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  1. Hi 856,

    Just wondering if you sold your 3488? How much are you asking for it?


    1. 856 Custom

      856 Custom

      Hi Alan. Asking 15000.00. Any questions feel free to call me. 419 236 2951.

  2. Good morning Steve how've you been?


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    2. Steve C.

      Steve C.

      I think Carter and I saw that 1456 at RPR in DuQuoin a few years ago. We also met Danny Anderson and Mike Links that day. It's fun to meet somebody you feel like you kind of know already.

      Here are some pics of my 766 and Dad's 1066 sometime in the mid '70s. That's me sitting on the front tire of the seven, flare leg jeans and hair over my ears. Farming was really fun then, just not very profitable.

      PICT0001 (800x533).jpg

    3. Steve C.

      Steve C.

      By the way, that Deere 220 disc behind Dad's 1066 was a hard puling, good cutting p.o.s. that left ridges and pulled like 6-16s. And we couldn't keep a tongue in it. Told the Deere dealer we needed to trade for a green tractor to keep the disc together.

      Think I had enough iron on the front for a four row planter? The tractor just came off an 11 knife anhydrous tool bar applicator.

    4. Alan Dinan

      Alan Dinan

      I need to figure out how to post pictures. I could get with my mom and get pictures of dads old pictures to post.