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  1. You hit the nail on the head. I didn’t realize there was supposed to be a stationary mount until today. I never even noticed the mounts were there for one! No wonder it did a crap job last fall. I’m going to for sure get a stationary chopper bar for it. I assume you just remove it completely for corn? Thanks for the help, everyone!
  2. After all of the times I've been inside the back of the combine, I've never noticed the mounts under the tray. I guess I never thought to look until now. lol I may just get a Straw Chopper bar and do it the right way. Installation is crazy simple now that I see the mounts. Thanks guys
  3. My IH 1480 has a straw chopper on it but the blades are the standard bullnose edge. Anytime I go through green stem soybeans it will just leave the stems in tact and a mess to deal with for tillage. Has anyone taken a grinder and sharpened them up to a sharp edge? Did it improve "chopping" drastically? I'm sure I'd sacrifice longevity with more wear but I only do 100 acres per year so that's not too much of a concern. I see aftermarket companies sell a Straw Chopper Bar as well. Would that be a better option or would sharpening the chopper blades do just as good? Thanks in advance for input.
  4. Will the newer style 1680 rubber unload auger spout fit a 1480 unload auger?
  5. While this should be a simple fix, I figured I'd post here to see if anyone had any recommendations before I break something trying to force it apart or make a mess with silicone. Tractor is a 1486 with a single tank. The actual piece that the fuel cap locks on to leaks like crazy between itself and the fuel tank. I cannot for the life of me figure out how this separates from the fuel tank to replace the rubber seal. I put a new fuel sending unit in the right side of the tank, super easy, but the fuel cap mount on the left side I cannot figure out how to pull apart. Tank looks like the following: Example Fuel Tank Picture (This is not my tank. Stole the picture from a google search.) Anyone have any recommendations? Thanks in advance!
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