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  1. my 1586 pto starts turning when you crank it. let it run for a few seconds turn pto on and then off and it stops and works as it should then. I have a dual pto Im swapping into it this winter
  2. I was wondering if the wiring was there, thanks!
  3. ok thanks I thought they was the same size
  4. its collapsed and the fuel gauge doesn't work. I have a dual tank setup off my 1086 that got the yar cab. How hard would it be to get the Guage working if I swap them. Now is the time if I'm gonna
  5. thanks to America for the 1086
  6. I bought this one 4 years ago. Later I put a loader on it. I have had no issues with it. I needed a small tractor and went looking for a used tractor and saw this at the eealer. I bought this for 21k and it had a 5 year warranty. 75 engine hp
  7. They both were mine. They other is a 1586. I didn't have time to stay there but I told people to try it on, I didn't mind
  8. They will hold up fine for months but are ginned as soon as possible
  9. no, its a really nice tractor
  10. mainly because my daughter works for the show and was in charge of the classic portion. They were in the peanut field a week earlier
  11. I struggled through the 80s and barely made it. I had a close friend, great farmers, came up short and farm credit refinanced them. They met all obligations the next year and farm credit cut them off. They sold almost all their land and quit
  12. Got to work the 1586 alittle tearing up winter grazing so I can plant some peanut and hooked the case ih 165 to the ugly deere. 850$ to replace blades, slides and shin
  13. Is it blasphemous to admit that I have one
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