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  1. Yep thats what I figured out. I didn' know. Gonna have to ask how you use it because I got to move one side in
  2. Started on it today. Parts of the tractor were painted with a brush. I kid you not
  3. I think the wheels are the same, one side has a removal tool on it. Maybe someone will let me know. Haven' had time to look in to it. I' gonna do the cab skin replacemet after I deal with some mechanical issues. I have some front end wear to address, weak steering and brakes TA lever is unhooked. I want to find out if the TA is deleted or what. I want a working TA.
  4. Notice the 2 different style centers on the rear.
  5. Was finally able to at least make some plans, boy howdy is this gonna be a project
  6. One good thing about this one is the doors are not rusted out. The cab skin is though. That's kinda strange
  7. I have a 986 and had a 1086, 1066 and a 1466 back in the day
  8. Bought this ragged 1086 off an auction. Power steering and brakes are weak. Poorly done repaint is peeling. It's going to need a new cab skin from triple r. Let the work begin. Well soon anyway I Had knee replacement 3 weeks ago.
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