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    Tractor Heat House

    The red Naugahyde IH heat housers were the sharpest ones available. I wanted one SO bad for the SH to push snow with. One night out clearing the driveway and it starts sleeting, 20 mph wind with tiny ice pellets pelting my face, I went looking on the internet when I got back in the house. They never actually made a red Naugahyde one for H or M, just newer side entry tractors. Found one for a Farmall 544 but comparing tractor profiles it just wouldn't fit right without lots of modifications. Still sitting out in the weather.

    Featured tractor on Classic Tractor Fever

    The Son said the 1026 Hi-Clear was one of TWO built. All 1026's were hydro's, not like 826's & 544's with both Hydro's and gear drives.

    Tractor things on Facebook - advise please

    YES! Dad advertised several IH things in the classified ads in RPM and sold every one of them.

    Candidate disparages agriculture

    Think I was 7-8 yrs old first time I heard Dad say that. I did not repeat it around him or Mom! Was pretty sure it wasn't Wisconsin. I think Tommy Thompson could get re-elected real easy even today. His replacement, Jim Doyle, surprised he got re-elected to his second term. He came to visit the company, or plant I worked at around 2005 or so. ALL of the managers and supervisors found an excuse to be out of the plant that day. One of his brilliant ideas to save money was stop having the DOT pickup deer carcasses from along the roads. Disgusting job, but the wolves and coyotes weren't keeping up with the task. Car hit a deer right in front of my house, called the DOT, guy said it wasn't their job, wasn't on the right of way. I said it certainly was, and he had 24 hours to remove it or it would be on Doyle's front steps of the Gov. Mansion. It was about 27-28 hours before it was gone.

    Got the kraut fired up.

    The repair shop Dad had fix the money pit 4010, did the major overhaul with the M&W sleeves & pistons, rebuilt the injection pump to finally get it to run right, the leaf spring had some knuckle head grind the ends to increase spring rate which just doesn't work, and 3 cylinders were running wide open and other three were loafing at half throttle, Other Pump Expert, "Best Deere Diesel mechanic in the entire midwest didn't catch that. But Terry Warner caught it, Warner's Turbo Shop in Kewanee or Galva, Ill. Dad grew up neighbors to them. Also the largest Stieger Tractor dealership in the whole midwest. They supplied the pull back tractor for the Henry County Fair pull every year, Steiger Turbo Tiger, 903 Cummins ALL tuned up. Anyhow, Terry did R&D work for M&W Gear. They had a 756 with a turbo that would make 140 hp on the dyno, and they did fieldwork with it. Trick was to pull 4-5 bottom equipment faster. Lots of the little add on parts of the M&W turbo kits like the 756 fan added to the 4020 turbo kit was his handy work. So yeah, You could really pour the corn to that grinder now.

    Rear tires for the M

    Yes, and Miller Tire and the other tire shop both said they are available. Technically, they would fit on my current 12x38 rims I have on the tractor. Back 30 years ago You could get 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 18, 20, 21, and 27 inch wide rims, the wider rims only in limited diameters. Now days the rim companies are only rolling even numbered widths. I have one more local tire shop I could talk to. Very busy place, they do car, light truck, heavy truck, construction equipment and ag. Maybe I should visit them today before I forget about the whole deal. I had a $2000 check burning a hole in my pocket but the wife put That fire out.

    Rear tires for the M

    Getting my rims widened has become a problem, otherwise I'd have new tires on by now. One shop said they never heard of such a thing, other shop said Yes, We have a guy, done many sets, but took a week to get a price quote that was WAY more than the DW14x38 rims sell for new at many places. The rims I want widened have never had fluid in them, closest it has been to CaCl was being parked in the same barnyard with a tractor that had CaCl. A buddy had a coworker that widened some rims with a acetylene torch, MIG welder and a little red wagon set upside down to roll the rim on. I got everything but the little red wagon, Bet a plasma cutter would slice the rim real nice. Most any steel supply shop can roll a ring 2-3 inches wide. SON found new rims on Amazon, $299 each, and $108 each for freight. Place is about 280 miles, 4-1/2 to 5 hours away, I can pick them up WAY cheaper than the cost of shipping. But that's where things are sitting. A welding shop telling Me, "We Really don't want to mess with your silly project..." and a bunch of tire shops trying to make WAY too much on new rims. For what the new tires and rims would cost I could buy a whole parts tractor with good tires, rims, and wheels and maybe some other parts I could use. Too bad because the one tire shop had a real good price on the Firestone SAT 2 tire, $50-$100 cheaper than the 13.6x38 Traction F&R, $100+ cheaper than the 14.9x38 Traction F&R.

    What is this Tube strapped to the frame rail?

    Think there were small parts for the 3-pt hitch. I always heard them called "Hitch Bags".

    Get out the checkbook---4x4 firetruck

    THANK GOODNESS FOR FIRE DEPARTMENTS! They protect our families and homes, plus preserve a little bit of automotive history along the way. Where else could you find a 67 year old truck that isn't a rusted out faded wreck, starts and runs with less than 8000 miles on the clock, and everything works. Old girl would not be a speed demon with only a 240 cid 6.

    IH DV444 (7.3) Diesel Engine

    The DV version has pre-combustion cups in the head correct? Like the D-282 in the 560,656,706? The T444-E has the injector spraying down into the combustion bowl in the top of the piston. Didn't the 6.9L IDI only make about 165 hp? 300-6 did 145, 351W did 185. Buddy bought a new '88 F-250 with 7.3 IDI, thought it was 185 hp. Ford claims my '96 7.3L PSD is 210 hp, Navistar's sticker says 215.

    Best hay tractor?

    Before the days of bale kickers on balers Dad baled 100,000's of bales with a 50 T baler and '47 H. We used neighbor's WD-45, D-17, and D-19, all of them gas powered, on his 55-T baler. Baled 20 acres of 2nd cutting Alfalfa with his #37 pto baler behind my Super H. Plenty of power for pulling 16 ft racks in the small hills, made good time in 2nd gear. I got spoiled making monster windrows with the engine driven 55-T, with the pto powered #37 I only rolled two rake swaths together. I'd go for a Hydro, H-86 diesel unless round bales become most common way you bale, then Hydro 966, or 1066, or Hydro 100, H-186, or 3488 Hydro. Your going to be making a time vs equipment cost decision, bigger, newer faster equipment like 10-12 wheel rakes, disc mowers, BIG capacity balers all cost big bucks. Old steel wheeled rakes, sickle mowers, and tired New Holland balers that have made a million bales will be a little cheaper to afford, but some repairs along the line somewhere should be expected.

    Nothing like opening a door and closing it at the same time

    Gee, seems like we got one every month. I forget what our first order was from a borrowed catalog. I ordered a tachometer for my Honda motorbike, but it fired a spark every other revolution, tach needed a spark every revolution. Or maybe it was the Other way. So I traded the bike off. Dad did try to exchange it or get our money back on a trip to Chicago. Don't think he was successful, and the tach got pitched into the Chicago River. I did order some exhaust parts, down pipe, muffler and exhaust pipe for my '74 Chevy LUV pickup. They fit! Truck was unbelievably noisy afterwards, Left my Buddy's place one afternoon, He could hear me slow down and speed up for the big S curves 5 miles out of town. Imagine how loud it was inside the paper thin steel cab!?!

    I been shopping...guess what followed me home?!

    Maybe somebody left the ignition key on and ran up the hours on the meter. SON did that to my 982 couple years ago when I let him use it one summer. Added about 22 hours to it, which might not seem like a lot but it only shows 556 hours and I've owned it 18 years, been my primary mower 15 of those years. and it only took him about 15 minutes to mow his tiny yard.

    To replace my 1840 SS?

    That's a really neat bucket or scoop. I've never seen one quite like that before. Works really good! I've pretty much ignorred the Johnny Buckets and all those types of frt mount attachments. Saw one years ago on Weekend Freedom Machines that pinned onto the frt blade mounts of a JD and had about a 4 ft arm with the bucket on the end of it. Raise that so the bucket was straight out front and you could push the bucket straight to the ground with one hand raising the rear wheels off the ground. Your rear wheels barely spun at all in your video, perfect example of letting weight transfer work for you, not against you. Little weight up front might reduce the air time your front end has. I was trying to set my 10" Ohio Steel moldboard plow up on the Cat 0 to sleeve hitch adapter I made for my 982, plowed a couple short furrows on the combined endrows of the neighbor's corn field right next to my shop. Started raising the plow while going forward and stopped raising the hitch when the frt wheels were about 3 ft in the air. Eased them down and moved the frt weight bracket up to the next project to do. Old mule drive bracket, couple feet of 7 gage x 4" steel, some 1/4" rod and a dozen Midwest SuperCub 10# suitcase weights.

    To replace my 1840 SS?

    I did some regrading around our house about 7-8 years ago. Former owners had the ground sloped TOWARDS the house on both sides and kinda on the front. The grade was so screwed up on the west side of our house, in an area 30 ft long by 20 ft wide, I moved about 15,000# of dirt away from the house with the loader on the Super H, the 982 CC and Pronovost P503 tandem dump trailer in about three hours. Loaded cart with loader, hauled and dumped dirt along the back wall of my shop about 200 ft away. A hyd bucket on the loader would have been nice. Back around 1982 I found a scrap of a full size road grader cutting edge and made a belly mount grader blade 6 inches high by 40 inches wide that bolts to the mower deck mount, and angles both ways. I can tilt the blade by standing on the side I want to cut deeper. Doesn't work worth a darn with grass but once under the grass can move a surprising amount of dirt. I used my old CC 70 with the 6-12 pizza cutter turf tires with tire chains. I bought an IH frt blade 5-6 years ago to clear the little 1-2 inch snows off my driveway with the #70. I either use the SH or drive over it till it melts now. Wife and I both have 4wd now. I would hate to try to grade anything heavy with that frt blade, like crushed rock or sand or packed dirt. One thing that belly blade works good for is when packed snow and ice gets an inch thick or a bit more on my concrete drive I can hit it with the end of that blade when it gets real sunny and about 25 degrees, I can roll chunks of ice 6 to 12 inches wide up right down to the bare damp concrete. I will say that the IH frt blade does a really good job on those little snows, cleaning right down to bare concrete. Our concrete driveway slopes uphill to the road, only about a 4-5% slope but it doesn't take much snow to make getting to the road difficult. A 782 CC is a great tractor! Guy that I bought my 982 from wanted me to buy his 782 also. I wanted a 782 for years, couldn't understand why anyone needed a tractor as big as a 982. Then I bought a house on 2.3 acres and SON started going to college and working summers and I had to mow the whole thing myself.