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  1. 784 IH clutch

    Our 784 had independent pto, clutch had no effect on pto.
  2. Harrisburg Farm Show ?

    Thanks, I'll try to go to the York PA show.
  3. Harrisburg Farm Show ?

    I used to go to the Harrisburg Farm show years ago and was thinking about going this year. Is the show still the same ? They always had a lot of farm equipment and vendors there. I'm not going for the livestock. Thanks
  4. Fuel additive amount

    Here's a few pictures of what 90 percent of todays diesel tanks / equipment look like inside. The filter isn't 6 months old! The strainer picture was full of what we call humbugs and this is very common. The rusted up pipe is black 1-1/2 pipe , this is part of the submersible pump/motor. The motor is aprox 6 inches off the bottom of the tank and the product travels inside this pipe. Ever since ultra low Sulphur arrived all these bad things started and its getting worse. All metal parts including metal tanks are rotting away! All of these issues are going on even with fiberglass tanks , but obviously the tanks aren't rusting away, but any metal components inside are .
  5. Fuel additive amount

    I fix gas pumps for a living and ever since ultra low sulfur arrived we have been seeing issues getting worse and worse. I was told several years ago the way they get the sulfur out is mix the fuel with sea water (salt water)! Todays diesel will ingest or hold up to 30 percent water. Years ago when we would pull motors out of the tanks, we would hold on to the 1-1/2 black pipe for dear life because it was so slippery . Today we hold on for dear life so we don't have to go to the emergency room because our hands are full of rust. Anyone who has a steel tank should be very careful, the metal is severely rusting , its just a matter of time. The microbs and humbugs are coming from your delivery company. They get it from the distribution centers. If you have the smallest amount of water in your tank , get it out asap! Keeping your tank as full as possible all the time helps alot . RUN ADDITIVE ALL TIME! i will post some pictures. Additive is needed regardless if its new or old engines. USA has terrible fuel compared to the rest of the world.
  6. Pressure Wash 👎Caked Grease 👍👀

    One of the best things I've ever bought is my Kaarcher hot water pressure washer. I can clean anything and I can do it even in the middle of the winter even when its below zero.