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  1. 10 hours ago, FoxrunFarms02 said:

    Before I posted the question I bought a 12.00 cover like that from fleet farm I believe 15 inches was the biggest one and the steering wheel is 18. I got it almost on and it ripped apart. Yours looks pretty decent. It does what it's supposed to and if it feels comfortable and works for you that's awesome. 

    they have the 17 and 18 in on amazon

  2. 22 hours ago, FoxrunFarms02 said:

    Is that just a bigger legit steering wheel cover?

    No I don't think so. You really have to stretch it to get it on and when you do it stays in place really good. I know it may look tacky but its really comfy on the hands. I put on on my 986 4 post last spring that rarely is inside and it still looks new

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  3. Was checking on the chickens when Micheal came through and saw a section of roof raising up about 2 foot. My face got blistered driving the backhoe in the driving rain. We saved the house 


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