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  1. Thank you for the kind words...I have already found that it is really helping to be able to walk out to the garage and work on the tractor when I am struggling with the loss....He was an incredible Dad. I know he and Grandpa are right there beside me helping me work on it.
  2. Hey Dennis! Thanks for the kind words! I am really enjoying working on my A, and hope that someday it will look as nice as yours! That's a beautiful tractor you have!!!
  3. Just wanted to stop in and say hello...I have been away for awhile. To make a long story short, about 20 years ago my Dad gave me this '45 Farmall A. We had went together to a farm sale in Northern California and bought it, and he fixed it up. There was a guy that owed him some money, and was a self proclaimed painter. The paint job looked ok at first (see picture), but it only lasted about 3 years or so. Well, my family and I moved from CA to Utah in 2011, and I parked the A at my Dad's shop. It ran great when I last ran it about 3 years ago. I wasn't sure what my plans were with the tractor. Well, my Dad passed away on Christmas Day this year. By far the hardest thing I have ever gone through in my life. The only thing that was close to this pain was in '84, when I got off the school bus on our farm in Iowa to see strangers taking away all of our equipment. Thanks FHA.... When I traveled back to CA the day after Christmas to be with my Mom and sisters, I stopped by the shop and looked at the A. Some dirtbags decided to steal the carburetor and magneto/distributor off of the tractor! I am still mad about this....anyways, I decided right then and there that I needed to bring that tractor to Utah. So, on January 18th, I did just that! She is now safe and warm in my garage, and I am slowly bringing her back to life. So, hear is my question....I have heard many things about converting these 6 volt systems over to 12 and adding electronic ignition. I have a '48 H and '48 C back in Iowa, and they are both still 6 volt systems with no issues. However, since I have to replace the magneto/distributor on my A, I am giving it some thought. What do you all think? I am looking forward to getting her running and repainted, and I will paint a small tribute to my Dad on the tractor as well. I can't wait for the end result! Thanks for your input! Brad
  4. I watched a report on these demonstrators, and they said that while the tractors were supposed to be repainted, they never repainted them under the hood. So, if you look under the hood and it's painted gold, you got one!!!
  5. Here is a pic of our '48 C and H. We are getting the C ready for paint, and the H we just purchased last month on an auction "not running". Had her running in 15 minutes, and everything works! Very happy to have these two tractors along with our '45 A.
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