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  1. Went and got the wife some gin trash for her flowers
  2. thanks alot!!! I may try this this winter and may be bothering you alittle if thats ok
  3. acccording to the manual the planter fan needs 6-7 gpm so that doesnt leave much for the lift and remotes
  4. the hills are neat in the background of that flat land
  5. could you run a 8 row air planter with this setup without heating the oil too much?
  6. set on 36 in rows, will they fit? I put them on a 4840 and now it runs 21mph in road gear. It wouldn't hurt to speed the 1586 up and having 1rst high faster would be good
  7. someone left it switched on ( might have been me )
  8. Putting a little trimble 250 in my 1086 this morning
  9. its leaking bad after we put orings in it
  10. The valve is not available and mine is shot. Don't think I've used it in years.. I didn't know if you could just cap the lines or need to hook the lines together
  11. They are numerous here. I priced one last week, 145 hp 220000$ whoosh!!!
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