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  1. someone left it switched on ( might have been me )
  2. Putting a little trimble 250 in my 1086 this morning
  3. its leaking bad after we put orings in it
  4. The valve is not available and mine is shot. Don't think I've used it in years.. I didn't know if you could just cap the lines or need to hook the lines together
  5. They are numerous here. I priced one last week, 145 hp 220000$ whoosh!!!
  6. Raking oat hayledge today and some more tilling
  7. So I ordered a cheap seat and suspension from Walmart ( It popped up on Facebook ) for another project, 270$. I had my 986 in the shop and stuck it on just to see. The seat has a thinner backrest and puts my butt further back. I'm 6 ft 3 in and thats a biggy. Its pretty comfy too!!
  8. my 1086 has them, I wish the other 2 did
  9. keep the pics coming!!! thanks
  10. I like em!! I exit to the right and its easier in and out than the sg
  11. it had the digital tach but the tilt and dash came from another tractor
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