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  1. its collapsed and the fuel gauge doesn't work. I have a dual tank setup off my 1086 that got the yar cab. How hard would it be to get the Guage working if I swap them. Now is the time if I'm gonna
  2. thanks to America for the 1086
  3. I bought this one 4 years ago. Later I put a loader on it. I have had no issues with it. I needed a small tractor and went looking for a used tractor and saw this at the eealer. I bought this for 21k and it had a 5 year warranty. 75 engine hp
  4. They both were mine. They other is a 1586. I didn't have time to stay there but I told people to try it on, I didn't mind
  5. They will hold up fine for months but are ginned as soon as possible
  6. no, its a really nice tractor
  7. mainly because my daughter works for the show and was in charge of the classic portion. They were in the peanut field a week earlier
  8. Yes fehr has a listing for the roof insulation. Nice tractor, I love my 986 4post
  9. Well , got the motor done and it runs like a top. The last step was Flushing and gassing the AC. He found a Crack in the evap core in the red dot. We wait on a replacement
  10. The tank was part of the cab and it set on the original mounts. It was an easy install..
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