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  1. Gonna try and wrap this up. Ordered ac components, red dot evap, new sanden compressor, new condenser and lines. A new air seat has arrived. I have to decide whether to pay the extra for 4 firestone radials or something else.


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  2. Finally getting back on it a little bit. Got the dash done and everything works. I carried the hood panels to a sandblaster guy. They look like they had been painted at least 3 times with a different shade every time. I went to do the exhaust and the elbow was just too thin, so a new one is on the way.  I'm lining up the AC parts as well. I just don't have alotta time to work on it with crops and 12 chicken houses. Everything really got dusty since I last messed with it





  3. 7 minutes ago, IHC5488 said:

    That's looking cozy,  where was the interior available at?

    fehr . the back piece wasn't for this cab due to the fuel tank , notice the unfinished edge. there is foam and killmat on the sides of the tank though

  4. 1 hour ago, IHC5488 said:

    Look at BJ's project on the same page as this, I put alot of into that cab and theres just not alot of good survivors left.  I can post pictures here too but I don't want to take away from the 1086 project

    that was nicely done!!! and I don't have a probem with you putting up the pics here!! be nice actuaIIy

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