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  1. Okay so it has been a while since I posted here and to be fair haven't really done much on the T6 until recently. So the reason I havn't been tinkering on the T6 is I have been spending time getting my Grandpas 1953 Chevy 2 ton up and running im happy to report it now runs with no issues. Only problem is it doesn't stop, to solve that it is having its axle swapped from a newer truck that has disc brakes. That will fix the stopping issue and allow me to drive around with the T6 hopefully in the back. Okay so now unto what I have actually done to the T6. So I was content to keep driving it around and not really mess with anything but the crawler had other ideas. I was taking my daughter for a ride when I got a puff of smoke to the face and saw smoke billowing out from under the battery box. I opened it and to quote my daughter "AHH FIRE!!!". Fortunately it was electrical in nature so as soon as I killed the engine and disconnected the battery it went out. I never got around to putting the switch panel in a box and as a result the wires would sometimes get pinched by the cover. So some exposed wires and arcing latter I needed to replace the entire thing. (I did have fuses but where the short occurred it was actually between the battery and the fuse). So after being yelled at by both my wife and father for endangering daughter/granddaughter I went out and got a overkill pre wired kit complete with in built switch controller and fuzes. I then commenced to rip out all my wiring and completely rewired every single component of the electrical system. The ammeter is now wired into the system and accurately reports amp flow (wasn't connected previously because the switches I used had a inbuilt voltmeter.) All the wires are nice and tucked into the frame/firewall/metal channel that goes between the firewall and seat. While I am a bit sad about loosing the stock lightswitch it is amazing how nice it is to no longer have to move my daughter every time I want to check the voltage or turn something on/off (she sits on the btry box that hid the switches.) So this escape lead me to finding the stock headlights I had gotten powder coated a year and a half ago and completely forgot about. Figuring that with the truck in the shop I had no excuse to not work on them. I went to Orielys and bought a generic headlight receiver and two LED bulbs. Some creative bending/cursing/super gluing/silicon sealing latter and I had converted the old headlights to brand new LED's that no one knows about until they are turned on. And as if this thing has a mind of its own it now sputters to the point of almost dieing and then ideling back up to speed. It used to only do this at idol but this last time I took it out it did that several times while at full throttle. I pulled a plug and this is what I found. Mind you those plugs where replaced when the engine was rebuilt so shouldn't they look like new? I checked the oil and confirmed it wasn't burning any, so doesn't this mean it is running rich? I am also leaning towards rich as I never have to choke it to start, even when it was in Kansas and was 40 degrees it just fired right up no issue.
  2. Hi Tanker,


    I am putting my radiator back together on my TD6 and was wondering what kind of gasket to use. What did you use during your restoration?



    1. Tanker916


      I used blue silicon.

  3. Eventually yes, near term goal is to get it running so my grandpa can drive it around after that I will do a ls swap and really go to town on it.
  4. *perches evil side on sugar's shoulder* Use it to haul your toys around with, thats what I plan on doing with mine.
  5. Awesome man glad to see you are hopelessly hooked on restored machines. Join me in darned vile and start working on the Ford but make sure its bigger than the trucks other people do so parts will be extra hard to find and truly give you the joy of part hunting.
  6. O I almost forgot to mention I took the T6 to the Meriden Antique Engine and Thresher show. The drive up there was more painful than the drive I went on to get it out of California. Drove through a massive OK rain storm and when clear two tires on my trailer blew (one at a time thankfully). When the second one went I was a mile away from a 24 hour tire change station. After multiple trips up and down the interstate I had 4 brand new tires on my trailer and drove through the rest of the night with a 2 hour nap break to arrive at 0600. I was very surprised by the number of people that came to look at it (this is after it went through 2 inches worth of rains and was covered in road grim). Meet a fellow forum member and had a great time talking to him and his son. The trip was really made worth it when I got to show it off to my grandpa whos ear to ear grin told me all I needed to know. The best part was when I asked him if he wanted to drive it. Mind you its all he can do to get up and down his tractors that he has put extra steps on, without hesitation he started climbing onto it. Took us 5 minutes to get him situated but he never stopped smiling. Once he got going he couldn't stop laughing. He did a victory lap around the parking area and parked it laughing and smiling the entire time.
  7. Woot she is home safe and sound. It took a lot of doing to get her out of her resting place, the 30 plus years of sitting caused her to sink into the ground several inches. We used some bumper jacks that are older than I am to lift the gran box up and moved 55 GAL drums under it. Once it was up I had to crawl under it with a cutting tourch and take care of some bolts that didn't want to cooperate. One burned butt check latter, all the bolts were off and we were ready to pull her out from under the grain box. It took a IH 700 series tractor to get her out and even then the tractor struggled to pull her out. With that complete I backed my trailer into the shed and unhooked my truck from it. We blocked the wheels and put jack stands under the back of it in order to prevent the trailer from tilting as we pulled Nellybell onto it. I turned my truck around and put the tongue of the trailer against my trucks bumper. Unwound the winch and hooked up to her bumper. Once hooked up and all fingers and toes cleared we began pulling. We ended up having to take one of the duel tires off in order to get it to fit onto the trailer, and now she is residing at her new residence in Fort Sill, OK. Me and my wife cleaned the cab out yesterday and we had some extra help for some of the kids. And here's a picture of my grandpas crawler that will go on a adventure towards the end of October and help recover a TD9 that is stuck on a mountain top.
  8. Yea was eying the WW1 FA tractor but the bidding got to rich for my blood.
  9. The shifter boot I bought of Steiners I was looking at McMaster for rubber grips but I think ill hold off going off what you are saying.
  10. I have a set of headlights and have been trying to find a way to restore the shinny portion behind the bulb. Have you come to the road or are you still working on the outside portion?
  11. Louie if your ever in El Paso let me know I owe you multiple beers!!!!! So I went home on leave for a few weeks and decided to take advantage of being near my Grandpas to see if I could get Nellybell to run. After much gnashing of teeth and lots of ungentlemen like words being said over two days me and my Grandpa got her to run!!!! The first day I tried to get her to run by replacing the plug wires, capacitor, and running a wiring from the battery to the distributor in order to bypass the trucks old wiring. No luck, had no spark at the plug. Second day I bit the bullet and changed the points (thought it was going to be a lot harder than it was hence my avoidance of it) and got spark. Put the distributor back together and sprayed a shot of either into the carb and she stuttered to life!!!!! A added surprise was the mechanical fuel pump still worked. I know because it dumped 30 year old gas on the exhaust (I disconnected the fuel line to get better access to the carb.) For now that is good enough for me, she runs and has a good fuel pump so I just need to drain the fuel tank and put in good gas. I will do that when I come up mid September. At that point I will load her onto my trailer and take her home to begin restoring/modifying her!!! Here are some more pics of the indside of the cab, overall in good shape but has a rust spot in the back of the cab by the drivers head.
  12. Pull the thermostat and go to oreilys and get a radiator cap that you tighten a bolt on the top to seal it.
  13. Louie sorry for never messaging you somehow I missed your post. im batting a huge zero on finding a pto unit. Does anyone have one that needs a good home? Cloesest I have come is a fella with the gear rev conversion set, A not sure the pto will fit the pulley attachment and B I don’t want to buy a set when I just need the pto portion. I’ll happily pay for the part and shipping.
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