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  1. A little fun on a deere powerlesshift

  2. Which gaskets are best to leave dry and which are best with sealant, and what kind of sealant?
  3. Brake Shoe Relining

    Is there anywhere in Iowa to get brake shoes relined? If not, where else could I send them?
  4. Grandpa and I with the Cub

    Found a picture of Grandpa pulling me with the 1250 which I now use to mow my yard.
  5. "Big Country" ?

    My parents got a 4x2. It has a Kawasaki.
  6. Any trucks that used the C263?

    Would a D282 fit if I drilled different holes in the back plate to match the bell housing bolt pattern?
  7. Look at what somebody did to this 7140 Magnum

    At least it looks right to the color blind.
  8. Broken con rod some advice please

    Here's a picture of mine after mowing.
  9. Any trucks that used the C263?

    What transmission did they use with it? I'm redoing a 1950 F6 with a straight 6 flatty and wondering what IH engine would be a good and easy swap if the flatty doesn't hold up. The transmission in it right now is a T98.
  10. Any trucks that used the C263?

    What engine was it developed from? What truck was it used in?
  11. Were there any trucks that had the C263? If so, what transmission did they use?
  12. Did you try soaking it with some degreaser or solvent after scraping it?
  13. 560 and a 5-14 plow

    The soil here is usually soft and black if it's not dry with 1.5in cracks like now.