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  1. Grass Fed Beef Breeds

    Hi there, have not been on in awhile and saw this post and thought I would comment. There is a difference between grass fed and grass finished. Just about any breed will do ok being grass feed. To get the marbling with grass finished takes good management of your pastures. A lot of beef being sold as grass fed is not finished right leading to a poor eating experience. My experience when we were getting started we would buy holstien steers and raise them on grass. Found out you could not get the finishing part without grain. Now we are running a herd of angus and belted galloway. Grass fed grass finished and can not keep up with demand. We do rotational grazing from mid to late april through to dec or when the snow gets 3 feet deep. Dry hay and balage in the winter. Have not feed grain in 3 years. You have to have really good pasture to finish them, rotational grazing is a way to do this. We like the belted galloway, they seem to do alot better in our climate than the angus. They have the double layer of hair and put the fat into the meat instead of a layer. Pretty much the same as the highlanders but without the horns. I have a belted bull and breeding him to the angus gives me a awesome growing calf that I can finish in 20 24 months. The angus are ok but I like the belties better. That said the hybred calf does so good that I will keep both around. Both breeds seem to do well with the rotational grazing. I move the cows once a day. They get used to if fast. I can move the herd and change the water in 20 min. 20 min to feed the herd for a day is pretty good by me.
  2. Looking for advice on building a shop

    X 2. Built mine 30 x60. Wasnt gonna put windows in for this reason but the guy building it talked me into 3 windows. Put them in the back where I keep the bench and tool boxes. Also when we built it it wasnt gonna be insulated and gravel floor. Waited till after the code guy and assessor left and put both in. Love the floor drain. Wash the floor more often than sweep. No dust in the air. Bigger than you think you will need. I wish I had gone bigger. Planning on a wing off 1 side just for storage. Should have done it in the begginning.
  3. Dang old cat

    Our 2nd house cat started as a throw off. Some jerk threw it out the window of their car in a cat carrier, Neighbor kid found him still in the carrier. Figured he would make a good barn cat so we took him there. Next thing I know the Mrs and the youngest had him home and in the house. Kinda grew on me though. Always had a soft spot for animals.
  4. Vintage pictures

    Filling silo in early to mid 70's.
  5. Got the 806 done

    Nice looking 806!!! Wish mine looked like that.
  6. Life in Alaska

    Ester Dome Rd. Got my time zones messed up. 6 our time. 2AM your time they get in.
  7. 806 overhaul

    I have 2 806s. I has 7800 hrs never been apart and runs great. The other one I bought for a project. Only 6500 hrs on it but the tach gear slips so guessing it is higher than that. It hed the crap beat out of it in the past. Moter has been rebuilt before. I just put a set of bearings in it. Doing the head gasket now. It sat for the last 10 years so it is dried up. Every time you would start it it would leak antifreeze like a sprinkler. Guess it all depends on the individual tractor.
  8. Life in Alaska

    My sister and her family just left today to go back. Been here for 2 weeks. She was saying someone told them they had 2 feet in the driveway waiting for them. BIL said the snowblower is blown up so its all shovel. 18 hour trip with 2 kids under the age of 5, get home at 6 am. They are not lookin forward to it.
  9. Permission to Enter New York

    Guessing we went to the same school. When did you go? It's pretty country up around Chris. If you head up that way you may want to avoid Pulaski. Probably still crowded with fish heads.
  10. Permission to Enter New York

    Just north of Williamstown on 13 they are harvesting cranberries. Dry land berries. Pretty neat to see how they do it. If you head north on rt 17 out of Williamstown case rd is a mile or 2 on the right. All that is there now is a marker sign and a bunch of neat fancy stone walls he built. If you get in that area check out salmon river falls in Redfield. Pretty neat to see.
  11. 806 parts in the tranny

    Thanks for confirming what I was thinking. Hopefully next week or so I will get a chance to start on it.
  12. 806 parts in the tranny

    Hi all, just an update and another question. Finally had time to get back in the garage. It looks like the bearings in the reverse idler shaft are already tore up. The shaft also has about 3/8 up and down movement in it. Guessing it shouldn't have any? So how does this shaft come out? What holds it in, is there a bearing in the speed Tran? I have a pic to post but need to resize it. Thanks
  13. 806 parts in the tranny

    Next rainy day I hope to get back in the garage to work on it. Weather has been to nice here, it got moved onto the back burner. Thanks to everyone for the advice, I will let you know how I make out.
  14. 806 parts in the tranny

    One more question. What's eisiest way to pull the top cover? When I did the 464 I just wrestled it myself onto the bench. I am not young anymore. I was thinking of a chain over the truss and a chainfall. Maybe hooking to the 3 point arms and to the floorboard bolt holes in the front?
  15. 806 parts in the tranny

    Gosh darnit, I was hoping to avoid taking the top off. Looking like it needs to be done sooner rather than later. Thank you for all your help guys.