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  1. R Pope, sorry I missed your reply! I find myself in your neck of the woods (so to speak, haha) 2 or 3 times a year, next time I am up in your area I will send you a note! Maybe I will take the Lemsford Ferry and come see you!
  2. The trick with fitting a road ranger would be figuring out the parking brake - I assume your truck is hydraulic brakes and the existing park brake mounts on the back of the trans? I have a very similar drivetrain in my truck and I can’t see to find any road ranger options with a parkbrake (all trucks that class had air brakes). A lot (I bet probably more than half) of MDT trans that are 6 speeds are NOT overdrive, and the difference in identification are only serial/model numbers, so be wary. Also, fast rear ends in the 2speeds are rare (mine is a Spicer M190T with a 4.88 ratio, and fast gear sets/3rd members seem extremely hard to find). Most are slower, as they were mostly on gas-jobs.
  3. Well in my opinion this board has plenty of space for dreamers and young guys. The overall positive energy and helpfulness of RedPower is what keeps me coming back, and probably partly why it still exists. Keep the fun discussion coming! We need it right now!
  4. I moved the IH’s rad downwards about 6” to be able to fit under the hood of the Mercury. The nose of the IH was much higher than the Mercury. The fans on the truck 466’s also sit quite high, and would never clear the hood. As a result, I went with electric fans, something I tried to avoid but have no choice. I am using 2 Spal 16” fans - which are about the best fans I could find. There are 5.9 Dodge Cummins electric fan kits, and people seem to say they work well as long as long they don’t pull too heavy. I made a shroud for it, and built an expansion tank over the rad.
  5. Well I am 36 and still haven’t grown up, so I am not sure what your point is...
  6. One thing is for certain about a DV-800 - that sound is unmistakable, powerful, and next to perfection. The trick was keeping it making that perfect sound, without going broke doing it!
  7. Are DT466’s considered a loud engine? I have found mine (in a truck) is pretty quiet. The 5.9 Cummins trucks with mufflers seem louder than my truck without. Although my exhaust is a stack, vs a smaller truck with a side exit exhaust. We had a 2188 with a factory straight pipe - It was loud, but it’s kind of nice in a combine to be able to hear how much the engine is working and that it’s not getting pulled down to far.
  8. Thanks! I actually scored one of those hood scoops at a wrecker off an old 50’s Super Duty that was headed to the crusher. I will probably add it later!
  9. IH OAK, It’s really cool to see that there is still interest in this old stuff, even in your generation! That’s awesome! I trust that between your family support and the redpower forum, you are off to a great start! The closest comparison to what it seems like you are looking to do is the F350 in the video. It’s a 3208 Cat - 638 cubes and maybe 1800lbs (not sure on the weight). It’s been done with a Chevy’s too if you search around. The DV800 is a monster - it would make that 3208 look almost small if you sat them beside each other. I am almost done a project sort of along the same lines: I went through a bunch of planning before I landed on my project combination. The big question you need to answer before hitting go is: What is more important to you? The specific truck or the specific engine? If you want a DV800, then find a MDT IH or Ford as previously suggested and with probably some firewall/transmission tunnel work, it may fit. Cooling system will be a challenge too (fitting the mechanical fan, etc). If you want to go 4wd, that will make for a really tall, and likely slow truck. All older 4wd MDT trucks seem to have painfully low gearing. Sticking with 2wd will be way easier, and give you much more transmission and rear end gearing options. That DV800 is also most likely going to have an AG governor, not a truck governor and may be a bear to drive as well. Finding a truck governor might be a challenge. If you want to stick with a F-350 sized platform (and maybe F-450/550), you may be able to fit a dt466, but I have yet to find any good examples that actually run and are daily driven with videos. It seems like there are lots of half-finished/fizzled out build threads out there. The 466b/c engines also seem to have a really long front end (water pump and pulleys stick out way farther than the 5.9 Cummins). The DT360 was suggested on here, and that 3” less overall length could really help with fitment. I am told a DT360 is actually way more stout,heavy-duty engine as compared to a 12v Cummins. It had wet sleeves, weighs a couple hundred pounds more. A DT360 in a F-350 would have been a really Dodge Cummins killer back in the day (not that the 7.3 wasn’t a legend). It makes you wonder what the IH/Ford relationship would be today, had they started on the DT360 platform, rather than the 6.9/7.3idi. I want to be clear that I’m not slamming the 7.3 Powerstoke, it’s just a fun scenario to daydream with. A DV800 just won’t fit in a 1-ton platform - by the time you actually make it work, you will have basically scratch built a MDT truck chassis, and most of the cab as well. And, even if it could be made to happen it won’t do anything that a turned up 12v Cummins or Powerstoke can’t already do anyways.
  10. Update - It’s been a long time since I added to the board here...sorry!
  11. I found a video from last year, right after I put on the S2E turbo. I was told on here that the S2E has a nice whistle vs the 3LM, and I think redpower forums was right again! Pump is stock and governs at about 2600rpm. I gave it a quick trip to the governor. No fan to make any noise either - pure unadulterated 466c goodness!
  12. Thanks for the comments folks. One part of this project I wish could be different is the engine fan. The fan on these engines are mounted quite high, and I ran into a clearance issue with the lower Mercury hood. I lowered the radiator about 5” and rebuilt a coolant tank. I am going to run two 16” electric fans instead and beef up the alternator. I don’t plan on working this truck that hard, but I know it won’t probably cool like it would with the big mechanical fan. Did the COE trucks run the same fan? I wonder if they had a lower mounted fan? I know some engines did for COE trucks, but I haven’t been able to find anything for 466’s.
  13. It’s been a while since I posted. I am in the process of building a new doghouse in the floor to fit the 466. The 331 that was originally in front of the Mercury cab was a tad smaller!
  14. Awesome looking truck. That drop visor suits the truck well. I dig the Daytons, they are getting rare to see. I might have missed it - are you painting them white or red? It's cool to see an old IH long conventional being restored - to see a 4300 is a rare site. You can tell that interior work is really well thought out. It has been enhanced but still keeps all the original points. Does your truck have air powered wipers? It looks like it from the pics. Our 9370 had them.
  15. One other thing - I think the 9270 and 9280 4wd's must have used big cam III's? I am going off memory, but I recall the intercooler resembling the III from the pictures above. If so that's a bit strange, as I think the 9200 series were made to '96ish?
  16. Agreed on the lack of stopping power in the Cat 3406b jakes. We had a '86 9370 with a 400cat and we had a neighbor with a '88 T800 350cummins. The cummins would stop way, way better. There must have been something about the valve setup on the cummins that allowed the jake to be way more effective - I wonder if the cummins jake used the fuel pump lobes on the cam? I have no idea just a theory. The 3406 will pull down way lower that the Cummins though, its handy for pulling though corners, etc. Feels like the cummins needs 200rpm extra to hang with the Cat.
  17. Yeah, it's funny how you have a hard time finding old Ford medium duties from that era. Even the old school busses I have found are Mercurys. About the highway comment - it brings up an issue/item. The 2 speed rear is a 4.89/6.50 and the 5 speed direct combo is so not terribly slow, but not terribly fast either. It will be a happy truck at 60mph, but screaming at 70mph. It's spring ride, so I'm not sure how fast I will be blistering down our Sask roads anyway. I think that Spicer rear could be found with a 4.11 carrier, but I think they are pretty rare. Eventually, I may convert to air-ride and a faster single speed rear, but I am trying to build this in bite-size chunks. That would leave me with a 5 speed with strange gear splits too. Another option would be to find a newer 6speed syncro with overdrive or an old 6610 or 6613. I used to drive highway trucks so I like the idea of rowing through straight-cut gears for nostalgia. Final option would be to find an old 4 speed aux box with overdrive. Not sure where I will land. I am starting with a combination that works quite well. I could still drive the IH, so I know it's all in working order.
  18. I think I will finish it just as a cab and chassis and leaving for a year or two and then go from there. I picture it with a flatbed ultimately. Mostly a cruiser though. I think I will turn up the pump a little. It's a 180hp tag on the engine currently. I have put a S2E turbo on it. I don't want to go wild on the pump though - the truck runs like a top and I don't want to mess that up.
  19. Based on a different discussion on this forum, I was curious if anyone could give me some guesses on what this will end up weighing? I plan on leaving it bare frame for now, and putting steel fuel tanks under each door (the ones with steps built into them). I am guessing 8000lbs, but I wonder if it could be lower. The old Mercury tin is pretty light. For anyone that may wonder about the truck being a Mercury. It seems like most all medium duty trucks from the 1960's are Mercury's vs Fords up here in Canada. Even a large percentage of 1/2tons seemed this way too. Seemed like only a 60's thing in Canada.
  20. I had to mount the radiator down about 10" and I made an expansion tank. I will have to run electric fans. I don't plan on hauling heavy loads at low speeds, so I will start with the biggest/best Spal 16" electric fan and install a 2nd if required. At that point the alternator would need some sizing-up, so I will play that one as it comes.
  21. Hey All, This isn't fully an IH project, but it's at least 2/3rds, so I figured this was a good place to post. Background: I have an old cab and hood from a 1965 (66?) Mercury F700 and chassis from an '86 S1954. It's a DT466 with a 5&2 Spicer setup. I am in the process of mounting the Merc cab onto the IH chassis. The IH had a 236" wheelbase, which I have shorted to abound 160". Before anyone blasts me for desecrating such a rare and beautiful beast as a S1900, the IH had rolled onto its side - the passenger side was pushed in a bit, and it got wrote-off.
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