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  1. 10 hours ago, FoxrunFarms02 said:

    Before I posted the question I bought a 12.00 cover like that from fleet farm I believe 15 inches was the biggest one and the steering wheel is 18. I got it almost on and it ripped apart. Yours looks pretty decent. It does what it's supposed to and if it feels comfortable and works for you that's awesome. 

    they have the 17 and 18 in on amazon

  2. Was checking on the chickens when Micheal came through and saw a section of roof raising up about 2 foot. My face got blistered driving the backhoe in the driving rain. We saved the house 


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  3. Don't hate me, it was a neighbor's 3020 who passed and I bought it from his son. He had the engine rebuilt and I had the clutch replaced, hydraulic pump rebuilt and shifter rebuilt


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  4. On 6/17/2023 at 8:47 AM, HydroTek said:

    A push-pull diverter and flow control valve would be the simplest setup to use

    you could sub in a 2 spool valve if there is a need for an extra remote -- but one spool would be dedicated to the flow control

    I modded a push-pull diverter and flow control under the cab then ran the control rods thru the floor, near the RH console -- one for the diverter and another for the flow control

    There is no priority valve on the '86 series with open center -- and connecting the planter fans like this will cause some variation when lifting the planter . The full flow still goes to the lifting operation, and since the return from the valve stack is supplying the fans you would notice some pressure fluctuations -- as long as you do not hit relief when the planter lifts, the fans will still operate -- other wise flow at the valve stack power beyond port stops, while the main relief is open



    So with this setup where would be a good place to install a temp sending unit for the hyd fluid and what temp would be too high? Would it help to run more fluid? I already run 5 gal over. So much of my peanut equipment has hyd motors it would be neat if I could use these tractors more. Even thought about a cooler added somewhere

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