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  1. They signed a 10 year agreement , unfortunately EFD isn't going to another location for quite some time. I looked thru the vendor list and way way less vendors. I saw an Ariel picture and this years show compared to 4 years ago is way smaller.
  2. My clutch pedal kept getting lower and lower so I pulled the inspection cover off and round balls fell out. My throw out bearing is shot and the pressure plate fingers are messed up a little. Should I get oem parts or some other brand? Thanks!
  3. I have a leak at the cover where all the injector lines come into. I looked at the parts diagram and it shows a o-ring. My question is, can I take the 4 screws out and remove the cover to replace the o-ring? Tractor only has 1200 hours on it No dealers close, I'm in north west NJ
  4. They make power , thats why you see them at the pulls. They flow very good, but a clean K&N doesn't filter well. A dirty one filters much better.
  5. Ford had a bulletin years ago for the 7.3 diesels stating do not use a K&N air filter! Clean a K&N and before you oil it, put it up to a light and you'll be able to look tru all the holes . A dirty K&N is does a better job at keeping dirt out of a motor. I used to use K&N on our race motors. Never again because motor builder said , those filters kill the bore. We run on a very dusty dirt track and no issues , we use a Randy's racing filters.
  6. I built a 30x40 pole barn 2 years ago and finished the inside with rough cut shiplap. The ceiling in galvanized tin. I have scissor truss's so my ceiling height starts at 13ft and in the center it's 15.5 . I was brought up , spend a little more and buy the best. I hate not being able to see in a garage because of poor lighting. I bought 2 of these as a test and then was satisfied so I bought 6 from a company LSI who does a majority of gas station canopy led lights. The LSI lights were almost $240. each and honestly it's very hard to tell the difference from the cheaper ones vs the expensive ones. My garage is bright! Patriot Lighting® 22364 Lumens Integrated LED High Bay Light (Actual Size 23.75" x 11.75") Model Number: LEDHB160-5K-MVDIM10V-SN Menards® SKU: 3480122
  7. Grew up on a fruit and veggie farm in NJ. My parents sold in 1988 and since then I fix gas station equipment ,pumps and related equipment. Crazy busy for over 30 years! I got lucky and stumbled into a recession proof business. I work 60 to 90 hours a week year round.
  8. I fluid filmed my 2012 GMC. The factory Daubert coating reacted from the fluid film and after a year I had a mess . The rest of the underside held up so good from the fluid film , the service manager called me after I traded it to ask what did you do? The underside of the bed was brand new if you took a rag and wiped the fluid film away and that was 5 years later. I now have a 18 GMC and I had it sprayed with NHoil undercoating . I was under it last week and after 2 NJ and NY winters, it's like new. I also took my 18 home and right into the garage. I pulled inner fender wells, all the brakes, rotor's etc off and coated everything with cosmoline. Still looks very good.
  9. Ask your dealer for an copy. I got a copy on a thumb drive for my 385 for 60 bucks which I thought was a bargain.
  10. Stupid what small items cost, but if you dig long enough, you can find what you need at a fair price compared to a dealer.
  11. Working on repainting a 385. I'm in no rush. What brand paint did you use?
  12. UPDATE! I finally got things back together, new filter and hyd fluid. I also bought a 3000 psi gauge . Fired tractor up and no pressure . I pulled the flow divider and fired tractor up and it blew the divider out and the pump was finally pumping. I polished the flow divider so it moved freely , reassembled and checked steering and pto working, those work, but steering still hard at 600 rpm. Pressure at 600 rpm = 700 psi, 1500 rpm = 1200psi, 2200 rpm = 1700psi. 1700 is all I can get out of the rear remote. 3pt arms still stuck all the way up. I was going over manual I was given and mentioned the cushion valve. Well I loosened it up and let it sit a half hour, no difference. I unscrewed it till it blew out , boom the lift arms dropped and about 3/4 of a gallon oil all over the place. I cleaned cushion valve and put it back in and fired tractor up. The arms started going up even tho I had control lever in position so they should've not moved. I shut tractor off and removed valve again . I made a aluminum piece to take place of the valve 1/8 inch tru hole and a side hole for relief. Now arms go up and and right back down as soon as I shut tractor off which is expected since my piece is not a pressure relief valve. I tried to disassemble the cushion valve , but the slotted piece moves to tighten or loosen a small amount and then feels like its not going to move . anyone know if it can be taken apart? New is $260. Also how do I figure out if the pressure relief valve is the cause of 1700 max psi or pump is issue? Cushion valve is part #6
  13. Is this the unloader valve what I'm pointing to? I took the plug off and couldn't get the valve out, so I took the whole housing off and cleaned the valve, wasn't dirty. The 3pt hitch arms are still stuck all the way up??? I drained the old hyd fluid and knew the system was overfilled, but I drained almost 25 gallons out! Oil was a little milky now and then, so I'm letting everything drain for a few day and also pulled the Pto cover on the bottom to get all the fluid out.
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