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  1. Andy578

    MX270 any good???

    most of the bad you hear about them is the CAPS system.
  2. Andy578

    2166 final drives

    i just follow the book and use hytran
  3. Andy578

    7240 suction screen

    you can't tell me you've never heard them called boxcar before.
  4. Andy578

    New Magnum ?

    equipment isn't only getting bigger but also heavier. have you seen some the new smaller stuff? massive frames on some of them. i saw a 25ft disc that looked like it'd weight damn near as much as my tractor it's built so damn heavy. i'm guessing it's because they are using the same materials and maybe even the same main frame as the bigger pieces. i've seen plenty of broken frames so i'm all for buildings things heavy but some of this stuff seems like overkill. that's also why a new 22ft disc costs $60,000
  5. Andy578

    Ether....where to buy?

    it's the same thing. kinda odd that there's a price difference.
  6. Andy578

    1086 starting issues

    i've always heard the early ones only had the clutch switch and the later ones had both. i know mine didn't have a neutral switch
  7. Andy578

    Ether....where to buy?

    doesn't take much at all but it does kinda depend on the condition of the engine. my 966 would only ever need a quick 2 second push to start and on really cold day a couple quick shots to keep it running. my 1086 only needed ether under about -10C and only ever needed just a quick shot to start and it was good. ideally you'd just forget the ether and use the block heater but sometimes you don't always know in advance that you're gonna need to start it. i've heard enough horror stories about the ether injector getting stuck and emptying the can to avoid using it as much as i can
  8. Andy578

    7250 fuel guage

    my 7240 is exactly the same. i just don't let it hit 2 bars
  9. Andy578

    Charging battery on 656

    with 6 volts i like to disconnect the batteries and charge each one on it's own. always seems one gets over charged and one under charged when you do em both at once
  10. Andy578

    IH 240

    those would probably be easier to find around here. suppose i could try the salvage yard too. 240 was the one my uncle used most and the only old tractor left on the farm that's been here since it was new so i'd like to get it running again but want to make it a wide front simply because it's safer
  11. Andy578

    IH 240

    does anyone know what it'd take to change a 240 from tricycle to wide front? haven't seen one up close to be able to see what's different.
  12. Andy578


    surprised much of anything is NLA on the magnums especially major components like that. as popular as they are and with so many out there there's gotta be something aftermarket
  13. Andy578

    7130 PTO

    fairly simple if you buy a salvaged assembly. if you get one of the conversion kits it's probably better to take it in [edit] i should add that you'll need to check which style the tractor has. being a 71 it's likely the round but it if was a late built one it's possible that it's got the newer rectangular style. not as many kits for the rectangular style and they generally cost more for some reason
  14. Andy578

    1086 Filters

    i didn't drain mine so you should be fine. if i remember right i lost maybe a gallon changing it. if you don't know the last time the oil was changed it might be a good idea to do it anyway. if you do decide to change it just be aware they hold about 23 gallons and if you decide to stick with hytran it'll be pricey
  15. Andy578

    1086 Filters

    i'm probably thinking of another tractor then. i remember one of them being quite the pain, probably the 574 it loved to make me work for everything