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  1. Very nice machines! I’d be in trouble if I had a chance to buy machines that close to me! I’m sure that’s why you have so many! I’m in need of a few parts, if you are willing to part any of those out, or you have any parts...let me know...I need the input shaft, and the flywheel gear...let me know what you think!
  2. I am re reading your post, and I see that we have had the same problem. I too have roughly the same measurements (I will double check tonight). I spoke with the guy who rebuilt my starter, and mentioned some concern that the bendex does not engage fully. Or more the 1/2 inch. He told me that if should not fully engage the teeth, otherwise it will not retract. I’m not sure as to how true this is, but he is a veteran starter/alternator repair man. I am curious as to what you find out. I will post some pics when I get home.
  3. I had the same issues with mine. Mine actually got so bad, a brand new bendex would not engage. That part of the reason I am pulling the motor. I hope to pop off the flywheel gear, and install a new one, or flip it. I had my starter rebuilt by a local guy who rebuilds electronics. I would assume anyone who does this can source a bendex gear. I hope you don’t have the same issue as I had, and don’t have to pull the flywheel ring gear. Good luck
  4. So I purchased I super m a few years ago, and had some clutch issues. My father took the throw out bearing out, the aluminum sleeve, input shaft, and all parts that go with it. I need a new input shaft because the “slop” has wowed out the holes on the love joy. My question is a super m, the same as a wd6? I can’t find one on eBay for the super m, but I can get one for wd6. Is a super m have a 4, or 2 bolt love joy? Because mine has 4, and all the ones I see online have 2
  5. Catharsis a nice little home for that machine! Keepin it out of the weather is the best thing to do for that ol girl! I’ve been workin 7 days the last few weeks to continue with my project. It’s also sitting under roof. If I decide to part mine out, I have a blade, cylinders, valves, and pump I’d part with. If you can wait till spring, we can talk...I’m about 2 hr from you
  6. Tractorparts.com has them...thanks!
  7. Does anyone know where to get new or replacement springs for the over center clutch cover on a td6? I am trying to source parts, and cannot seem to find these. They are the springs at 12,3,6 and 9 o'clock on the picture...
  8. Well I'm sorry it has taken so long to post back. I had some family matters that toojk presidence. Also, 2 weeks ago wile trying to post, somehow I lost ALL the photos on my computer. All 6500 photos somehow got deleated! The computer is on its way to California to get them off the hard drive! I am not a computer person at all! (I still use a flip phone!). Anyway that's a whole different story... I have some great news, I got the motor to turn over! Before I got it to turn, I tried taking the pan off, to inspect the crank, and was unable to, because of the dipstick, and based on your replies, I would have to take the spring off..so I bolted the pan back together, and went to the drawing board. Someone suggested a "bar" starter the ko0 uses. Well I !Ade one and it worked. It's a little crude, but works. I took some 3/4 stock and 1/2 stock and welded it together, and welded the bendex. I wish I had a lathe, I could have made it fit tighter. But it works, so that's all that !matters! It actually turned over with minimal effort, was pretty surprised. I'm still not sure why it was stuck, but we are in good order now! So even though I have to motor unstuck, I still want to pull it. I started to take off the radiator and guards even before I got it unstuck, so I thought I should continue. I need to either spin the starter gear, or get a new one, so that's my primary reasoning for removing it. My question is...would you guys have to motor rebuilt while its out? When I say rebuilt, I mean new bearings, rings, and have the heads cleaned and freshened up. Now !ind you I never did have this machine running, so take that into consideration. Chris...that gear is in the clutch. It couples the engine and transmission, I believe. I am in agreement with you...I am going to see what it would cost to have one remade, and maybe heat treated, and the stock one seems to take a lot of wear! The over center clutch seems to be in good shape. The springs are the only thing that needs replacement. Let me know what you guys think
  9. Tractor is on concrete. I will give this a try this evening. Keep you guys posted!
  10. Trying to remove my oil pan, and seems it won't move forward, due to the dipstick tube. Looks as if there are threads on the tube that thread into the block from the bottom. Will the pan come off without cutting or removing this tube? Will not drop down far enough due to the springs.
  11. Well thanks for the input. My only other reasoning to remove the motor, would be to replace, or spin the starting gears on the flywheel, as those are pretty bad. I was told this has to be done with the motor out, as the flywheel cannot be removed through the clutch opening. I have not tried to confirm. I have a little time the next few days, so I will remove the oil pan, and see what the underside looks like. I removed the belly pan, and saw a bunch of rocks that looked like they jammed into the crank pulley...I was kind of excited to see this, as I thought maybe that was the culprit of my "locked" motor. But it was no suck luck. I removed all the rocks and it still would not turn over.
  12. Pulling the motor is a last ditch effort. There is only 1 tech I know of in my area, and he's 2 hrs away. I don't have a means of bringing the machine to him. I would pay someone to come out, if I could find one. Should I take belly pan, skid plate, and drop pan, then inspect? And finally, would a machine shop be able to reweld and machine those gears?
  13. Your name says nwi. Does that mean Northwest Indiana? Cuz I'm in lowell
  14. Well its been some time some time since i have been able to work on the 6. But I did make some forward headway. Fortunately, I was able to remove the clutch, throwout bearing, and all parts to go with it! After all your comments and suggestions, it went without a hitch! I thank you for that! However, the motor still will not turn over. Honestly, i was not expecting that to do the trick, but i figured if i could all things moving and working, a new clutch would be worth the effort. So i came across a few things after letting it soak in the parts cleaner, and i am a little concerned. First off, after looking at the front of the clutch cover, a few of the "dogs" have been broke off. would this concern anyone that was putting a new clutch back in, with potentially a new flywheel? Second notice of possible concern, is that some of the rollers on the over center bearing arms, are slightly flat. Now before i removed the clutch, the throwout bearing did lock overcenter, and did return back. So i am assuming that if this goes back together, as long as i keep it lubed, it should work? Also the springs that are on the face of that ring, are all broke. They look to have been broken for some time. Anyone know a replacement spring, or an alternative that may be used? The gears in the next few pics are of the most concern to me. They seem to have significant wear on them. The pic where it shows them "meshed" together, shows roughly 3/16 wear. Is this in fact wear, or are these gears meant to mesh together in this fashion? The 6th picture shows the "brake" on the other side of the throwout bearing. Almost half of the material is gone, and its worn into the rivets. Is there any companies out there that reinstall brake linings? So it seems as if i have hit a wall. I do not plan to completely give up though! So where i stand today, here are my plans. Depending on what you all here can come up with, based on what i have shown, and explained...I will pull the motor, and send out to known tractor mechanic, so diagnose motor. While motor is being gone though, I will pull the steering clutches, and diagnose, and repair/replace broke parts, to have ready when motor is complete. I am sending out motor because i just dont have the time to do the motor, and the clutches this winter, and hopefully have ready for next summer. My second option, is installing a different motor. Has anyone done this? Maybe a cummins 4bt? I know that KoO has a thread doing a gas swap, but i like the idea of having the diesel. I am confident the motor is not locked up, and somewhere there is something keeping it "stuck". I have had this thing turning and ready to fire, and the way it stopped turning is very weird, to say the least. Any ideas, concerns, or anything, will be appriciated! Thanks guys!
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