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  1. TD-6 Kioti backhoe project - complete

    Wow nice job, can you post some pics of the engine/pump set up?
  2. TD 6 lights

    If those are still available drop me a pm sorry for the delay in response have been in the field for a month.
  3. 1952 I/H T6 Crawler Project

    Found a guy that sells them on ebay, here is a link to the add he has https://www.ebay.com/itm/INTERNATIONAL-T-6-GASOLINE-CRAWLER-VINYL-DECAL-SET-ALL-DECALS-ON-TRACTOR/350796570331?hash=item51ad1adedb:g:gAcAAOxyPepRlSZh
  4. Number 2 Progress TD 151Rebuild

    Wow great job!!!
  5. Progress Pics TD 151 Rebuild

    wow that is quite a turn around!!!
  6. 1952 I/H T6 Crawler Project

    So "Red" (original I know) went on a little field trip on Wednesday. I brought him in on a trailer and offloaded him in the very back of a large parking lot and drove him 900 ft to my commander parking spot. In the afternoon I drove from there to my BN headquarters and back. Needless to say a lot of heads turned and Soldiers are still complementing me on the nice job. I may have to do it again when the new BN CDR takes over in a few months........ For the pads I went through and put locktight on each bolt and havn't had a issue since so that is another option for the pads. As for Nellybell me, my dad, and my Grandpa tried to get her to start when I was home on leave but had no luck. We put new plugs and coil on it and got her to spin but we wern't getting any fire to the plugs. Popped the distributor off and found our answer, the points are beyond worn out and I ran out of leave before we could fix it. O well I will use the next couple of months to continue plotting what I need to do to her.
  7. T6 Restoration Pictures

    Simply amazing!!!
  8. 1952 I/H T6 Crawler Project

    I havn't gotten around to it, knowing my lazy behind I will probably wait for a pad to fall off before I pull the trigger.
  9. 1952 I/H T6 Crawler Project

    As you requested below are some picks of my pads. Best pointer I have is get the nuts that are had as **** to unscrew as the normal ones I have used require consitent retightning with minimul use.
  10. T6 Restoration Pictures

    Huh what goes in the hole in the battery cover? I have that piece for mine but since it had the hole in it I figured it belonged to a different model of tractor. (By the way great job man!!!)
  11. 1952 I/H T6 Crawler Project

    Im currently at Fort Irwin for training, ill post some close ups when I get back home in a few weeks.
  12. TD6 Dozer/Loader

    This just made me spit my coffee out😂😂😂
  13. 1952 I/H T6 Crawler Project

    I used grade 8 bolts that were 2.5 inches long. Had a large washer in the outside of the pad and lock washer with nut on the grouser. Would recommend you get the special nuts that are hard as **** to remove because I have already lost one bolt and have to retighten the others regularly.
  14. 1952 I/H T6 Crawler Project

    Got the decals on it and took some pictures with the kids. Also have a question the alternator used to put out 14.5 volts as soon as it spun now it takes a minute to get that high and the longer I run it the lower the voltage it puts out gets till it eventually falls below 12 volts. The belt has some slack in it and when I shut it down the alternator is to hot to touch for even half a second. Any idea whats going on? I spend my time plotting my next project, a 1953 Chevy 6400 that my grandpa has owned for all but 3 years of its life. It spent every night in a shed and hasn't moved in 30 years. Its name is Nellybell and I plan on using her to move the T6 around (I guess I should come up with a name for it...)
  15. 1952 I/H T6 Crawler Project

    Made a vidio of all the pictures, first time ever making a vidio so please be gentle.