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  1. I hear a lot of talk from folks wanting to do away with it.
  2. Meant for this to go in the Joke column.
  3. Time change was Sunday and here it is Tuesday and I am still worn out. I just hate getting up and having to change the clocks at 2 AM !
  4. Yes, they had High School and they still taught cursive ! (grin)
  5. Thanks, Wes. I get up about once a week and go to lunch with Brother Jim. Good hearing from you also.
  6. I graduated from High School in 1959. I have been thinking how things have changed compared to the thoughts we had back then. 1. If we can ever manage to get a job that pays $10,000 a year, what more could we want ? 2. If we can get our soybeans to average 30 BPA and corn 100 BPA we will have it made. 3.I complained to a car salesman about the high prices of his cars and he said the car companies goal was for all cars to be $5000 or more. Now rebates especially on todays Pickup Trucks are higher than what I paid for a pretty nice Pickup. Wait. I am forgetting that Pickup I bought back then had a tailgate that was just one piece and just opened and closed. 4.Todays Cash rent paid per acre is as high or higher than I remember some farms sold per acre back then. 5. I sold new Farmall 806's , the largest tractor IH ever had up until then for less than the cost of a large DEF fluid muffler assembly on todays big Magnums. 6. I sold MF 300 Combines with 13' platform and two row wide corn head for about $13,000. Just a toy by todays standards but you could do a lot of work if you kept them moving. But wait I just remembered, they only had to handle 30 BPA Soybeans, or less. and 100 BPA corn or less. So, just a few interesting thoughts that are interesting to remember.
  7. BillOHIO


    Wow, some awesome machines . Have to raise a lot of acres to justify equipment like this.
  8. BillOHIO


    Thanks for the pictures cattech ! After seeing this I can't imagine this crop taking off in Ohio.
  9. BillOHIO


    jass1660, I had heard that also. Doesn't seem to fit todays farming. A few years ago a lot of excitement was generated as Canola became another crop with large potential. Problem was a first couple years got so only market to sell it was many miles away and farmer could not afford to raise it. Wonder that about Hemp. If you do raise it where will the market be .
  10. BillOHIO


    Marijuna. The J , that is where they get Mary Jane ! As old as I am and can still learn new things every day. Biggest problem now is remembering the new things I learn !
  11. BillOHIO


    Our Governor just signed a bill letting us grow Industrial Hemp. We talking yesterday at my Dealership, Farmer's Equipment in Urbana were I retired from . We don't know about growing Hemp . Hoping there is some special equipment needed that we can potentially sell. Any one on here from a State that has already been growing it . Know nothing about it other than heard it good for making paper. Also there is a connection to the Mariuana (spelling) family.
  12. I assume for a Chevrolet Dealer to sell this new mid size truck he will need a separate agreement with GM ? Or can any Dealer sell them. Not every dealer would have mechanics to service this size truck ? Also have not heard if this new truck will also be badged GMC for Buick, Cadillac, GMC Dealers ?
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