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  1. Just generic emails is all. My dealer said I was in the first 10% that ordered.
  2. This is what I ordered. They keep telling me in emails that they are honoring the price when I ordered
  3. i have a hard top bronco ordered. I ordered 2 days after it was opened up. i recieved an email that the hardtops werent available because of a manufacturing mistake. wont be available till sometime in 2022.
  4. Well , got the motor done and it runs like a top. The last step was Flushing and gassing the AC. He found a Crack in the evap core in the red dot. We wait on a replacement
  5. The tank was part of the cab and it set on the original mounts. It was an easy install..
  6. I got it at a buddy's shop who is a tractor mechanic. He said everything looked immaculate. It sat through a busy season for me without coolant. I'm sure that's why it leaked. That's on me, big time.
  7. well after a long rest waiting its back to work to finish this project, I was about to carry it to a mechanic friend to finish up the AC install and found water in the oil . I told him no hurry fix it when you can, haha!
  8. buy a stall mat and cut to fit for the floor. it works nicely
  9. you will like it!! I have it on my 1586 too
  10. Gonna try and wrap this up. Ordered ac components, red dot evap, new sanden compressor, new condenser and lines. A new air seat has arrived. I have to decide whether to pay the extra for 4 firestone radials or something else.
  11. You must be in South Texas. Looks great!! I don't have blooms yet but its close
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