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  1. 19 hours ago, td9inidaho said:

    Your inner top has foam sound proofing?  Or headliner ??  Looks different from my 4 post inner plastic 


    It has a foam piece. I ordered the replacement from fehr but have my doubts as to how long it will last out in the open

  2. 11 hours ago, IHC5488 said:


    Was your cab top in good shape?  I am looking for one of those to replace on a 4 post I have.  Is there some in the southern states to get my hands on one?


    I think for some reason I have the only one left down here that hasn't rusted away. Only reason I'm redoing this tractor was some surface rust starting on the top and we decided to work on the whole thing

  3. 5 hours ago, cedar farm said:

    Getting a dust bath is why they moved the cab filter from the LH side on 1400 combines to the RH side on 1600 series. Can you imagine changing the cab filter in a John Deere 30-55 series Soundgard which is in the cab. Stupid.

    I got some sound guards yes! You handle it carefully and still get a dustbath

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  4. 1 hour ago, IHhogfarmer said:

    I started a serial number list for the 4166’s since no one else has. I started it on December 21st and have 22 listings so far. The info I would like to have is 

    Serial number 

    Any Options (cab, open station, hydraulics, 3pt, PTO, bareback, hydraulic hitch, front weights, hours, tire size) stuff like that

    Name of owner

    City and state (and any info on past life if known)

    Of course any contact info will be kept confidential

    There is also this same message from me on the Technical IH board. It’s on a pinned topic named Serial Numbers Being Kept Track Of. My post is the the first one on page 5. So if you can’t find this thread you can find my contact info on the Technical IH thread.

    Feel free to post your 4166 info here on this thread or PM me here on the forum or email me at jaycemaker@gmail.com. I wanted to start a list because my great grandpa bought one new on December 4th, 1974. I have its serial number and it is recorded, just haven’t found the tractor yet! Plus it is my favorite IH tractor model. Thank you!

    I would like to see pics !!!!

  5. 13 hours ago, Dan Robinson said:

    Should just have to plug in both senders. There should be a jumper wire plugged into the lower wire harness. Unplug that, plug in lower sender. 

    Your 3pt arms may interfere with a 1086 tank. But I cannot conform that. 

    I was wondering if the wiring was there, thanks!

  6. I bought this one 4 years ago. Later I put a loader on it. I have had no issues with it. I needed a small tractor and went looking for a used tractor and saw this at the eealer. I bought this for 21k and it had a 5 year warranty. 75 engine hp


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  7. 11 hours ago, Diesel Doctor said:

    Thanks to the Alabama RPRU for their show on cotton. 

    It was very informative to a group of South Dakota flat landers who had never been around cotton.

    I now want to get into an area which grew tobacco.

    I have never been around that either.

    I did have the pleasure of talking with a gentleman at the Wisconsin RPRU that had grown it.

    I could have listened to him all day about it.

    I grew it till 2009

    1937059_101520233196227_6763607_n (1).jpg

    file (1).jpg

    1937059_101428539872063_7031292_n (1).jpg

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  8. 20 hours ago, MarkG said:

    I saw it there. It’s a beautiful tractor. I wanted to open the door and look inside but I didn’t dare touch it without permission. Was the other 1086 yours also? While I was there another person was admiring the 1086 with the factory cab and reminiscing.  He said he remembered going to the same show years ago and seeing the new 1086 at the international tent. 

    They both were mine. They other is a 1586. I didn't have time to stay there but I told people to try it on, I didn't mind

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