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  1. I priced a  4450 at 32000 and bought a massey 3545 that had sat on the lot for 2 years for 22000 with duals. the 4450 price didnt include duals. The massey was a great tractor.

  2. 11 hours ago, bitty said:

    They were just not a great engine. We were lucky that way. We installed a Everitt Hunley 8.3 210 HP at the flywheel repower kit..... Used 2 1/2 gallon less per hour pulling same chopper and had way way more power, started at the touch of the key in cool weather even . We sold our used running take out engine to an AC moonlight mechanic 

    he bought my 8070 to do his conversion . he converted 2 of my neighbors 8070s and made an excellent tractor out of them

  3. 5 hours ago, bitty said:

    We bought a new 8050 MFD power shift. It was a turd. 1500 hours it needed its first torque limiter clutch ... Dad said they priced out a John Deere also, that was way more expensive. It also would have been the first John Deere we had owned at that point since 1942 I think it was one Grandpa bought the farm with a John Deere B and a Farmall H . Hobensacks in ivyland was kind of out of the AG business by then almost as Philadelphia was swallowing them up, the other dealer we dealt with was Erb and Henry . In hindsight I'm sure if we'd have bought a 5288 we would have kept it much longer than that Allis Chalmers. It was a spring of 87 if it was the spring of 88 we should have had a brand new 7130 or 40 ....


    Of the nine Magnums we have owned over the years, many of them were close to 10,000 hours or more, I've put a total of two torque limiter clutches in the Magnums 

    My 8070 ventilated the block at an early age. I was overworking it though

  4. We brought the 986 into the shop last winter when I noticed some light rust on the roof and I know there aren't many 4 post roofs left. The fuel tank had collapsed and I had the dual tanks from my 1086 so I swapped it out. I found out I had to change the upper arms. The 986 was the first that I did the tilt steering swap


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