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  1. I saved this one from a while ago, as growing up, we didn’t lock our doors Not much help, otherwise, we still have dogs
  2. The paint looks good after the wash, maybe it just needs a little elbow grease with a rubbing compound and wax
  3. The AC high crops are very rare around here, as most high crops are. But there are collectors who have some, IH and Deere, mostly.
  4. Thanks Aaron, great pictures!!! Looks like a great show!! Our local threshermans show is toward the end of the month, I’m hoping to get down there for a day.
  5. Just put taller tires on the front, so it sits right, and it is good as new!!
  6. Hogs left before I was born, dad got walking pneumonia and he was down for several weeks. Doctor told him that the hogs caused it, so he called a friend to haul them off. His farrowing houses were built on skids, and they were used for storage until they blew away in a storm.
  7. Yes, it was bought new in 79, and they have the ad for the 526A along with the owners manual for the 526. I don’t have a picture of the spare tines, but I could add them on for extra WIDE coverage.
  8. Yours is much nicer than mine. Got mine from the estate of the original owners, son. His mom and dad bought it new from the local IH dealer. I got the owners manual with it. The crew cleaning up and getting ready for the auction, peeled the loose corner of the decal off, and took most of it off. I also have two extra tines for it that were never used.
  9. Lots of pictures please!!!! We love pictures
  10. Shouldn’t be too hard to close in all of the old cow sheds to make tractor sheds!!!
  11. Been there, done that!! I hope we don’t have to go through that again. The house I grew up in, had 13’ of water in it, in 1993. My nephew lives there now, and I pray that he doesn’t have that to deal with. Prayers for the families that lost loved ones in this flood 🙏🏻
  12. I don’t think I have any pictures of dad’s 1086, it left in 2001. Would like to find another 10 or a 14 some day…. Great looking tractors you guys have there!! Can’t wait to see your 10 in action, Todd!!!
  13. Seth, you obviously have too much time on your hands!!!lol
  14. You sure can’t beat those old side delivery rakes!! There’s good $$ in small squares here too, but you have to have the equipment to pick them up, because you can’t find help to put them up. Good looking lineup of equipment, you have there!!!
  15. Looks like a small ear of corn!!
  16. Glad to see you back Carl!! The scout looks great 👍🏻
  17. Happy Birthday fellas!! 🎁🎊🎂🎉🎈🍾🎆
  18. Getting there 👍🏻👍🏻
  19. Know a guy that can find unmarked graves, he can tell if the remains are male or female. Haven’t talked to him in years, so not sure if he can tell how they identified as… Before he got up in years, the little local family cemetery had him map out all of the graves that weren’t marked. So far the gravedigger hasn’t hit a grave.
  20. Golf=hitting a small ball and you have to chase it Baseball = you hit a ball and someone else has to chase it… I prefer baseball
  21. The fast hitch hoes around here were the older series, before the 300’s came out. They were suspended from the frame. Like this one… The owners manual is like the one dad had
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