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  1. Lightning last night

    Looks more like 42 head, they all look pregnant! That's a hard loss to swallow. Alan
  2. New format?

    Where are the birthdays located now, it was nice to see them on the main forum page? Alan
  3. Was thinking today...

    A few years ago I read in Farm Show a company was rebuilding N Fords with live PTO and hydraulics. Engine, transmission, and rear end put back to factory specs. Never saw a price of the rebuilt tractor. Alan
  4. Ruby's Red & Yellow Cub Cadets

    Snoopy Jr. is sharp, the red cubs are my favorite cubs, I bought two at a sale this past winter. A 1282 and a 482. The 1282 I got running and the 482 I haven't started on it yet. Alan
  5. Is any sector of ag profitable?

    Seed and fertilizer sales!! Lol Alan
  6. Gooseneck Killbros 400

    If you haul to bin only, you won't like it. If you're hauling to town it will be nice. We had a center dump on j d gear, I liked it because we had a pit to dump in. We couldn't use it at other farms where we had augers. Just my two cents, hope that helps. Alan
  7. Ruby's Red & Yellow Cub Cadets

    Very sharp looking lineup, Ruby Red Alan
  8. My year long adventure

    Thank you for your service and God bless you and return safe in one piece. Alan
  9. New Garage

    Looks great Ken!! Alan
  10. "Poor Man" Resto on the C

    looks good Redneck. Alan
  11. Prayers for MTO and family

    Sorry to hear about your loss Bill, prayers sent for you and your family. Alan
  12. Happy Birthday CaseySD

    Happy Birthday CaseySD Alan
  13. Plowed with the 650 today here's a video

    Sounds good and the dirt was really flying. Alan
  14. 560 Restoration

    Thank you for your service and a safe return, God bless. Alan
  15. Bucket list top five

    1 1026 2 1206 3 5488 4 4386 5 1456 Alan
  16. Rain, Rain,Rain

    Most of the corn is in the ground around here, a few guys have started on beans. It started raining here last Wednesday, had about 7-8 tenths. Worked more bean ground Monday, been raining off n on sense Tuesday afternoon. Alan
  17. Our red power fleet

    Welcome 86 series, nice looking lineup, what's the Steiger Alan
  18. Surgery Prayer Request

    Thoughts and prayers sent for your daughter in law and family. Hope for a quick recovery. Alan
  19. Vandalism

    Problem with using barbed wire is the kid will get hurt and then you're in a lawsuit because he got hurt on your ground. Alan
  20. 2+2 Just Couldn't Pull It

    Did he have all the axles locked in and diff. lock locked in, because I've been in more mud than that with the cranes at work and got them out without help. Alan
  21. My winter project

    Looks good Smoker , that's a great idea to move a project around. Alan
  22. "little" 1468 MFWA

    They look great Kurt, the F-20 looks like it is coming together nicely! Alan
  23. IH Farmall Grill Wall Light

    Looks good Alan
  24. Just Between You and me 1966

    Kaliga is my favorite of Charlie's Alan
  25. Drone pics of plowing

    Nice pictures Bill, you have a good looking place there for cows. Alan