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  1. Is there anyone out there who could post pictures of the kinds of aftermarket, governor driven generator/distributor/magneto combo's used on an F-20 or other IHC tractors of that era.. I think I found something like this laying in a pile of stuff that has the potential to go to scrap. Sorry I didn't get a picture to share. I was told that there were a few different companies offering these ad-on generators like Delco, Bosch, Autolite, and so on. The one I found is best described as a bolt on unit with a slanted-tooth drive gear. Then the generator housing with a distributor towards the back with a drive coupler for a magneto coming out of the end. The coil sits on top of the generator housing. I want to see if any pictures resemble the one I found. No matter what it came off of, I am going to try to save it. Thanks!
  2. He probably gave $1000 for it back in 1985. He's just trying to see a profit on his investment.
  3. I should clarify. Holgate Implement is still in business but only as a short-line equipment dealer. AGCO pulled the contract about 2 years ago. They still do have a few MF combines around and do have a few parts left in stock. Kahrs Tractor Sales was a MF dealer for many years from the Sixties up until about 10 years ago. They are about 3 miles south of Wauseon, Oh. They did take on New Holland for awhile in the 90's through 2000. Towards the end, they focused only on Hardy Sprayers. About a year or so ago, they closed for good and one of the Sons took the Hardy line and now works for Paul Martin & Son in Napoleon, Oh. It could be one of the two. If it was Holgate Imp., you must have went through on a weekend. Did you go over a set of railroad tracks and the sales lot was on the right??
  4. Holgate is still in business. Kahrs Tractor Sales South of Wauseon, Oh On SH 108. Closed a few years back.
  5. Not looking for anything fancy. 5 mile round trip the elevator. If i'm going to sit in line, might as well have 800 or 900 bushel with me. How about the 8600 series?
  6. No pics of the dealer sticker currently but not hard to find. I do have some memorabilia from the dealership that I could snap a pic of. FYI, there is a pylon building on the south side of Hudson, Mi on 127. Haven't been by there lately. not sure if it still has the original look.
  7. I still see a lot of tractors out there in my area with Ida Implement dealer stickers on them. Hope Hamblin's keep up the exterior of the building.
  8. I have been searching for a good Model 8100 road tractor to use on the farm to pull a grain hopper trailer. For some reason, I like the looks and options of these trucks. However, I seem to only find these available in single axel configurations. I rarely find one that is tandem. My question is: Were there not many built with tandem axels? Also, any thoughts or advice about these trucks? Thanks!
  9. Attended Friday. Nice selection of collectable memorabilia. Thought sale prices were strong. Watched Saturday session online. Don't know how well the parts did. What are your thoughts??
  10. Glad you guys had fun with the H. It is a true WW2 H. The original owners bought it new in the Spring of 1942 after their team of horses suddenly died. The steel wheels were cut-down and converted to rubber sometime in 1949 because the road they lived on was rebuilt with crushed stone. They never had any interest in adding the normal comfort features found on most H's. it always started for them by hand no matter the weather. I bought it from the Estate in 2005. I found correct "L" code front and rear steel and put it back as it was sold. It does have a PTO, belt pulley, and magneto ignition. Nothing else. I never found the correct cap screw to lock out the 5th gear. I rarely let people drive it. I know these gentlemen and their family well enough so I trusted their ability to handle the tractor. Excellent job on the video!
  11. It was an awesome State show! Thanks to Michigan Chapter 11 for assisting our club with this show. We had exhibitors and visitors from Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Alabama, New York, and Ontario Canada. Well over 350 different examples of IH equipment were on display. Thanks to all who helped with the success of this show! All are invited back the next time we feature IH. Waiting for the video of you guys playing with my steel wheel H!!
  12. We have High and Low docks for trailers. A loader will be available for unloading smaller equipment of if you purchase something that you can't carry.
  13. Anytime. There's something going on all day. Even after dark. Hope you can make it.
  14. Thanks for posting drglinski. The 2019 Michigan IH Collectors Chapter 11 State Show & Collector Expo. September 20, 21, & 22, held in conjunction with The Farmers Antique Tractor & Engine Associations Fall tractor and engine show in Adrian, Michigan. We invite all IH collectors and those interested in collecting IH items to attend this show. It has never been held this far south in Michigan. We are located at The Farmers Antique Tractor & Engine Associations Show Grounds, 7600 Forrister Rd. Adrian, Mi 49221. At the corner of U.S.223 and Forrister Rd. Lenawee County, Michigan. We expect exhibitors and visitors from the Tri-State area and Provinces of Canada to attend. We are looking for anything IH to be on display. Tractors, trucks, lawn & garden, construction, tools, appliances, memorabilia, IHC M1 Garands, and IH souvenirs. WE WILL HAVE PARTS VENDORS ONSITE!!! We have commitments from Rustic Red Acres, DB"S Red Parts, and a few other local collectors with spare parts to sell. A large courtesy tent will be onsite to hold all of Chapter 11's items, as well as displays of IH memorabilia from the State of Michigan, and past Lenawee County dealers. We have a working sawmill, Spoke lathe (aka copy lathe), Blacksmith, Lost arts, PTO Dyno testing, Trading post/parts corral, Outdoor Marketplace, Antique Tractor pulling, Lawn Mower Pulling, Threshing demonstrations, Corn Binding, Kids Pedal Tractor Pulling, Kids Games and Activities, Plus Alot More!! Food vendors, Zemer's Homemade Root Beer (bring your orange mugs) onsite.. Golf carts and Gators welcome. NO ATV's OR SIDE-BY-SIDES. Admission is $5.00 per person. Kids under 12 and Exhibitors are free. Rustic Camping is Available $10 per night. Hotels/Motels located in Adrian, or Jackson, Michigan. All Within Short driving distance of the show grounds. www.adrianfatea.org --- www.nationalihcollectors.com/MichiganIHC Please feel free to PM me with Specific Questions. Come help us show those Greenie-Weenie Putt-Putt collectors who's boss!!!!!!!
  15. Mr. Wendell passed away on Monday, August 12 2019 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa at age 80. He was the author of so many books on farm equipment manufacturers and other vintage industrial equipment such as steam locomotives, and sawmills. www.chwendel.com
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