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  1. Imagine slinging that thing around all day.
  2. Thanks for your responses fellas but this is not quite what I am looking for. I can fabricate something or use chains or rods but I was hoping to find what I had in mind. The nice part about it was that there were no loose parts. No rods to thread through holes while trying to hold everything in place. You simply set the side boards on, set the end in place, then hook the loop/ring and tighten the nut. The hook was bolted to the end boards and the nut, eyebolt and ring/loop stayed on the side boards. No loose pieces. Wish I had a picture. Thanks again.
  3. When I was younger, we had various wagon and truck sideboards that were built to be removed easily. The corners were attached with an eye bolt with an elongated ring that would hook onto the adjoining board that had a strap that ended in a hook bolted on the board. The assembly was drawn up tight but tightening a handle nut on the outside. I can find the nut but nothing else. I could fabricate the pieces but thought maybe someone here would know where they could be bought. Even the correct name would help my search. TIA
  4. I finally got the link to work. Seems like there were some really good deals. That’s not good for the sellers but good for anyone buying. Some things brought good money but overall I think prices were pretty low.
  5. Could be a hay knife. I have always seen the type you guys described serrated with two handles. How thick is the back of the blade? A froe would certainly be thicker than a knife.
  6. This looks like a blade "holder" to install or remove a lawn mower blade. This appears to be a froe. It seems to be a more modern version. A froe is used to split shingles with a mallet.
  7. A rack of 20 at $200 is only $4000. Damn common core math! These youngins got a funny way of figuring. Axle be fine.
  8. Thanks. I tried that yesterday but it would not open. Same thing today. Could be my phone.
  9. I saw one field planted that way this year. It was 8 rows each. I assumed that they had an eight row combine. This style of planting has been discussed for decades, but I don't think it is widely used. We always thought that the outside rows was the poorest yielding. This was probably due to compaction, drainage, competition from trees etc. Not sure if I would want a field full of outside rows. The outside row or two were definitely shorter than the middle 4 rows in the field I saw this summer. I don't know anything about the yield. I would think that GPS would make planting much easier today. Otherwise, yes a pita.
  10. Anyone attend the auction? I couldn’t make it this year but there were several items that I was interested in and would like to know what they sold for. I haven’t found any online results yet. Anyone know where to find them?
  11. Don’t think so. Pretty sure F-12/14
  12. Nobody mentioned the 1000ac. This changes everything.
  13. I think the RC has IHC wheels on the back. F-12 or H. Not sure what kind of axles the Case would have or even if it’s a possibility but the hub of those cutoffs definitely looks IH. Just looked again and now I see the axle has a keyway, so probably not too difficult.
  14. The pic is a little fuzzy but she does appear to be the high maintenance type. Much better off to rent that type by the hour and find an easy keeper.
  15. Very interesting indeed! Whoever did that put a tremendous amount of work into the article. Thank you.
  16. Not to be stirring up the hornet's nest here, but you fellas do realize that we Americans have two different thread pitches and heavy nuts and standard nuts of the same bolt size. Seems to me that you guys may need something better to complain about.
  17. Those Oliver's were dam fine plows. We had two White 508 when I was a kid.
  18. Looks like used hog slats. Danny can confirm this. Danny, is the plate set flush with the floor and then you welded the I beam to the plate? If so that's an interesting idea. You could weld other things to the plate as well.
  19. Todd,I believe the stretcher is for carpet based on the spikes in the board. The hook end looks like it is pounded into the wood subfloor. The scissors are used as mentioned to trim all types of thread. My wife uses them for quilting, cross stitch and sewing.
  20. Mine came from an auction in NE Nebraska.
  21. Nice tractor. I have the same plow on a '38 F-12. Mine also had the single front wheel and long rear axles. Hard to tell from pics but I think yours also has the long axles. Maybe a two way plow thing. Where did yours come from?
  22. It’s hydraulic. I don’t know what IHC recommended. Probably 10 or 20 wt. I have been using 30wt and it seems fine. The pumps on both of my tractors are worn and push oil into the transmission around the pump drive shaft. They will lift the implement just fine for awhile and then get slower as it runs out of oil. Do you have any implements for the tractor?
  23. Knowing that Seth, his dad and presumably his granddad are/were electricians, and looking at the info Owen posted, this grip was likely used to string up overhead wire. Even no.9 wire would not measure 1/4”. With a range of 1/4” - 7/16” it would fit a common range of ACSR wire sizes.
  24. 12_Guy

    Moving day

    All I can say is be careful when the chain is hooked up that high. I’m guessing that you already know that, but bad things tend to happen very quickly.
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