coated the Alcoa wheels on my F-250. Causes more problems than it fixes.
  7. Years ago I'd grab the tire irons and the big spade Dad made to pound the bead off the rim and in 10-15 minutes the tire would be laying on the ground and the tube on top of it and I'm looking for the leak. Dad's shop compressor had a 3/4 hp motor on it, maybe 8-10 gallon pressure tank, think 85-90 psi tops. It was just only for airing up tires. Now, Fast Forward 45 years, removing the same tires on the Super H that Dad and I installed in 1969, the rims were terribly rusty under the inner tube. I got the first bead loose, just couldn't get the inside to budge. I took the rim & tir
  8. MATT - And they have gotten REALLY inexpensive too, you can get them at Harbor Freight for $30 and you have a choice of brands styles from $16.99 to $20.99 and WAY more from Amazon. Not a bad tool to have around to diagnose problems. I got a new infared temp gun years ago, SON & I used it to tune our gas RC car engines. Too hot is too lean. But I used it one day to check head temp on my 10 hp Kohler in a Cub Cadet. It took the temp but then the display went crazy, all 8's or something. I called the manufactuerer, asked about sending it in for repair, the service guy suggested I buy a
  9. TRACTORDATA says a 656 weighs between 6250# and 7230#. So your within close and lots and lots of weight to loose. Guy that Ken Updike knew really well followed a young guy all over the southern half of Wisconsin watching him pull his 686 years ago. Not sure of any details on the tractor but if Ken sees this He could. D301 is better than a D282, but still has things working against it like it's actually an Indirect injection engine, looses some performance. The Nuess D310 used later was a direct injection engine, they could be made to scream!
  10. My Father-in-Law has travelled ALL over the world, lots of it compliments the US Airforce, and Glacier Nat. Park is the ONLY place he wants to go back to. He drove out from the east last time, just east of the Mississippi, next time he says he'll fly out west and drive in from the west. My wife is the absolute BEST navagator, we've been to both coasts, New England, all over the Midwest, we're DRIVING!
  11. Metrics have been coming since the mid/late 1960's. If you do a Google search on the Countries of the World still using the Foot & inch, miles, ounces and pounds system, you will find just the USA, and two undeveloped third world countries you've never heard of. EVERY other country uses the metric system. When I first started buying parts for manufacturing about 1977, every print had foot & inch dimensions and in parenthisis the metric dimension. Eventually you get to know the metric equivalent dimensions.
  12. Plastics are made from petroleum, and the trucks it's shipped on burn fuel made from petroleum, and Sleepy Joe's first day's executive order killed the pipelines. Tires, paint, rubber, all made from petroleum. I guess if you Really want your eyes opened, price some steel. Be interesting to know what kind of delivery they quote, they won't have it.
  13. A 12.5Lx16 tire says it's supposed to be mounted on a 10 inch wide wheel but you could probably squeeze it onto a 16x8. Otherwise, 11Lx16.
  14. JASS - I thought the Red Diamond 450 was an in-line 6? Popular truck engine back in '50's & '60's.
  15. CATTECH'S comment that fuel use being the best measurement of an engine's need for service I have to agree with. It allows for the cold starts and idling in winter to warm up, the running flat out for hours, or in the case of the 903 Cummins in my semi-tractor, bob-tailing all over Chicago and other places wound up to the governor, 2600 rpm but no load, it would be at operating temp. But didn't make any difference, shop still would not give my truck an oil/filter change and grease it. They gave me a different truck to run one day, hooked up to the load and made it about 20-30 miles and ins
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