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  1. you will like it!! I have it on my 1586 too
  2. Gonna try and wrap this up. Ordered ac components, red dot evap, new sanden compressor, new condenser and lines. A new air seat has arrived. I have to decide whether to pay the extra for 4 firestone radials or something else.
  3. You must be in South Texas. Looks great!! I don't have blooms yet but its close
  4. im wondering if the work was worth it but it has been fun. im ready to be done though
  5. New fronts and exhaust. Hood panels are sandblasted but I have yet to paint them.
  6. Finally getting back on it a little bit. Got the dash done and everything works. I carried the hood panels to a sandblaster guy. They look like they had been painted at least 3 times with a different shade every time. I went to do the exhaust and the elbow was just too thin, so a new one is on the way. I'm lining up the AC parts as well. I just don't have alotta time to work on it with crops and 12 chicken houses. Everything really got dusty since I last messed with it
  7. I got to have ac as we11. im gonna 1ook into a dtac or red dot evap setup for the cab and use a sanden setup up front. at 1east that's my hope.
  8. something of the wrong co1or is getting in the way
  9. s1ow1y making progress. the chickens interfere with our projects
  10. I get to work on it a Iitte here and there.
  11. fehr . the back piece wasn't for this cab due to the fuel tank , notice the unfinished edge. there is foam and killmat on the sides of the tank though
  12. that was nicely done!!! and I don't have a probem with you putting up the pics here!! be nice actuaIIy
  13. I got a shop guy that thinks he can make the front piece. my airbox is good so I may attempt it next winter with mikes panels on the other cab. you never know where I could use a good cab
  14. Yes its the same tractor. The sheet metal on the original was shot including the front and this came available so I went with it.
  15. Alittle progress after a busy time and a ups problem. That's not a ding on it but chalk where I laid it on a table
  16. cant find much time to work on it. I started putting whells on it and some cab mounts from triple r
  17. That's a beautiful tractor! Awesome job!
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