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  1. Well I am undecided. Glad its saved I reckon
  2. I checked out their website, neato!! Thanks
  3. I grew fresh market beans back in the early 90s. I went from a Chisholm Ryder to a pixall, was a huge upgrade. As far as picking quality none beat the pixall 2 row mounted on a 4000 Ford tractor
  4. Just generic emails is all. My dealer said I was in the first 10% that ordered.
  5. They are saying late this year possibly
  6. This is what I ordered. They keep telling me in emails that they are honoring the price when I ordered
  7. Stepson bags earcorn for his deere hunting buddies
  8. i have a hard top bronco ordered. I ordered 2 days after it was opened up. i recieved an email that the hardtops werent available because of a manufacturing mistake. wont be available till sometime in 2022.
  9. question, its set on 80 in spacing. I thought it might have been a tobacco special but the front end is as wide as it will go on 80. back will go on out. was there an ext used on the front axle? This is tobacco country where I am
  10. i got a 684 I'm bought done with that had the same wheels as the 2nd pic. I repainted them Ih white because they were that color. I see that one has silver
  11. ok thanks!! I didnt know if I had to bleed the the air out at the master cylinder
  12. just replaced the master cylinders, do i need to bleed them or just bleed from the back?
  13. they were the mackdaddy in the circle track classes that required a stock head
  14. we painted it and put the rear tires on it
  15. 1086 that i put the yar cab on has had the clutch fail, water in the oil, and TA is slipping. my 1586 i bought cheap for parts is running every day with no problems
  16. no, its local built. it tilts
  17. This is one we built on the farm which I drove. It was a wall magnet
  18. I was half owner of this one. I was not the setup guy in the organization
  19. after the peanuts are harvested the residue is baled. its some really good hay
  20. ran down beside the flags after laying out my citrus orchard. it had repacked. heres a video
  21. and here is my little combine
  22. i grow nuts! here is a video of the digging
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