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  1. Leibherr cranes customer day? Something like that.
  2. It’s not, check out the video on utube. I don’t know how to attach the link.
  3. My nephew got into my room when I wasn’t home, got into my 1/64 NIP tractors. He still brings it up every once in a while. lol
  4. Big video for their new line of crawler cranes.
  5. Small acreage, you could run smaller front tires. But that can be $$$, getting things switched around
  6. Gas hose is cheap, replace it, just in case it’s coming apart inside!
  7. Dad had a Hahn Hi-Boy sprayer with that engine. He had it rebuilt and they added the electric fuel pump then, worked great after that. The old pump had a rubber diaphragm that seemed to always be bad, if I’m remembering correctly. That’s been 35 years ago.
  8. I have a tool store about 4 miles away and they are a Milwaukee dealer, and working on becoming a repair shop for them also. They sell factory reconditioned tools, great prices. Just bought the weed eater for $150.
  9. The only issue I have with multiple brands, are keeping good batteries. Seems like sticking with one brand tool/battery, the batteries last longer. I have never bought an adapter to try on any other brand. I bought Dewalt set in 2003, drill, circular saw, saws all, and light. Lasted for years, but batteries have been rebuilt and junk again. Brother in law gave me his Dewalt tools, same reason. Bought a new Milwaukee set 4 years ago and think they’re better. Have added grease gun, 1/2” impact, weed eater, and want to get a leaf blower next. If some things aren’t used often, and you have different brands, seems like the batteries go bad quicker if not used on a regular basis.
  10. Appear to be flat beds. Don’t need a hoist for that. Good looking trucks, no rust, or dents!! Definitely not from the mid west!!
  11. Happy Birthday to everyone celebrating today!!🎂🎈🎉🎊🎁
  12. We celebrated Thanksgiving today, so we didn’t have to go anywhere. The wife’s family came here.
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