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  1. We have High and Low docks for trailers. A loader will be available for unloading smaller equipment of if you purchase something that you can't carry.
  2. Anytime. There's something going on all day. Even after dark. Hope you can make it.
  3. Thanks for posting drglinski. The 2019 Michigan IH Collectors Chapter 11 State Show & Collector Expo. September 20, 21, & 22, held in conjunction with The Farmers Antique Tractor & Engine Associations Fall tractor and engine show in Adrian, Michigan. We invite all IH collectors and those interested in collecting IH items to attend this show. It has never been held this far south in Michigan. We are located at The Farmers Antique Tractor & Engine Associations Show Grounds, 7600 Forrister Rd. Adrian, Mi 49221. At the corner of U.S.223 and Forrister Rd. Lenawee County, Michigan. We expect exhibitors and visitors from the Tri-State area and Provinces of Canada to attend. We are looking for anything IH to be on display. Tractors, trucks, lawn & garden, construction, tools, appliances, memorabilia, IHC M1 Garands, and IH souvenirs. WE WILL HAVE PARTS VENDORS ONSITE!!! We have commitments from Rustic Red Acres, DB"S Red Parts, and a few other local collectors with spare parts to sell. A large courtesy tent will be onsite to hold all of Chapter 11's items, as well as displays of IH memorabilia from the State of Michigan, and past Lenawee County dealers. We have a working sawmill, Spoke lathe (aka copy lathe), Blacksmith, Lost arts, PTO Dyno testing, Trading post/parts corral, Outdoor Marketplace, Antique Tractor pulling, Lawn Mower Pulling, Threshing demonstrations, Corn Binding, Kids Pedal Tractor Pulling, Kids Games and Activities, Plus Alot More!! Food vendors, Zemer's Homemade Root Beer (bring your orange mugs) onsite.. Golf carts and Gators welcome. NO ATV's OR SIDE-BY-SIDES. Admission is $5.00 per person. Kids under 12 and Exhibitors are free. Rustic Camping is Available $10 per night. Hotels/Motels located in Adrian, or Jackson, Michigan. All Within Short driving distance of the show grounds. www.adrianfatea.org --- www.nationalihcollectors.com/MichiganIHC Please feel free to PM me with Specific Questions. Come help us show those Greenie-Weenie Putt-Putt collectors who's boss!!!!!!!
  4. Mr. Wendell passed away on Monday, August 12 2019 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa at age 80. He was the author of so many books on farm equipment manufacturers and other vintage industrial equipment such as steam locomotives, and sawmills. www.chwendel.com
  5. I know first hand what it takes to put on a show. Trust me, it's not easy! You gotta have dedicated members and volunteers to help put the show on. But, there are obstacles that are always pulling against what you are trying to do. Insurance coverage is a must in this "sue-happy" society. Where the organization comes up with the revenue to cover this cost make a difference in how the show is conducted. Whether it's passed on through gate admission, vendor fees, membership dues, exhibitor fees, or what have you, someone has to pay for it. Every year I have to deal with a new issue. This year it's having enough hand washing stations around our show in various locations. The local Health Department wants us to help combat the spread of Hepatitis. More cost to us, but we don't want anyone getting sick. Next year it will be something else i'm sure. Some insurances require club membership, others don't. I will argue that it might seem ridiculous for me to attend a show 200 miles away with a special feature and have to pay a membership just to exhibit. I put that in the back of my mind and figure this in my expenses when I go. I would suggest all of us not complain about exhibitor fees, and other charges....unless they are grossly ridiculous. This is what will continue to have good local and national shows for all of us to attend. There is nothing free anymore. And on that note, attendance and participation is a growing issue for all shows. We are an ageing society. Collectors and collections are dwindling. We need to do all we can to promote the collecting hobby and try to attract as many younger enthusiasts as we possibly can. Encourage, don't discourage! Make your venue as comfortable of a place as you can for people of all ages to display thier equipment.
  6. Not bad for a show that featured Minni-Mo. It was hotter than he** there. The consignment auction is the only thing holding that show together, and that has dwindled over the last few years.
  7. Bearings are marked I.H.C with the following numbers: Inner bearings: Cup 2720. Cone 2788 Outer Bearings: Cup 1729. Cone 1779 Seal: 42178D It seams that the roller bearing numbers line up with Timkin numbers. The seal is what I now need to locate. Also, is there a felt washer and a dust cup that go on inside the wheel???? Just making sure I put everything that is supposed to be in there back. Thanks.
  8. I'm working on replacing the front wheel bearings on my F-12. I believe them to be original. They have IHC part numbers on them. One wheel had a wobble so I thought I would just do them both. I can't repack the old ones because they are so wore, the rollers fall out of the cages. This tractor has front steel wheels. Are Wheel bearing kits available? Or, what are some modern part numbers that replace the old numbers. I will need the seals also. Thanks!
  9. Yes, a 1/16 model done like the Heritage Combine made of die-cast, not plastic like the "Big Farm" Tomy model. Ertl is producing a JD S780 in 1/16 scale that is die-cast. They intend to produce 5000 of them if they get enough orders. The retail cost is $799.99. I'd like to see a Heritage Combine done the same way. Why let JD have all the fun?
  10. I'd like to see a 1/16 toy replica made. like Ertl is trying to do with the JD combine.
  11. Did this program stretch into 1980? I have an '80 model 1086 with red interior, red carpet, red plush seat, digital tach, rear fender work lights, and the AM/FM/8-Track radio but the radiator side panels are painted traditional white. My engine is also a 415 instead of a 414. Or did they just use up the extra parts once the program was over?
  12. Just curious if anyone is going ? I've never been to one so I don't know what to expect.
  13. I just acquired an Eska small Farmall H with an open grille. It is in good shape with only a few incorrect pieces. Are restoration parts available? I will need the correct wheels and hub caps, plus a few other parts. Anyone who has restored or repaired one please chime in. I have restored a few newer models, but never one this old. Have a friend who might be going to the Dyersville, Iowa toy show that I could send a shopping list with. Thanks for any advice and tips.
  14. I got there in time to see the Kinze truck loaded with the A, M, 560, 650lp, and a 656. I either passed your son on the road, or that was him chaining down in the driveway. Sorry I didn't pay attention to what was on the trailer. I was distracted by the Kinze truck.
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