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  1. Bought a Case IH 7140 Have ?'s

    1) mine is electronic so i'm not sure on that one. my guess would be in the console there just like the shift cables but maybe it's something at other end of the cable? 2) both tanks have their own gauge and i believe it's on the top of both tanks. shouldn't be very hard to replace. the bottom tank is likely the harder one since you'll have to squeeze in there. 3) some say they are easy to adjust but i myself can never get them quite right so usually have it done for me. replacing them involves routing them under the cab which can be a pain depending how much junk has built up over the years. 4) if it were mine i'd want it working. 5) if you don't need draft sensing i wouldn't bother. those pins are pretty expensive. believe when i did mine it was around $1000 for the pin and bushings. there's a kit you can buy to eliminate the sensors so that it stops throwing codes for it. if you have 1 working pin there's another kit you can get that'll let it just use the data from the one working pin. the kits aren't really all that cheap either but cheaper then replacing the pin and it's nice to get rid of the codes flashing all the time. 6) no idea on that one [edit] here's some links for those kits i mentioned. if your tractor has the early round style connection those won't work. not sure if anyone makes a kit for those connections or not
  2. Need Help Figuring Out What to Do

    big deal no, it's just swapping the entire assembly but it is expensive. you have to get a salvaged dual PTO assembly and they tend to be in high demand. last i checked it would have cost me about $8000 to convert my 7240. likely closer to $5000 in the US tho due to currency difference and cheaper shipping. there's a couple places i've seen that will convert yours but it isn't really much cheaper. of course you could also buy it new right from Case but for what they charge you might as well just buy another tractor
  3. Need Help Figuring Out What to Do

    nothing wrong with the MXM or TM. the early ones had a lot of issues but most were resolved and they are pretty solid tractors. they gained a bad rep from the early issues and they never really recovered from it. as a result they can be found pretty cheap as everyone is scared of them but as long as it's 05 or newer OR has had the upgrades done they are pretty nice tractors.
  4. Need Help Figuring Out What to Do

    89s are just the newest and last of the boxcar magnum models which is also why they bring in a premium. only real difference between a 72 and 89 is the weight bracket which allowed sharper turning. you'd think they would have went 71, 72 and 73 but John Deere came out with their 8000 series so Case just had to try and one up them by going to 8900 because we all know higher number = better
  5. High Hours - Low Hours - How Many Hours...

    hours don't scare me at all. what matters is how it's been used and maintained. 966 was reading 18k, 1086 was reading 6k but i know it rolled over once. tach in the 656 stopped working in the 70s so it's a complete unknown but i wouldn't be surprised if it was over 20k. sadly i traded them all a few months ago because i didn't really have a use for them anymore and it seemed like a waste having them just sitting around taking up shed space. replaced them with a New Holland TM190 with 11k hours but it was well cared for so you wouldn't know that by looking at it. still too early to judge the NH but it runs pretty well so far. 7240 magnum is pushing 9k and i've had it for 4 years now trouble free aside from the crazy expensive draft pin and 1 accumulator that i knew needed to be replaced when i bought it
  6. How far would you drive a tractor home

    around here that's the best time. in daylight no one pays any attention to your flashers but at night they are pretty much forced to
  7. How far would you drive a tractor home

    drive it, should only take 2-3 hours. if it was something wide i'd think about having it trucked but you should be able to cruise along nearly worry free with a tractor.
  8. MX Magnum Help

    you'd be surprised how much water they can collect through condensation, especially if you live in an area that sees real winters. from the looks of that filter i wouldn't want to run it. better off splitting it and getting it over with before something actually breaks and might end up being far more costly. how much crap came out when you drained it? would imagine there was a lot collected in the bottom, likely still quite a bit left in there too
  9. 7110 salvage yard or fix

    looks like a money pit to me. i know parts are a lot cheaper for you guys in the US but up here by the time you got it in reasonable condition you'd have spent more then it's worth especially being a 2WD. that's probably just to get it usable too, to fix all the little things you'll get in that much deeper. of course the transmission is also a big unknown.
  10. 1086 will not start

    we all do it, that's why i just say fuel now. have a friend with a diesel truck and he always says he needs to go get gas. love giving him a hard time about it
  11. 574 IH - Stuck at 3/4 Throttle - Need your help

    could be the linkage just needs adjusting. check movement at the pump and maybe disconnect linkage and move manually. as for pricing $2000-$5000 around here but you couldn't pay me to own another one of those things be aware many parts on those have been discontinued and if it's a UK built one the fuel system is a bit different and hard to find parts for
  12. 8930 dual pto

    if i remember right it's behind the right side wheel towards the back, not the easiest spot to squeeze into. mine had a good bit of dirt built up around it so probably a good idea to clean off around it before you unscrew it. part is 1971726C1 and i see them listed for $17 online
  13. 8930 dual pto

    those breathers get packed full of crap over time. you can clean them out but if it's plugged enough that you're getting enough pressure to push out seals i'd just replace it.
  14. axial flow combine rear axle

    it really amazes me that after all these years they still can't make a good rear axle. the new ones seem to break just as easily.
  15. 1086 will not start

    safety switch behind the clutch pedal. later models also have one for the park lever. i think as long as you have the clutch switch working you should be fine as long as you push in the pedal when starting. quite common for them to go bad and they are pretty cheap and easy to replace also hope you meant diesel and not gas