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  1. Yep. Worked right away and all day.
  2. Thanks for all the help. I was able to put it back in from the inspection plate and put a roll pin in.
  3. This is what came out when I took the plate off.
  4. Nope. No sound difference.
  5. It's just a factory one way, where you pull to lift and push to drop, with a single hose coming out the right side.
  6. Yeah, it used to work 20 years ago, but then it sat for 15, got it running again 5 years ago and has been used very sporadically to do light drawbar work. I'll check and try that.
  7. No idea. Somewhere I heard there's a key on a shaft to the pump that could be missing or sheared. Is it possible the pumps not even turning?
  8. Not sure what the pressure is at the coupler. I don't have a way to measure. I couldn't feel any pressure difference on the hose as I ran the lift. The cylinder is a 3x8.
  9. I got an M hooked up to a 3 bottom with a one way cylinder and can't get it to lift. I checked the reservoir to the belly pump and it was dry, so I added some fluid and it didn't change anything. What should be my next step?
  10. Thank you. That's what I needed to know.
  11. I have a 560 with the standard drawbar and found a Fast Hitch for sale. Will I be able to take the old drawbar off and put this on? Also, what is the Hydra-Touch and how does it work with the draft control?
  12. Maybe if I knew which model had the kohler command.
  13. But which ones go to the solenoid, ammeter and key switch? I already traced them on the engine.
  14. I'm trying to wire a Command with Fixed Timing to a 1250 and am a bit confused what each engine wire connects to. I got a green, a white, a purple, a blue and 2 reds.
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