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  1. Had a rainy day and put a new 6 row radiator from Ap air in my 1086 to replace a leaky one.
  2. No I don't think so. You really have to stretch it to get it on and when you do it stays in place really good. I know it may look tacky but its really comfy on the hands. I put on on my 986 4 post last spring that rarely is inside and it still looks new
  3. I use these. It fills up my hand better. My joints are stiff and I like a fatter grip. They are cheap and hold up fairly well
  4. Put the 1586 to the rake and it pulled it just fine
  5. Was checking on the chickens when Micheal came through and saw a section of roof raising up about 2 foot. My face got blistered driving the backhoe in the driving rain. We saved the house
  6. I unbolted the mounts and worked on them in the vise I got the new ones from triple r
  7. Here's some south Ga cotton. A rain would be nice
  8. Raked and tendered hay with the 1086 every day this week
  9. My deere dealer is checking to see if they have a atu 300 mount for my 1586 with tilt steering. He said they did for a non tilt
  10. Don't hate me, it was a neighbor's 3020 who passed and I bought it from his son. He had the engine rebuilt and I had the clutch replaced, hydraulic pump rebuilt and shifter rebuilt
  11. ac switch went bad so while we was there we did the fan upgrade
  12. yes they are a mandarin, seedless easy to peel and very sweet
  13. Sprayed citrus this morning and raked hay this afternoon with the 1086. It has an easy but busy life here. Coldest air conditioner on the farm. Ap air hit a home run with the package.
  14. Definitely a nice upgrade with the steps. I exit to the right too as I'm large
  15. So with this setup where would be a good place to install a temp sending unit for the hyd fluid and what temp would be too high? Would it help to run more fluid? I already run 5 gal over. So much of my peanut equipment has hyd motors it would be neat if I could use these tractors more. Even thought about a cooler added somewhere
  16. its leaf , lint and stick particles left over from the ginning process. Piled up and composted
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