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  1. Actually had this problem when I first bought it and replaced the cap about 5 years ago.
  2. Ding ding ding. Should started at the beginning of the process. Thanks for the humbling reminder. Took the line off at the filter and it was running slow. puffed some air up through the tank valve and she us running good at the moment. Will need to either pump out/drain the tank or more likely I'll use it until it clogs or I'm near empty and the work to rinse out the tank. With a flashlight I don't see excessive sediment or debris, but obviously something was in there unless it was just gunk. Thanks again. Saved me some fooling around. Greg
  3. Hello All, My 766 (D360) developed a stumble this year mowing hay. I changed the air filter and the fuel filters and it seemed like it was running alright although it would still have an occasional miss. Started it up this AM after a couple weeks of downtime and it was OK at idle. I ramped it up to 1/2-3/4 rpm and it was good for probably 15 to 20 seconds, but then started stumbling for 10 seconds and then ran rough. Brought it down to idle and it was rough for 10-20 seconds and then started to smooth out. Based on the above I'm thinking it's fuel supply? What would you guys go after first? Want to be efficient in troubleshooting since I use this tractor for snowblowing...so the clocks ticking, so to say... Thanks! Greg
  4. Well this project is moving at the speed of many of my projects, but just placed an order with Ed on the plate. Hoping to get this rolling into the fall and winter where I can.
  5. I guess I'm not positive, but as I understand it the 3.3 is relatively well balanced in comparison to the 4bt. Maybe I'll try and test fire it on the stand and make sure it doesnt dance away.
  6. Well, maybe they made some changes in the 5-10 years between the models, maybe the transmission differences, and maybe mines just that tired, but with loaded rears if I have a load in the bucket I can barely get moving in 4th. Also burns gas pretty quickly if I'm needing some HP (running the tiller for instance). Now raking hay it isn't too bad, and if I wasn't weighted I could see it being a peppier engine. But it's on its last legs and I would rather have a diesel.
  7. Good morning All, Looking to pull in anyone's experience or thoughts so I can catch some of the details earlier on in the process. I have a IH 544. It's a really nice sized around the yard tractor, has an IH 2000 loader on it and I really enjoy the tractor for the most part. Other than the fact it has the gutless c200 and the engine is getting pretty tired. I.e. I have to feather the clutch in 4th at times to keep from killing it. (Loaded tires) I know my value would be in just getting a new tractor, but I love projects for the sake of the project, so I want to repower this tractor. I found a rebuilt, still on the stand, cummins b3.3 locally a couple years back and thought it would make a great power plant for this tractor. It's a fully mechanical engine with an inline pump, so should be good to go. Just got in contact with Ed Leaman for an adaptor and flywheel. He mentioned a remote oil filter is needed so I have that on the list. Not positive if I'll be able to use the stock starter, will find that out as we go. Looks like there should be plenty of space based on my measurements between the rails and between the bell housing and radiator. Beyond that there will be fabrication and modifications for motor mounts, linkages, wiring updates, etc. How about fuel tank, any major modifications for going to diesel? Is a fuel pump going to be needed? I'm assuming gravity should be enough for this application. Any other major items in overlooking? Thanks! Greg
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