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  1. I should get little decals or stickers for the windows on the back doors of my truck, " CAUTION - PET BOA CONSTRICTOR on board" That, or get a bigger meaner dog.
  2. My Dad was really tempted to mount the Stan-Hoist loader backwards on the M. When scooping manure on concrete there was no problem, but our back barn had NO floor. Think we dug a little out of it about 1963/'64. Floor was a "U" shape around the hay mow, doors in all 4 corners plus one in middle of east side towards all the other buildings. And I started hauling out of the west side of that barn in summer of '72. Got that side about 3/4ths done, had whole east side and short south side left. We had VERY little concrete feed floor, but the. New owners poured over 100 yards of concrete. It's all got Machinery parked on it, no fences around the buildings anymore.
  3. Steiner Tractor sells Bermuda Ken's stainless steel mufflers. My tablet is having a temper tantrum and won't log onto their website. Not sure if they offer newer style mufflers. I know Ken was going to work on them too.
  4. I'm more than a little surprised at ALL the tool boxes that mounted under the steering shaft and above the gas tank ahead of the head lights. I was the tool chaser when we were fixing something in the field. As a 10-12 year old Only way I'm seeing in any of those style tool boxes is standing on the platform! Plus they can't hold nearly enough tools.
  5. Well, it's a better tractor with the 466 in it than the DV550. If you want a tractor for parades, you probably want the V8, but if your trying to farm you want the 466, hopefully it has a turbo.
  6. My buddy and I met up at FARMALL LAND 9 AM this morning. Parking lot was empty when I pulled in about 8:30. By about 10-10:30 I was getting hot & sweaty, so many people walking around, still a line outside the door coming in. Yes, Jerry closing has been great for business, just really sad a collection of a lifetime will soon be scattered to the highest bidder. I'd looked at the website a couple times, I knew there were some tractors with really nice paint jobs there, but all of them were really nice. I did tell Jerry there was one thing IH made he was missing. And he agreed, an IH #5 endgate seeder. He said he'd seen some at auctions but no way to haul them home, or couldn't stay to see them sell. And NO, MAX ARMSTRONG hasn't been there yet.
  7. I was wrestling with that same exact question, spend the crazy high money for brand new DW14-38 rims, or find a good welding shop to splice 2-3 inches Into my 11 or 12 inch rims so I could mount 15.5's, or pay the crazy high price for 13.6's, was quoted about $100-$150 more for 13.6's than the 15.5's. I actually had a counter person at a very VERY large ag, truck, construction equip tire shop, part of a 50 store midwestern chain actually get loud and antagonistic about Me thinking I would have Them mount tires on rims that have been welded on. Yep, if he had half a brain he would have kept his mouth shut, but now I really don't care if he starves to death. I'm going to put 13.6's on my M now. No welded rims, I really hate to spend the money on rims and tires to run 15.5's no more that the tractor gets used. It probably won't plow or pick corn ever again.
  8. She was SO gorgeous on Big Valley, put on a little weight on Dynasty, but it was the era of Big Hair, big shoulder pads, etc. But MAN when she passed her "Best used by Date" she aged fast. Lee Majors is the last cast member still alive.
  9. I'm OK with whatever it brings as long as it's more than that Chip Foose 4020 from 10 yrs ago. That thing was hideous! If I had to guess an amount for this tractor, I think Danny has the right range.
  10. Yep, you made the right call on the tires!
  11. Yep, copper work hardens when used as a sealing washer and is tightened. Do a search on annealing copper washers, just need a torch and pan of water. My Volvo had an aluminum sealing washer on the oil drain plug, replace plug and washer both at same time. When I did the next oil change the alum washer work hardened, reduced the compression between the head on drain plug and oil pan, bet I could have loosened it with a gloved hand. Had the same thing on a new copper sealing washer on my 7.3 PowerStroke's drain plug too.
  12. I agree with Jerry, there's somebody that will pay absolutely silly money for the wheels, tires, and hub caps on that car to put on their restored Original. EVERYTHING looks just lightly used, not abused! Nice Haul! Dave Kirk Engines offers an electric 12V fuel pump for those Kohler engines, $57, 1-2 psi and 7 gph. Nice compact unit. I paid over $100 for my Onan's fuel pump about 2003. Lots of guys here know Dave.
  13. I have to agree with you on your HP per width. BTO I worked for bought a 160 acres that was a bare 80 on one side of the road 2+ miles away, and another 80 with dilapidated buildings and divided up into 5 odd shaped fields of permanent pasture. He had me mow as much of the pasture as I could get over with his old 4020 non-AC cab tractor and Deere 12 ft rotary mower, Batwings were still 15-20 years in the future. I spent most of my time in 2nd & 3rd gear. Going uphill didn't bother me much, but there were 20+ years of dead stuff down in the current year's green stuff. I did such a good job of mowing I got to plow those hills the following spring. I'm sure today's batwings handle tough tall tangled weeds better than that Deere mower did. If your going to cut tall stuff with a 15 ft batwing I'd want 120+ hp, 10 or 1486.
  14. What engine does your truck have? Sounds like it might have a 238 Detroit, aka 6-71, or a 220 Cummins, there was a 250 Cummins, 220 with turbo. The '79 RoadBoss's the company I drove for had 6-spd Spicers, the one I drove the most would go thru spells of gear roll-over vibration, rattling back and forth thru the backlash in the gears, mostly happen when hot, trans oil hot and thin, mirrors vibrated, noise you could hear a block away. Did it when I first started driving that tractor, still did it 250,000 miles later when it disappeared, repossessed. Think one or two other's of the five Our company bought did it too. They were ordered by Standard Forwarding, Deere's captive contract carrier at the time, but the owner of Twin Bridges MACK in Bettendorf, Iowa bought Standard and didn't want new Whites, and somehow got out of the deal. Not sure how many there actually were, we had 5, and a farmer had one to pull his grain trailer that I saw in downtown Moline once. To get by with only 6-7 gears you need an engine with a wide operating range, or 100 hp more than normally used. With a 320 hp 903 Cummins and 4.44:1 axles my RoadBoss ran 67 mph at 2500 rpm loaded or empty, when I first started driving it I could go clear across Illinois and Iowa without shifting out of 6th when loaded. Only time I used 1st gear was to slide the 5th wheel or trailer tandems when loaded. It would idle away from a stop at 600 rpm in 2nd gear. I put a lot of miles on a wore out IH S2200, Cummins 290 and a 10 speed Road Ranger, couple more splits in the upper range would have made up for the lost HP from a million miles of neglect. Get a head wind or in hills It would slow from 55-57 mph to 45, 3 hour trips took 4 or more. Wouldn't have cared if I was paid by the hour but getting paid by the trip, it was instant 20% pay cut.
  15. FARMERFIXEMUP - You didn't ever loan that neighbor any more equipment did you? I learned the same lesson DAD learned, some neighbors are so hard on stuff that isn't their's you are time ahead to take Your tractor and equipment to their farm and do the work for them, and bring your equipment home in one piece. There were a couple neighbors Dad absolutely would not loan stuff to. I loaned my pickup to my brother-in-law to haul his stuff to school about 200 miles away. Illinois still had twice a year safety inspections for pickups, my truck was borderline O-K on the brake balance test, inspector kept telling me I had a rear brake not working very well. I finally fixed that, new brake shoes, new wheel cylinder, new parking brake cables. It passed the test with flying colors. I loan truck out, should have had 500 more miles on it, but had over 1000 more miles. Next truck inspection my truck fails the brake test! I go home and pull the rear wheels and brake drums off. Turns out most of those 1000 miles the parking brake was about 3-4 clicks on, brakes dragged enough, got so hot all the hardware, shoes, drums looked like they were just about on fire. On a good day I got 14 mpg, bet he got TEN tops. From then on, somebody wants to borrow something I go WITH whatever he/she wanted to borrow. I'm time and money ahead. I'm really surprised how little damage was done to your 1466.
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