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  1. Thanks for sharing was pretty cool, saw another video in the boxes at the end about 4 wheel uptime that seems interesting to watch.
  2. Over a dead animal black vultures will chase out red headed ones. As for shooting them, if you watch those things ride the rising air they come and go from as far as you can see each way.
  3. That place doesnt seem to straight to me.
  4. Think that's pretty slick actually. Considering Ford is making money of these kits, their true manufacturing price must have gotten pretty low now. Considering size of the unit you could put that 480HP in something pretty small without much modification. Id like to go 200mph in a 80's Ford Escort at 3AM down the Interstate, everyone i pass would consider me a late night hallucination.
  5. Nice crop with a nice reward from it 👍
  6. Here this is from repair manual for 1660, sorry do not know how to make image clearer. Make sure that radiator and coolers are all clean and you are using Hytran or atleast something equivalent to start.
  7. Sold a car to a new car dealer last week, on the lot next to the entrance was a new SUV with the MSRP for around 40k. Next to that was a new sticker that mentioned new market price. If i remember 12k was added so it was 52k. Those same stickers were all over the new cars there.
  8. Whenever there is a power problem in anything diesel i change the filters. Otherwise i like to change them every 3-4 years when my brain remembers.
  9. Worked on a few of them and rust was the only problem. I would just clean up or repair the rust before it spreads. They hold their value well also.
  10. Thank you all for the replies. After being pretty stubborn on it not being the injector pump i found the problem with everyones help here. One of the two fuel lines going to the rear of the injector pump had a leak. It was where the factory wire loom was zip tied to the fuel line. Like previous replies no fuel was coming out of the rubbed spot but air was getting in. I submerged the line in water and blew some air and could see fine bubbles coming out. After the line got brazed, and new seals on the lines, i primed her up (did put new oring in the primer) she fired up and purred perfectly. Actually ran a few acres of soybeans to test her out. Thank you everyone, its nice to be able to bounce knowledge and thoughts around.
  11. That line is newer from the previous owner, i checked that last night with a picture from messicks on the part number, looks to be identical. Ill check my 1486 this morning since i replaced that line about 5 years ago to see if they are the same.
  12. I use Wix filters, the rings looked good, but IIRC there is a center oring on the threaded post and these did not come with new replacement ones.
  13. Ok thank you, I will try to pull the primer off this morning and replace the oring, when i pop off a fuel line ill look closely at those seals.
  14. I could jury rig up an electric pump to test, got one floating around here. What i really do not understand is how air is getting into that second filter. As i mentioned i was told bad pump, but given no answer on how air is getting in there. As i mentioned i will pull out the fuel lines to that filter and visually inspect, but have seen no leaks. Other suspicion is that primer pump is somehow sucking in air then when it dies it relaxes back to the filter if thats a possibility.
  15. Yes there is no electric lift pump on this model
  16. Had cap off and rag over when trying to get it to run(was blowing lines back into tank), fuel flow going up seems good, i will pull the lines of the second filter tomorrow for a visual inspection but noticed no leaks. When i was blowing the lines out i did not see any fuel leaks or stains.
  17. Dealing with a fuel problem on my 1660 combine with the IH engine. To shorten the story started to run rough a few weeks ago when moving her and decided to change the fuel filters. Filters are changed but cannot keep the engine running. Have the problem broken down to this. When i get get it running for 10-30 seconds it will run fine, but the filter closest to the pump keeps coming up with a good about of air headspace. Refill filter, prime, she runs, does the same. Ive blown out the return and feed lines, fuel flow is good, tightened all fuel lines, cannot find any leaks. Local mechanic says pump is bad end of story, but how am i getting air in that filter? Before i eat it on a pump any suggestions? I do hear a hiss noise when priming the pump and i suspect its the primer but my ears are not the greatest. Could air be going in from the primer and when engine dies flows back to second filter? I will remove all lines going to the second filter tomorrow for a complete visual inspection. Also, this has no electric lift pump. Finally does this have a brass screen by chance in the fuel tank on the feed line, fuel flow is good out of tank to water separator but just curious.
  18. Not sure if separator needs to be running, but either way sitting still if you turn your dial in height that header should move up and down. If its moving your good.
  19. Nice job! I wouldn't say they are easy, i see many a failed pumpkin field around here every year, your doing something right.
  20. Anyone know why the Buds always have such amazingly high resale values compared to other articulated 4WD tractors of the time, or even new ones?
  21. Nice tractor, was looking for the same thing to use farming until i ran into my Steiger. One thing ive always liked about duals over large singles is if you get a flat. Its that you can still move the machine somewhere to repair, or just nurse the flat with air everyday to get you by.
  22. Nice looking skunk there! I don't get any of this killing them stuff, they do an amazing amount of good from what i see.
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