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  1. That thing looks majestic, very well done!!!
  2. You have no idea how happy you have made me. I saw the same add and sent the guy a message that if he doesn't sell it in a few months to not scrap it, and to let me know and I would take it off his hands. Where you able to verify the "its a army crawler" claim?
  3. The belt pulley assembly is attached and ready to rock and roll. I have since put the pulley itself on as well, just haven't had a chance to take a picture of it. Runs great with no issues (after I figured out how to adjust the shifting fork). I have also made substantial progress on Nellybell, the truck I plan to eventually haul the T-6 around with. Her disc brake conversion is complete as well as a slightly updated steering set up. I have a few small things to fix but she should be driving around under her own power in a few weeks!!!!
  4. Found this on Facebook market place. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/938257473272145/ Any idea on what it is, I asked the seller for a pic of the data plate but the only easily visible one is on the blade itself. There was another tag on the top left of the firewall but was painted over in some parts and rusted flaked in others, is that the crawlers data plate?
  5. Is it me or does the year look off, I thought the early 1950s only came with one idler. Not two??
  6. I got the hub back from the machine shop and had it powder coated. Holy crap do they look pretty, got it all put together and ready to go back onto the back of the tractor. The only thing I need to do is have the pulley itself rebuilt, and that will begin after I get it in the mail tomorrow. The insides are a little contaminated from being sandblasted as a final prep for powder so im going to put some throw away oil in it, run it, and drain it just to flush everything out. I also got the front axle out from under Nellybelle and off to the machine shop.
  7. I have also been lazy and haven't put any progress pictures of Nellybelle in this thread as well, so here is a update on her. I got the truck running to the point that it reliably starts and runs. I converted it from 6 to 12 V for both ease of maintenance and give the starter some actual grunt. I also put a new radiator in it as the old one leaked like a sive. All 6 rims have new rubber on them, I was able to find a tire shop that was willing to take on the split rims. othe With all the new rubber installed and steady running engin
  8. So I got it out for the first time this year, my wife took pictures of me and my youngest two and snuck one of my oldest driving it. I also replaced the water pump the darn thing leaked no matter how much grease or how tight the packing nut on it was. I ordered a pump from Steiner, it is a modern set up that requires no maintenance, so far so good. After I took it for a spin I put the rebuilt PTO and cover on it with a little help. I have some touch up paint on order so I can paint over the part that was covered by the old cover plate. Here are some p
  9. Man I missed this thread as im usually lurking in the construction section, nice work on the T9. Some of your questions could be answered by going to that section and looking at some of the projects other members have done. I know my self and Sugarmaker have pretty long threads detailing tear downs and rebuilding of our perspective T6's. While not the exact same model they are the same family.
  10. When I came out of command I had a old phone that looked like my government phone. So when I drove off into the sunset I ran it over with my T6 infront of all my Soldiers. The looks on their faces was priceless.
  11. Woot heck froze over and I was able to find a salvage yard that had one!!! I would be lying if I said I liked the price I paid for it but its still easier than having one made. I do have the proper shaft and everything else just didn't think to make sure there was a coupling when I bought the PTO attachment. Now its onto the machine shop, dropped the belt pulley attachment off today, gentlemen said it would take him a few weeks to get around to it so heres hoping.
  12. Wow its been a while since I last posted anything. In light of current events I got off my butt and got to work really tearing into the PTO and belt pulley attachment. After almost a year of searching I have yet to be able to find the darn pulley itself (#264370 if anyone has one I will ecstatically take it off your hands). So I bought a M Pulley and am going to take it to a machine shop tomorrow and see if they can make some kind of adapter that will allow it to mount to the attachment itself. The other half of the equation that I need to find is the PTO coupler itself part nu
  13. there is a sale look on polk in sept phil has some nice t 20 s

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