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    What Kept you red

    I cut my teeth on a 1026 . Dad had that and a 1206 and a ST250 Steiger. Those were his main tractors, then a 574 with loader and 3 Olivers S66 S77 S88. Then a 1086 after the 12. The cab on the 1086 was nice, but sure miss that 1206. That was the best TWD I've ever driven. He bought it used in '68 and never had it apart through '85 when it left.
  2. Alan Dinan


    The colors are cool 😎 and so are the girls!!!
  3. Alan Dinan

    Sometimes you need. A bigger hammer

    That's better than trying to find someone to hold the punch, while you swing the sledgehammer!!!
  4. Alan Dinan

    Hydraulic hard to take off??

    I have the pioneer updates on both the hydro 86 and 3688, always put the levers in float and never have trouble getting hoses to hook or unhooked
  5. Alan Dinan

    Birthday Boys

    Happy birthday guys!!
  6. Alan Dinan

    The right green

  7. Alan Dinan

    Walked out the ER tonight , lucky to be here

    Glad you are still with us, and praying for a speedy recovery!!
  8. Alan Dinan

    What, Pray Tell, Is This?

    It has three point hitch, and a pto pump. Don't know what that head is on the boom.
  9. Alan Dinan

    Happy birthday, TWP460,shedfullred

    Happy birthday guys!!
  10. Alan Dinan

    Happy birthday ,Sledgehammer & Redflyer

    Happy birthday Todd!! I know you're not having a good time right now but try to have a great day anyway.
  11. Alan Dinan

    Looking for Case IH 5500 drill

    Tractorhouse would be a good start to find one, or check Craigslist in your area. A friend of mine bought one in Iowa and found a guy in northern Missouri to haul it for him.
  12. Alan Dinan

    This happened to me...

    That's horrible Todd, I hope everything works out for you. Hopefully it isn't too painful!!
  13. Alan Dinan

    Happy birthday SuperA

    Happy birthday!! Hope you have a great day.
  14. Alan Dinan

    IH can Koozie

    IHGear was in Alabama for the Round Up. I bought the coffee cup, last year it was penitrating fluid.
  15. Alan Dinan

    This followed me home yesterday

    IH 50 blade, will get better pics this afternoon
  16. Alan Dinan

    This followed me home yesterday

    Right now I have a 40 for my 86, this one is going on the 3688. But the 40 will be going down the road, now that I got the 50.
  17. Alan Dinan

    This followed me home yesterday

    It's the monster!! Thanks Todd, I'm happy with it.
  18. Alan Dinan

    Lets hear your famous salesman phrases

    He's closer to you than me
  19. Alan Dinan

    This followed me home yesterday

    Thanks Aaron, I've been looking for one for several years. Watched 1 bring $2350 on an auction and Todd watched 1 on an auction that brought $2450. This one was a lot cheaper
  20. Alan Dinan

    Happy birthday RKO, egoman

    Happy birthday guys!!!
  21. Alan Dinan

    45 years ago

    Congratulations and Happy Anniversary to the two of you!!! Our 14th is Tuesday
  22. My nephew got bit by one a couple years ago, his chiropractor gave him some kind of pills to take. One was a pineapple pill and the other one was a cucumber pill. He said that he had to take them 8 times a day for 2 weeks, but he never got the black, dead flesh. He said that he had a red circle the size of a quarter, then it cleared up
  23. Alan Dinan

    Lets hear your famous salesman phrases

    One I like by an auctioneer " The cleanest one in the state of Illinois, you won't find a nicer one"
  24. Alan Dinan

    Give and take word game

    Bumper jack