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  1. Home depot and lowes have tile morter mixing tubs that are great for drain pans. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Plasgad-Black-Large-Concrete-Mixing-Tub-887102C/205451585#product-overview
  2. I was thinking that one of the SCA charged ELC coolants are better in any of these diesels. I only run the plain green in my gas trucks.
  3. Isnt that the head gasket surface right above it? I wouldnt be trying to braze right there without having the engine fully disasembled.
  4. Its alive, had been sitting a long time, put in $482 of hoses and have a lot more to do. The hoe bucket hose is totally jimmyrigged until I get back to the Parker Hyd store. The swing needs to have flow restrictors put in, its way too fast and sensitive.
  5. Good, Im not the only guy with an IH Hoe. Mine is a 1975 250A. Have you made any headway?
  6. Yes needs some more, This is R134A right? I would like to see about 250-275 on high side and 35 or 45 on low side. A trick that helps get it into the system is to have a bucket of warm water handy and you can dip the can into the water which raises the pressure in the can and forces it into the system. You can use the gauge low side knob to meter in a little at a time and wait and see how the pressures stabilize after a couple minutes.
  7. Got it going FWD and REV, most of the problem was the left side floor was bent up and wasnt allowing the left pedal to travel down far enough to actuate whatever it does in the shift interlock. I also hooked up the return spring on the left pedal. The other part is - there is a link from that left pedal that goes to a small bellcrank which has another link that goes to a small plunger (interlock?) on the left side of the transmission by your left foot.... I need to weld a pivot bracket back up for that belcrank as I had cut it and the fwd/rev linkage out previously because it was all seized up. The shift plunger is right next to the interlock plunger. I think the left pedal is also actuating something else that has to do with shift interlock, it seems there are 2 different interlocks. I have to dig though my storage and look for my manuals for this one.
  8. Thanks, will be a couple days before I get back out to look at it again. Would that FWD/REV pump be a cheaper / easier to replace- fix as compared to a Hydrostatic pump on the full shuttle shift tractors?
  9. Hello, My old 250A with the trans type with the fwd / rev lever sticking out of the instrument panel.. and range lever and 1,2,3 gear lever to the left side of seat...... has been sitting and I fired it up and it wont drive fwd or rev. Engine runs great. All the Hoe functions work, front end loader and steering work. When it was parked I needed to re-do the fwd rev shift linkage from the panel shifter down to the plunger by my left foot. It was seized and I had to cut it all apart. It would still drive though by lifting or pushing down the plunger by my left foot on the transmission. No linkage yet. The fluid is full, the drive function doesnt twitch or try and move at all. A while back I did move the Hoe a couple hundred feet by pulling it with my dozer... maybe I killed it. I dont recall where the range and gear levers were. Thanks
  10. 4BT, interesting. Do you have one already, they dont go cheap usually any more . As far as Rod, back in 84 he would have been around 40 and had a daughter my age. Im 53 now. My buddy Dave Schmidt lives in Davis still
  11. Well I grew up in Northern illinois near Durand and Davis and worked a couple summers for a Dairy farmer named Rod Mortimer and he had a Farmall with a chevy 396. I dont remember what it had for transmissions. This was 1983 or 84 ish.
  12. What length is your trailer? I think that is the size I need. Whats the dozer weigh fully assembled?
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