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  1. IH 189 two-way plow

    Looks like the same page to me as well. That sure is a NICE tractor/plow outfit. I like to see guys that collect and show implements. Have a great day.
  2. IH 189 two-way plow

    The pivot point under the center of the tractor controls the depth of the plow in the furrow. The chain in the back should be slack. The plow's depth is controlled by the height of the front of the beam, on a cub it is controlled by the lever and dog-bone attached to the reversed drawbar. On a walking plow it is adjustable on the front of the beam through the series of holes on the hitch. The C makes use of one of the hydraulic controls to make the adjustments to the pivot point or front of the fast hitch.
  3. IH 189 two-way plow

    I’m not sure if they had any decals. Maybe just a model number stenciled in paint. Did you get all the info you need? I have a 189 I could probably measure and get pics.
  4. Good old dayz

    I remember a high school science class in which the teacher taught us to split water into hydrogen and oxygen using electrolysis, yep the same process that guys are using to clean parts. We captured the gasses in garbage bags and balloons and then took them out on the front lawn. We attached a string soaked in fuel for a fuse and then lit and released them. They would float a good ways up before the flame would burn through the balloon. Pretty loud. Great fun. I have never forgotten how it works, although we didn't know about the possibility of cleaning up rusty metal. I understand why they say to clean parts outside. I am sure that they don't teach students that today. Yep the good ol days.
  5. My favorite International machinery.

    There was a time when Heston built IH mower-conditioners. Dad had a Heston 1070 that had a few red parts on it since the IH dealer was much closer. Also had a Dunham-Lear cultimulcher that had IH parts on it.
  6. Mule, that is a sharp 10. Dad had a tri-stripe 10, that pic makes a wish I could have kept it!
  7. No horses after this round!

    You guys crack me up!! Thanks to all for that. I’ve heard about the wild electric pony before, but I admit I still chuckled. Now these brain conclusions have me laughing.
  8. Generator question

    IMO if you plan to run at 70% load, I doubt that an inverter type genset will save you much on fuel. Now if you were going to run at 1/4 load, I'm sure you would see the savings. My advice would be to stick with an old, heavy, slow running set like you have. If this is your primary source "offgrid" then I would stay away from any of the air-cooled screamers for durability and reliability reasons.
  9. IHCC Winter Convention

    As fancy as that place was, I think they might have frowned upon that!
  10. Garage Floor Drain Help

    Don't you work at a hardware store/lumberyard? Do you sell a product called a drain King? They are a rubber balloon type affair that attaches to a garden hose. You would hook it to the hose and insert it into the drain. When the water is turned on it inflates and seals the pipe, then it starts squirting water out of a small hole. It uses water pressure to attempt to open the drain. I have had mixed results with them, sometimes they work great, sometimes all you get is a mess, but worth a try.
  11. Walmart/Dean Foods

    I have issues with this. The little guy who manages poorly and does himself in, thats one thing but to loose your market, that sux. It seems that is the way for AG, no room for the little guy, get big or get out. With poor market prices, you would nobody would be expanding now, but the big guys are. Nuts. One dairy near me is going from nearly 3000 hd to 7000 milking. Another just built a 1400 head building. Both owned by Dutch folks. Only 2 other much smaller old dairys left. Everyone else is gone. I have heard that the Dutch guys, since they are immigrants, can get subsidized loans that nobody else can? If this is true, then it seems wrong. I don't mind helping someone get started, but wow what a start!
  12. Generator question

    Maybe take it to a motor rewind shop or post on SmokStak your need for parts.
  13. Generator question

    That stinks. Did you let the magic smoke out? And yes RPF is awesome! Thanks to BJ and the Meisners.
  14. Generator question

    I have worked on numerous generators, but I'm not familiar with Onan. It would be painful for both parties involved. Your best bet would be to check out the Onan forum over on SmokStak. Lots of very knowledgeable guys there to help, and plenty of old threads to read through.
  15. Toilet in the shop.

    Put a pump in to pump the sewage to the house and dump it into the septic for the house, assuming that you can't get it there by gravity. Dig one trench for water and sewer. Bury it deep enough so that it can't freeze. Easy, inexpensive, and it will not get the County health inspector upset about a "non compliant" septic system.
  16. Now I know why I hate wheelbarrows

    That's not really all that innovative, I have been known to use one to take a break like that for years. Actually fairly comfy.
  17. Electrall Maintenance

    Yes please do.
  18. Farmall A vs Cub

    Yes they are different,very different. I would not even say it is close to the same design.
  19. Need off-color electrical help!

    You could have a slow drain on the battery. I have a few suggestions. If you have a voltmeter or test light, disconnect a battery cable and connect it to the cable and battery post.With everything turned off, you should not get anything- no voltage or light. If you do, you have a drain somewhere. You could also try disconnecting a cable when the tractor is parked to see if it stays up disconnected. Also you can hook up a trickle charger to see if it will start better fully charged.
  20. Electrall Maintenance

    The exciter creates DC voltage and it's output goes to the slip rings through the brushes of the alternator. The voltage and/or amperage would start low and go up as the load increases. Sorry I don't know if the exciter is an off the shelf unit or special. I would try to test the exciter output at no load and with various loads on it. You could also use a battery to excite the alternator to test it's output. You would have to disconnect and disable the exciter for this test. Do not run the exciter exciter without it load on it!
  21. Well pump trouble

    Glad to hear that you got it figured out.
  22. How to deal with elderly parents

    Probably nothing more frustrating than being second-guessed by family who is not helping. Tell them to get their a** home and help out, you could use a break. No matter what, you need to what is best for your folks. If family does not agree then they should be more involved. Your primary responsibility is your parents not family who do not help.
  23. Electrall Maintenance

    What a the brushes look like? Are they loose in the brush holders? Armature and slip rings clean? I would check these out first. Once flashed and making power, you should not need to re-flash the generator for a long time. I don't know at what voltage or amperage the exciter operates. Does it say on the tag? It will be a variable output as the exciter input controls the alternator output.
  24. I think building a business from nothing could be far less intimidating than buying an established business. The mistakes are smaller and cost less. It would allow you to learn as your business grows. Most people today don’t want to stick their necks out that far. Lots of risk, headaches, etc. The few that are willing to try it are already busy. I think they are called farmers. Ha Ha
  25. Rescue Mission. Go!

    Maybe try posting it on the Scout 80&800 appreciation page on Facebook??