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  1. Where was the "steel wheel tractor section"??
  2. No...i actually spelled it right. The real Czech way. 4th generation with Czech heritage. Google it! It's all "dobre" (meaning good)
  3. No older Waukesha engine is junk. You might not be able to make it fit in an F-12, but those motors were used in a lot of other tractors and equipment. Parts are getting impossible to find. If they are XA, XAK, or FC model engines, then they may be used as donors for parts. Please don't scrap them.
  4. I believe they were intended to be a bumper sticker. I have one, and a "Ask me about my Magnum" bumper sticker. was going to get them framed together.
  5. It wasn't the bracket, It was the angle lock bar that goes through a set of weights. A good lesson to learn....always go to the preview open house of an online machinery auction. That's how i learned they were not factory weights.
  6. http://www.kigarauctions.com/cgi-bin/mncal.cgi?kigar It was the Estate if Jim Roth. It was actually in the old town of Tedrow. Rick Kigar of Delta, and Darrel D. Yoder of Lyons were the managing Auctioneers.
  7. This auction was originally supposed to be held live. It turned into an online auction. Pics and other results will still be on the website for a short time. All equipment was super clean and well cared for. There was no buyers premium charged unless you paid with a credit card. www.kigarauctions.com 2013 CaseIH MX180, MFWD , 1075 hrs. $87,500 1979 IH 1086 C. A . H. Duels 5475 hrs. $15,750 1975 IH 1066 C. A. H. Duels 6095 hrs. $13,250 2006 CaseIH 2377 Combine 1700/2500 hrs. $61,500 1025 grain head $10,250 4206 corn head $20,250 CaseIH 1200 6X3
  8. Your buzz saw is a Sears (David Bradley) model 700.141. It was made by someone else for Sears. Anything produced by Sears would have a 917.XXX number. 917.xxxx = Sears made 700.xxxxxx or any other number = Outsourced to another manufacturer to build. The numbers or letters could be a "bundle number". Stenciled on parts at the factory to represent what models certain parts go to.
  9. Still trying to figure out how to squeal your tires in a dirt road. Loved the show so much i started to collect memorabilia of anything Dukes of Hazzard.
  10. Agree. Call and tell them you need a water pump for a Farmall cub and watch the circus begin. lol
  11. Just got an email that our local CaseIH dealer is shutdown to the general public. Parts orders must be called in. All orders must be paid in advance or charged to your Case Credit account. Items will be set outside for pickup,or if you call and tell them you are outside, someone will bring them out to you. Service is by appointment only. Call a Salesman if you want to buy something new or used. I sure hope i don't have any huge breakdowns this spring!!!
  12. Is there anyone out there who could post pictures of the kinds of aftermarket, governor driven generator/distributor/magneto combo's used on an F-20 or other IHC tractors of that era.. I think I found something like this laying in a pile of stuff that has the potential to go to scrap. Sorry I didn't get a picture to share. I was told that there were a few different companies offering these ad-on generators like Delco, Bosch, Autolite, and so on. The one I found is best described as a bolt on unit with a slanted-tooth drive gear. Then the generator housing with a distributor towards t
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