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  1. 8 minutes ago, snoshoe said:

    Pto is separate.  Pull it and check intake screen and pickup tube. As long as it is out check clutch condition as well.

    Thanks! That's the input I was looking for. As I was thinking about it after making the post I was thinking the PTO might just need to come off. 

    Thanks again,


  2. Hello All, 

    Hoping for some trouble shooting thoughts. Ih 544 gear drive. I've been having issues with the PTO being very slow to engage, usually 15 to 20 seconds plus, and usually have to putz with the three point lift to get it to go. Once running it runs fine. Have run a tiller, post hole auger and brush hog with no slippage once spinning. 

    Three point response seems slower also, but better than the PTO. No issues lifting with the three point, 3pt backhoe lifted just fine. 

    Hydraulic remotes work fine. Loader in the tractor operates normal with no delays and no loss of lift (can lift the front tires off ground, lift until the rear end gets light). 

    Changed the filter, old one was somewhat sludged up and changed it again, same results.  

    Oil is a little on the cloudy side. I drained/ changed the hydraulic oil last year when I finished the engine swap and it worked fine last fall and early this spring. 

    Should I pursue draining/flushing etc or do you think there is something mechanically wrong with the PTO? Or??

    Thanks in advance.


  3. 4 hours ago, snoshoe said:

    First suspect is valve on bottom of tank plugged.

    Ding ding ding.

    Should started at the beginning of the process. Thanks for the humbling reminder. 

    Took the line off at the filter and it was running slow. puffed some air up through the tank valve and she us running good at the moment. Will need to either pump out/drain the tank or more likely I'll use it until it clogs or I'm near empty and the work to rinse out the tank. With a flashlight I don't see excessive sediment or debris, but obviously something was in there unless it was just gunk. 


    Thanks again. Saved me some fooling around.



  4. Hello All, 

    My 766 (D360) developed a stumble this year mowing hay. I changed the air filter and the fuel filters and it seemed like it was running alright although it would still have an occasional miss. Started it up this AM after a couple weeks of downtime and it was OK at idle. I ramped it up to 1/2-3/4 rpm and it was good for probably 15 to 20 seconds, but then started stumbling for 10 seconds and then ran rough. Brought it down to idle and it was rough for 10-20 seconds and then started to smooth out.

    Based on the above I'm thinking it's fuel supply? What would you guys go after first? Want to be efficient in troubleshooting since I use this tractor for snowblowing...so the clocks ticking, so to say...




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