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  1. Ester Dome Rd. Got my time zones messed up. 6 our time. 2AM your time they get in.
  2. My sister and her family just left today to go back. Been here for 2 weeks. She was saying someone told them they had 2 feet in the driveway waiting for them. BIL said the snowblower is blown up so its all shovel. 18 hour trip with 2 kids under the age of 5, get home at 6 am. They are not lookin forward to it.
  3. yes she is, my daughter lives in Ester, very small world That it is a small world. My youngest was suppused to spend the summer with her but She is to busy with the kids and going back to school. I went up for her wedding a couple of years ago but that is to far to travel for a weekend. Left here on a Friday and was back to work Monday. Didnt get much time to see the sights. Maybe someday.
  4. Ester Dome Rd. Guessing she is kinda a neighbor of yours.
  5. Thats what she said. The cold is ok and doesnt bother her. After 15 yrs she is somewhat used to the lack of daylight. She is thinking of moving back cause she said it really bothers the kids.
  6. Heard it was cold up there. My sister said -11 and 5" new snow yesterday. No offense but better you guys than us.
  7. Look nice. Doing some work to one of mine. In one of the picks it looks like you have a new front center axle tube. Where did you get that from? I am thinking I am going to need one.
  8. I like my cat but not enough to spend 5$ a lb for that.lol Mycat gets mice and the dogs left overs My wife buys food for the house cat. Barn cats fend for themselves. Feed them then they get lazy. Nice blade. Looks to be heavy enough to work great on hard pack.
  9. I like my cat but not enough to spend 5$ a lb for that.lol
  10. We are putting you and your family in our prayers.
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