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  1. Thanks for all the information. Tractor is on a retirement auction next month. (If it was a consignment I'm sure I would run). I'll have to talk to the owner and take it for a test drive and go from there. fwiw we do have a local AC dealer that has been here forever.
  2. I've been kind of passively looking for a boxcar magnum for my big square baler. Wife likes baling, but hates running the 6588. She doesn't like how it steers, how it shifts, and it is loud. I stumbled across a mid 90's Agco-Allis 9655 with around 4000 hrs. A little research shows that these tractors are powered by an IH 466 rebadged as a Detroit. Transmission is a Funk 18 speed powershift that is also in some White and New Holland tractors of that era. Looks to me like a poor man's magnum, but I might struggle to get by the fugly factor. Anybody have experience or opinions on these
  3. Simplest solution first would be dry or seized detent roller in the shift plate mechanism. Douse it down with lots of penetrating oil. I fought mine for a couple years, I'd pull the lever with one hand and hit it with the other to get it into reverse. At times when I would shift to park it would drag the high low linkage into high, so I'd be stuck in both park and high range at the same time. Started dismantling things expecting to have issues under the range cover, but after disconnecting the linkages it was obvious that all my problems were in the shifting plates. Got them lubed up good and
  4. You're right, it is an opinion piece. One that cites legitimate studies..... but it gets dismissed because it doesn't fit the mainstream narrative of orange man bad, and I believe the left will accept any body count that results in the desired political outcome. Perhaps more importantly is the FACT that all major social media outlets have sensored a press conference called by a United States Congressman, and twitter has deleted a tweet by the President of the United States. Why? Because it doesn't conform with the standards set forth by the Chinese bought and paid for WHO. Sorry, b
  5. The left lies.... Americans die!! https://www.newsweek.com/key-defeating-covid-19-already-exists-we-need-start-using-it-opinion-1519535
  6. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CDKwez3HuZ7/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet Dr. Stella Immanuel explains how HCQ not only works as a cure but can also be used to PREVENT COVID infection in the first place!
  7. Works ok. Makes the tool a little more bulky. If you leave the battery in the tool it will drain the battery, don't ask me why.
  8. That's right, that model would have just the arrows. If the arrows are always telling you to go one way, switch the wires, then see if it always tells you to go the other way. If so you likely have a bad load sensor. (Or a broken wire). My 2150 moniter does have a bar graph which shows the load on each side.
  9. My first thought would be a failure of one of the plunger arm load sensors. Does the monitor show an equal load on both sides? If it shows all of the load on one side, swap the harness wires at the load sensors and see if it shows all of the load on the opposite side. If so, you would need to replace the bad plunger arm.
  10. https://www.bubbarope.com/ I've got one of these.....hope it doesn't make me a racist!🤣
  11. Next ran the steering supply flow test described in picture from last post. I couldn't get more than 500 psi regardless of how much I closed the load valve. Flow is from 10 to 12 gpm. With the load valve open, 500 psi. When I closed the load valve down psi stayed the same, flow dropped to 0 when it was completely closed, psi was still 500. While running this test with no pressure load on the system, the pressure at the relief valve port on the mcv was at 200 psi, and at the lube sending port was still zero. Forgot to mention previously that after my initial test of lube and ta press
  12. Next did the relief valve differential pressure test At 800 rpm the pressure went to 4200 psi which kinda scared me. Replaced the relief valve with one out of a 1066, ran the test again and got readings closer to what I expected. 2400 at the flowrater and about 280 at the supply hose.
  13. Finally getting back to the 6588. Did the lube, ta, dd pressure test. Got about 150 psi at relief valve port, 0 psi at lube sending unit port. Guage needle at relief valve port would flicker down when shifted from ta to dd, did not move when shifting from dd to ta.
  14. FIL ran out of fuel 10 feet short of the fuel barrel. Decided to push the tractor and mixer to the barrel with the skid loader. He didn't think to cut the throttle off or take it out of gear, it momentarily fired back up, and over the bank it went! Broke the spindle, repairs were less than $500
  15. Hope the lad heals quickly. My question is did he get pictures? If not, he'll probably wish he had. They say tragedy multiplied by time equals comedy. I lopped a pinky finger off back in January. Sitting in the ER the nurse asked me if I wanted pictures. Heck, I said, why didn't I think of that earlier. I wanted to drop the severed appendage in a jar of formaldehyde and put it on the mantle as a conversation piece, but the wife drew the line at pictures.🤨
  16. Darn it......and here I thought it was my meme that got the thread shut down🙁 I'll try again.
  17. I think I know the answer to this question but I'd rather "measure twice and cut once". When I pulled the injection pump on my 886 I turned the flywheel to 18 degrees beyond tdc. The timing mark lined up with the pointer on the pump. The pump came back today and the tag says it is set 18 degrees beyond tdc. The pointer and timing mark aren't lined up so I need to A. Leave the pump as is and turn the tractor flywheel to tdc. Or B. Leave the flywheel where it is and turn the pump back to where the pointer lines up with the timing mark on the pump.
  18. Dont know when the last time the oil has been completely changed, I dont recall it looking that bad whenever I've changed filters. I've been using the local farm fleet-tractor supply premium oil for years. Can't remember the name on the pail offhand. My plan is to drain oil, replace filters, and fill with the same premium oil I've been using. If I need to drain the oil again I'll keep it as clean as I can and put it in a project 1066 that currently has yellow bucket 303 in it. Then I would likely refill with hytran when any issues have been resolved.
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