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    IH Hydro 86 Original Tires

    Mine had Goodyears on it, but not sure if original. When I bought it 18 years ago it had about 5000 hours on. The tires were almost slick. Alan
  2. Alan Dinan

    Give and take word game

    Pressure washing
  3. Alan Dinan

    955 air psi planting soys

    Also check the seam on hopper, between the top and bottom, silicon works good. Alan
  4. Alan Dinan

    Fencing trip to kansas

    Have a safe trip Madder and God bless Alan
  5. Alan Dinan

    Nobody Did It Like Dale

    I agree with Tri stripe, Dale could drive. Watched an interview after his funeral, several drivers were interviewed, all said the same thing. You never wanted to see that black car in your mirror because he was about to pass you!! Alan
  6. Alan Dinan

    Machine shed wiring

    Like AK said, spend a little more now for led lights and be glad you did it. Agree with the 100amp panel, unless you have more power available then go bigger Alan
  7. Alan Dinan

    Welding 490 disc axel

    I misunderstood, I thought you were talking about the pipe axle, but yes you can weld the square axle also. Bevel both pieces and clamp into a piece of angle iron. Proceed as Rawleigh99 said. Alan
  8. Alan Dinan

    Welding 490 disc axel

    Pictures would help to know what is needed to repair, if it is the tube, smaller tube that fits in the axle. Cut holes in axle tube and plug weld to inside tube. To get it in correct position, sit blades on ground, put hydraulics in float , get it square and weld it. Use a 6010,6011 to weld it. Alan
  9. Alan Dinan

    IH 1256

    Looking good Brian Alan
  10. Alan Dinan

    88 Series Grill Screens

    My 3688 still has some rubber left on the bolts, not much but it is there. Alan
  11. Alan Dinan

    Has anyone done this with a International yet?

    My uncle had a 1950 Oliver with a Detroit, could hear him plowing about 2 miles away. The 3306 straight pipe in dads Steiger could be heard about 4 miles away when it was plowing. Alan
  12. Alan Dinan

    Red 4WD and Steiger Tractors Wanted for Upcoming Book

    Thank you, I just placed my order also. Alan
  13. Alan Dinan

    800 cyclo accuracy

    You can put small strips of rubber on the drum between the dimples to smooth out the drums rotation. Seven ounces is a little better than ten, less seed bounce in trench, and would recommend seed firmers. Alan
  14. Congratulations Mike, I knew that you were close to having it finished when I was there. I think your brother was working on the doors and you were doing the wiring. Amazing job!!!! Alan
  15. Alan Dinan

    7240 air cleaner full of exhaust

    We had the same problem on a Stieger with a 3306 cat. The inside of the pipe rusted off, it was pulling exhaust back into the engine. By the time we diagnosed it, it cost a tear down to replace 1 and 2 sleeves and pistons. Alan
  16. Just heard on the radio that Modot is closing 4 more hi ways south of St. Louis, 55, 21, 30, and Telegraph with 44 south of St. Louis already closed. Almost impossible to go south. Alan
  17. Alan Dinan

    New joke

    Good one Two Steppin Alan
  18. Alan Dinan

    Charles Crane & Sons

    Bought a 1020 platform from him, really nice guy. Alan p s he has a very nice collection of IH, several sheds to look at if you get a chance to go!!
  19. Alan Dinan

    1066/496 disc ?

    We pulled a 24' 490 with a 1086 on bean stubble for wheat. We didn't set any speed records or depth. Just scratched the top 1"or 2 to work in the fertilizer and give the 5100 some loose soil to work in. Alan
  20. Alan Dinan

    Lost my dad

    Sorry for your loss, prayers sent for you and your family Alan
  21. Alan Dinan

    Would you drive it?

    That looks like fun Alan
  22. Alan Dinan

    Look who showed up?

    Congratulations Todd, I haven't been on here in a few days, just saw your post. Alan
  23. Alan Dinan

    What am I missing here? Battery cover

    The covers on Dads 1026 and 1206 were stuck in a shed wall the first time he had battery issues, stayed there until the tractors left his farm Alan
  24. Alan Dinan

    IH 1256 Delta

    Nice find Brian, when was the 1755 added to the lineup Alan
  25. Alan Dinan

    Cornhusker classic tractor pull

    Nice smooth looking ride Alan