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  1. Raking oat hayledge today and some more tilling
  2. So I ordered a cheap seat and suspension from Walmart ( It popped up on Facebook ) for another project, 270$. I had my 986 in the shop and stuck it on just to see. The seat has a thinner backrest and puts my butt further back. I'm 6 ft 3 in and thats a biggy. Its pretty comfy too!!
  3. my 1086 has them, I wish the other 2 did
  4. keep the pics coming!!! thanks
  5. I like em!! I exit to the right and its easier in and out than the sg
  6. it had the digital tach but the tilt and dash came from another tractor
  7. I love my 1586 and 986 but my 1086 is my favorite. If the 15 had the 4 speed it would win
  8. It has a foam piece. I ordered the replacement from fehr but have my doubts as to how long it will last out in the open
  9. I think for some reason I have the only one left down here that hasn't rusted away. Only reason I'm redoing this tractor was some surface rust starting on the top and we decided to work on the whole thing
  10. had a dual tank setup from the 1086 that got the YAR cab and the one on the 986 was caved in so
  11. my wife grows flowers with this
  12. Yes I personally like them and I'm big
  13. I got some sound guards yes! You handle it carefully and still get a dustbath
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