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  1. my first tractor was a 1466 black stripe. I bought it at a farm auction in 1982 for 4500$
  2. I heard he traded them all in on a fleet of mahindras
  3. Yes thanks!!! Sounds like thats it!
  4. Its a mechanical knob you step on that engages the plunger
  5. Might add its been sitting still alot
  6. It engages itself. The plunger in the valve underneath the floor is real easy to move back and forth. Any suggestions?
  7. Matt was making a point about a drawback of this tractor. sounds like with your defensiveness your mind is made up. I had a deere 4255 and a massey 3545, both 2 wheel drive. The 4255 was helpless in the mud compared to the massey, just a fact. and you make disparaging comments because he's just stating an issue with the 5088
  8. we alittle off down here due to rain
  9. Yes fehr has a listing for the roof insulation. Nice tractor, I love my 986 4post
  10. its a crap shoot for sure. bought a 15 and have been running the stew out of it with hardly any issues. bought a 10 and it developed water in the oil, then after running it alittle the clutch came apart. fixed that and then after a bit the TA started slipping. I guess I'm working my way to the back
  11. i turned my lights on to the first position for flashers last week and the back work lights are blinking but the flashers arent. front flashers are working!!!!! wth?
  12. Well I am undecided. Glad its saved I reckon
  13. I checked out their website, neato!! Thanks
  14. I grew fresh market beans back in the early 90s. I went from a Chisholm Ryder to a pixall, was a huge upgrade. As far as picking quality none beat the pixall 2 row mounted on a 4000 Ford tractor
  15. Just generic emails is all. My dealer said I was in the first 10% that ordered.
  16. This is what I ordered. They keep telling me in emails that they are honoring the price when I ordered
  17. Stepson bags earcorn for his deere hunting buddies
  18. i have a hard top bronco ordered. I ordered 2 days after it was opened up. i recieved an email that the hardtops werent available because of a manufacturing mistake. wont be available till sometime in 2022.
  19. question, its set on 80 in spacing. I thought it might have been a tobacco special but the front end is as wide as it will go on 80. back will go on out. was there an ext used on the front axle? This is tobacco country where I am
  20. i got a 684 I'm bought done with that had the same wheels as the 2nd pic. I repainted them Ih white because they were that color. I see that one has silver
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