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  1. They will hold up fine for months but are ginned as soon as possible
  2. no, its a really nice tractor
  3. mainly because my daughter works for the show and was in charge of the classic portion. They were in the peanut field a week earlier
  4. I struggled through the 80s and barely made it. I had a close friend, great farmers, came up short and farm credit refinanced them. They met all obligations the next year and farm credit cut them off. They sold almost all their land and quit
  5. Yes fehr has a listing for the roof insulation. Nice tractor, I love my 986 4post
  6. Well , got the motor done and it runs like a top. The last step was Flushing and gassing the AC. He found a Crack in the evap core in the red dot. We wait on a replacement
  7. The tank was part of the cab and it set on the original mounts. It was an easy install..
  8. I got it at a buddy's shop who is a tractor mechanic. He said everything looked immaculate. It sat through a busy season for me without coolant. I'm sure that's why it leaked. That's on me, big time.
  9. well after a long rest waiting its back to work to finish this project, I was about to carry it to a mechanic friend to finish up the AC install and found water in the oil . I told him no hurry fix it when you can, haha!
  10. buy a stall mat and cut to fit for the floor. it works nicely
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