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  1. TD9 series 92

    So update. fuel tank bolts don't enter the wet side of the tank. (Hairline crack right across reinforced area that bolts go through) (time to weld!) Leaking fitting was caused by someone using brute force to install lower hydraulic line. They used a hammer to make the line fit and folded over the flair on the end of the line and just tigthened it up. (Really tight) It is a hard line with no give so i will be temporally using hyd hose and fitting until i do a full tare down. Side note. Wrench sizes needed to remove line from tank are: (fitting on line takes 2.250" wrench) (fitting on tank takes 2" wrench) anyone know line size? I think it reads as 1.5"od x .095" wall. but it could be 1.5"od x .049" wall. Used calliper but it is pretty screwed. Dents, pry marks/oval shape and the flare is mangled realy good.
  2. TD9 series 92

    Mine shows top left as reverse followed by 1,2,3 in the H pattern. Found the 2nd reverse while playing. Got lazy and didnt pull left and back. Just pullec straight back. (Now hope mom doesnt notice her little pine tree has a bit of a lean) he he oops! 😬
  3. TD9 series 92

    Just finnished powerwashing the outside and a bunch of the junk build up at the rear. Found 2 leaks 😢 #1 slowly dripping diesel from mount bolts on right. (Anyone know if the bolts enter the tank?) #2 leaking hydraulic fluid from big connection on hydraulic tank closest to the batteries (anyone know a fix? Tried with huge openend wrench. Hard to get good angle and when you do i cant get enough leverage to move it) Next project find out where the 2 hanging wires go. (Red and black hanging on left side out bottom below left piviot brake pedal) Anyone know where in canada i can get 3 upper idlers for td9-92 or some place where the shipping and cost doesnt make my heart flatline for a few beats.
  4. TD9 series 92

    It does have 2 reverse and 4 forward!! (Sticker shows H pattern for shifter). Just proves dont trust things that can be stuck on. Havent had time to play with vr or gennerator but soon i hope.
  5. TD9 series 92

    Polarization of the generator. can anyone help here? Voltage regulator has been changed and i dont know which terminals to jump. It has 3 terminals facing upwards. 2 close together on the left top and one over on the right top. (Also dont know what the field output terminal is on the generator. Was told if i polarize the generator and ground the field it should charge full output and if it doesnt it is a bad voltage regulator.) any pictures would help!
  6. TD9 series 92

    Single speed revers. 3 forward. 1st and reverse make it hard to use pivit brake on right. does anyone know the color scheme and color codes?
  7. TD9 series 92

    Old pictures. More to follow!
  8. TD9 series 92

    I have both opperators and service. But cant be certain they are for the machine i have as they are MIA currently. Do you know any ways to tell what one it is? i dont trust the id plate as it could be from another machine.
  9. TD9 series 92

    It has wet filter. are there any other tells? it could be a franken machine. (one with many part from other doner machines)
  10. TD9 series 92

    Its a 6 cylinder. Odd because it has the grill with all the round holes and 2 caged lights on top but it says TD 92 1965 on the id plate. Can anyone point me in the correct direction for checking drive clutches and adjusting them? Also same for the pivot brake ststem. How do you upload pictures? I have tried and keep getting message "you are only aloud to upload 512kb"
  11. TD9 series 92

    This is going to sound stupid but I need a driving lesson! Can someone tell me what the sticks do? Or what they are supose to do. Currently I can only steer by pulling left or right all the way back and hitting that brake.
  12. TD9 series 92

    I will take some and share. (I forget how to post them) I currently dont know if it is a 92. id tag says TD 92 year if 1964 and s/n 2243 but i think it has a 91 front grill. Use to be a city pc of equipment so it could be a few machines.
  13. TD9 series 92

    Thanks for the info. After i cleaned about 10 lbs of dirt and crap out of the opperator area and removing inspection cover on the bell housing and wetvac out crap and presurewashed it doesnt look bad at all. Also found the clutch stick locks in the pulled back position to engage the trans. ( i drove it once when i was 8. 30 years ago and forgot the stick was a pull to engage.)
  14. TD9 series 92

    25 years sitting and now it is almost back. Water pooled in the bellhousing and ate the springs for the clutch. What can I use for springs or where can I get a new or used presure plate and clutch disk that will fit? Was think they look like valve springs but want some input before I do something stupid! (Too late! I resurrected her from the dead and now she ownes all my free time)
  15. Is For Sale allowed in forums?

    Can i access the clasifieds online to post to them?