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  1. No experience with these models but a local yard has a salvage 4568 listed with a 3pt
  2. Here is what I use usually make jerky in the smokehouse Jerky Seasoning Makes 5 Lbs mix Pounds Ounces Salt 3.13 50.00 62.50% Garlic 0.26 4.2 5.25% Black Pepper 1.43 22.80 28.50% Onion Powder 0.06 1.00 1.25% Brown Sugar 0.10 1.6 2.00% Meat Tenderizer 0.04 0.60 0.75% 5.0 80.20 100% Directions Remove all fat from Surface of Meat. Cut meat in to 1/4" strips approximately 3" or whatever length you desire. Take a rectangle square pan and sprinkle the rub on the pan until you cover the bottom. Next place a layer of meat in the pan. Sprinkle more rub on top until everything is thoroughly coated. Now continue to place layers until you run out of meat. Always cover the last layer with the rub mixture. Cover the top with foil and place in the refrigerator for 24-36 hours. Smokehouse Place in the smoke house on racks at about 150 degrees and smoke the product for approximately 1 hour. Continue to cook product for an additional 10 hours or until it reaches the optimum chewiness you desire. Remove and let cool and package. Dehydrator To add smoke flavor dip the meat in liquid smoke before placing it in the seasoning pan. Layer in product leaving space for air to flow in between the racks. Set dehydrator on it's hottest setting (around 155-165) and let it go for 8 hours. Check periodically for the proper chewiness. Teriyaki Flavor If you want to add some teriyaki flavor. Buy Teriyaki sauce (looks like Soy Sauce not the thick sweet version) and marinate the meat in it for about 45 minutes before you do the rub.
  3. Ih78

    Ford F250

    What kind of fuel mileage is everyone seeing with their F250 with 6.2 gas or 6.7 diesel? Has anyone experienced mechanical failure with either engine?
  4. Ih78

    Koyker K5 Loader

    Looking at a Koyker K5 loader that was on a 986. Will the mounting brackets that were on the 986 work on a 856?
  5. This is the last knife set I got think it was $120 it has been good set. The boning knives get used the most. I am still looking for a good set of pots and pans.
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    Here is some more pics
  7. Ih78


    Planning to go look at it next weekend.
  8. Ih78


    Possibly going to look at a 986. Can someone confirm that this could be a 986 since i have never seen one with this 3pt setup i have only seen this on a 1086 and 1486. Owner sent serial # 2510192u28737 would like to know before i make the 2 hour trip to look at it. Thanks
  9. Don't know if you have this one
  10. Does the GPS receiver connect to the tablet by a USB port or is it a wireless ?
  11. We have a local chemical dealer that we get our sprayer parts from. The other boom that we built has teejet 11002 tips that I think are 20 inches apart
  12. This is what we have done. We also built one similar that is 20 foot that folds eith banding nozzles
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