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  1. This is the last knife set I got think it was $120 it has been good set. The boning knives get used the most. I am still looking for a good set of pots and pans.
  2. Ih78


    Here is some more pics
  3. Ih78


    Planning to go look at it next weekend.
  4. Ih78


    Possibly going to look at a 986. Can someone confirm that this could be a 986 since i have never seen one with this 3pt setup i have only seen this on a 1086 and 1486. Owner sent serial # 2510192u28737 would like to know before i make the 2 hour trip to look at it. Thanks
  5. Don't know if you have this one
  6. Does the GPS receiver connect to the tablet by a USB port or is it a wireless ?
  7. We have a local chemical dealer that we get our sprayer parts from. The other boom that we built has teejet 11002 tips that I think are 20 inches apart
  8. This is what we have done. We also built one similar that is 20 foot that folds eith banding nozzles
  9. Does anyone have any experience purchasing used parts from Marty's used equipment in Bad Axe Michigan?
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