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    Commercials used to be fun, what happened ?

    I used to help a friend deliver hay and straw to the brewery in St. Louis and Grants Farm until the buyout. New management decided that it would be cheaper to have hay shipped by FedEx 1 pallet at a time from Arizona.
  2. Alan Dinan

    Happy birthday,SD6788,TheIHman

    Happy birthday guys!!
  3. Alan Dinan

    IH 756 w/Case IH 2355 loader

    Looks good as always Brian
  4. Alan Dinan

    Some assembly required

    I've only met you once Pete, and I got that impression!! lol 😂 😂
  5. Alan Dinan

    New joke

  6. Alan Dinan

    Happy Birthday,Alex UK,NOSIH,The Dukester

    Happy birthday to all celebrating today!!
  7. Alan Dinan

    IH 2000 loader pins

    If the pin turned, then you should be able to drive it out of the cylinder. Do you have the weight of the loader off of the cylinder? That will help.
  8. Alan Dinan

    IH 2000 loader pins

    It looks like a pin or bolt broken off in your first picture.
  9. Alan Dinan

    What's this?? The bug guy doesn't know.

    They're called wood bees here also. Have one in a fence post next to the house. The bees are a pale yellow and black, instead of the bright yellow bumble bees
  10. Alan Dinan

    McCormick OS6 Restoraton

    Great job and thanks for sharing!!!
  11. Alan Dinan

    Kidney stones

    Good luck Mike
  12. Alan Dinan

    Kidney stones

    Good luck Mike
  13. Alan Dinan

    tractor ride pics

    Some good looking red!! Nice pictures Bill , thanks for sharing!!
  14. Alan Dinan

    Kidney stones

    We haven't had an update since Monday night, how ya doing Mike? Still praying for you!
  15. Alan Dinan

    IH, July 4th and 1976

    I had just turned 6 months old so I don't remember anything from 76
  16. Alan Dinan

    IH 800 Cyclo no-till options?

    Sharp lookin setup, and welcome to the forum. I would try it before you spend money on something you don't need. I plant D C beans behind wheat without any trouble, and we have clay hillsides. Alan
  17. Alan Dinan

    Thank You B.J.

    Well said, Runner. Glad you're back Fred. Praying for you and your wife. Alan
  18. Alan Dinan

    Welcome home soldier monument.

    That is a very nice memorial.
  19. Alan Dinan

    Happy birthday,Red Collector,A.W.Gonya

    Happy birthday guys
  20. Alan Dinan

    Field ready 3588!!!

    It has 4 good tires on it yet!! They still hold air
  21. Alan Dinan

    Black Jaguar

    It was near Fults
  22. Alan Dinan

    Farmall M

    That's a good lookin' SM. Nice and straight metal!!!
  23. Alan Dinan

    Black Jaguar

    DNR turned 25 rattlesnakes loose on a nature preserve hiking trail, near me. The guy that lived next to it, caught the DNR guy doing it. He told the guy that rattlers are good eatin and he would be eatin any that he found. The DNR officer told him that it was illegal to kill them. He fired right back with how dumb it was to turn them loose on a hiking trail!!
  24. Alan Dinan

    Black Jaguar

    Throw the tracking collar on a passing train or semi. Just make sure you don't leave your DNA on it
  25. Alan Dinan

    Looking for 38" cast center 397188R1

    Cook tractor in Germantown is south of you