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  1. skippydoo

    Corona virus

    NO, Doctor didn't want me in his office incase I had covid. I'm 90% better now.
  2. skippydoo

    Corona virus

    Friday night I got 102 fever and Saturday morning my throat was killing me. I've been doing 80 plus hours a week and had a total of 11 hours sleep in 3 night. So I called my doctor and did a virtual office visit. I told him I really think it's strep throat. He said He feels I have The corona and he will give me a prescription and I need to get a test and go into isolation for 5 day. I asked and way to get results quicker? No he said. My daughter works for the same group of doctors. My wife called her, she asked one of the doctors and he said sure. I went to office , my daughter came out did the test about 1145am Saturday. I got antibiotics and went home. Sunday night she looked and results said no corona . Now I called the doctor Monday as he told me for a followup. I asked any chance you have my test results, no that takes 5 days, and the doctor will call you, he's busy. I'm still waiting for him to call me back and see how i'm doing. Both me and my wife should still be in isolation too. Since I know the results and the doesn't know I know the results, isn't it pretty rude no one has called to tell us the results and you don't have to isolate any longer? I'm going give them till Monday and call , asking for results. I'm gonna ask what day did you get the results of the test? 2 people for a total of 10 working days that would've been not needed. I have been fever free since Monday afternoon. I took Monday off work.
  3. Not too long ago they announced the show was a go, now it's been cancelled. I was looking forward to going .
  4. I figured buying from Case IH would get quality parts. I Got a headlight switch for my 385 and the first position which is flashers didn't work. Even the OEM parts have problems.
  5. Arrest and defund George Soros.
  6. Just got the Milwaukee trimmer and leaf blower for my wife. She really likes it. Our stihl is a commercial model and too heavy for her.
  7. http://colorbackpaintrenewer.com/
  8. about 10 or more years ago I bought a spray bomb of paint pigment restorer out of a farm magazine and it worked very good. I think the add showed it for combines, but paint is paint.
  9. before you buy look at pricing, check out laura gmc and dave smith motors for the lowest pricing. My dealer gave in and was within 200 bucks on Laura gmc pricing. He said , don't tell anyone , i'm only make $ 310. I've got a great relationship with my dealer and he broke it all down, rebates, holdback, additional rebates, etc. What goes on with the biggest dealers is they give them additional incentives to move more inventory , so they lower pricing to get the sales. I love car/ truck shopping!
  10. Stupid what small items cost, but if you dig long enough, you can find what you need at a fair price compared to a dealer.
  11. Working on repainting a 385. I'm in no rush. What brand paint did you use?
  12. Ive got a 385 manual from dealer for less than $75 . thousands of pages. Dealer put it on a thumb drive.
  13. Problem was worse when I bought tractor. Originally the 3pt hitch wouldn't go down and pressure was worse than now, also fluid level was overfilled by several gallons. I replaced fluid and filter , polished flow divider because it was stuck. I used napa fluid because my brother owns a napa and I figured this was going to have issues. The cheap hyd fluid will be replaced once fixed with hytran which I already have. I had to pull the flow divider to prime the pump. Filter o ring is new and ok. I pulled valve under seat for 3pt hitch and arms fell to ground. Put valve back in and same issue. I then made a slug with a 1/8 drilled thru it put it inplace of valve ran tractor 15 minutes, arms works fine. Then put valve back in and 3pt now works ok.
  14. I bought a low hour 385 with less than 1300 hours on it. The HYD pressure is very low, testing at rear remote, at aprox 800 rpm, maybe 700psi, full rpm around 1700. New hyd fluid and filter, cleaned flow control valve . Steering is poor unless you rev it up. How do I figure out if its the pump or relief valve ? Also If I start tractor up after sitting a while it acts like it lost it's prime and takes about 20 seconds for pressure to build?? Tractor has Dual loader on it which uses 1 rear remote that goes to loader control , is that plumbed in correctly? I ask because we had a 784 with 2250 loader and it was plumbed in directly to hyd system , didn't use rear remote valve. Loader is not connected for testing
  15. Where do you see the dairy industry going? At what point do you say enough? Dumping milk or only get paid for 85% at aprox price of $10 per hundred is bankruptcy .
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